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Mosul will be Okinawa or Stalingrad

Updated on November 3, 2016
Okinawa | Source
Stalingrad | Source
Mosul | Source

As allied Iraqi, Kurdish and Shia forces together with Christian militias push forward in their battle for Islamic State's last major city in northern Iraq the battle is proving harder and harder for Mosul.

Despite being outgunned and outnumbered also being bombed from the air by the US and others the Islamic State has had two years to bed down and prepare for any attack to re - take the city of Mosul after IS conquered it for its Caliphate in 2014.

There are booby traps everywhere, there are miles and miles of tunnels dug under the city by IS where they hid from air strikes and can prepare well prepared defensive positions to hit enemy forces advancing. The IS fighters are well armed and well prepared and how many tanks and other heavy weapons they have is unknown but they improvise attack vehicles such as anti - aircraft guns mounted on pick up trucks or convert cars to attack vehicles loaded with bombs to ram convoys of enemy vehicles. They will certainly lose the battle of Mosul and most of the fighters will die thinking their going to some paradise beyond this life but they will take many of the enemy with them and possibly many of Mosul's innocent civilians too.

Like Stalingrad when the Russians put up Herculean defensive defiance to the Germans and the Japanese defended their island of Okinawa to the death against the Americans Islamic State it seems are putting up the same resistance against hopeless odds as did the Japanese in Okinawa and the Russians in Stalingrad.

The difference between Stalingrad and Okinawa though is that the Germans lost their battle for Stalingrad and the Russians were eventually victorious where as the Japanese were more or less dead to the last man fighting for Okinawa when the Americans finally gained possession of the island.

What scenario will play out for Mosul one wonders, the Stalingrad one or the Okinawan one, well the Okinawan scenario where the Japanese despite having a well prepared defence of their island and fanatical resistance to the Americans lost and the same will be for IS in Mosul I predict. Islamic State and the Japanese of WWII are similar in dying for a cause they believe in to death because both have been brainwashed or genuinely believe in what they are dying for.

With the Japanese it was for the Emperor and the code of Bushido and for Islamic State its for Allah and an after life of virgins no doubt.

I would imagine too that all the towns and cities still owned by IS will be the same and the battle for Raqqa in Syria which will happen some time down the road the Caliphates de - facto capital will be like hell on earth because IS will never give up that city with out a vicious defence to the death.

So those are my thoughts I could be wrong when comparing Mosul to Stalingrad or Okinawa and IS or Daesh to the Japanese and Russians of WWII but if you read your history Im sure you will find parallels.

American soldier and Japanese soliders

US soldier similar to ones who would have faced stiff Japanese resistance.
US soldier similar to ones who would have faced stiff Japanese resistance. | Source
Similar to defenders of Okinawa.
Similar to defenders of Okinawa. | Source

Battle for Okinawa.

1) Battle happened between April - June 1945

2) 100,000 Japanese casualties.

3) 50,000 Americans and Allied forces dead.

4) Battle lasted between 80 - 82 days.

5) Japanese counter - offensive to take Americans by surprise failed.

6) Japanese thought battle could turn the war in their favour.

7) Battle ended with American victory and Japanese Commanders committing suicide.

German and Russian war posters.

Russian soldiers in Stalingrad.
Russian soldiers in Stalingrad. | Source
German WWII poster.
German WWII poster. | Source

Battle for Stalingrad.

1) Battle took place between 17 July 1942 - Feb 2 1943.

2) Stalingrad today known as Volgograd.

3) Built by the banks of the river Volga.

4) 1,100,000 Russian dead.

5) 800,000 German and Allied dead.

6) German advance on Stalingrad part of Hitler's plan to conquer Soviet Union.

7) If Hitler Captured Stalingrad would prove a propaganda victory over his enemy Joseph Stalin capturing a Russian city bearing his name.

8) Loss of Stalingrad proved to be turning point of WWII and a great victory for the Red Army.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 14 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I think Stalingrad is a good comparison though the scale will be smaller. The fanaticism of the Japanese is another good parallel. The battle for Mosul certainly won't go down in history (at least not in the West) as a great "battle." But its historical role might be very significant. Maybe after the election, folks here will pay more attention.