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Mother INJECTS 8-year-old beauty contestant with BOTOX

Updated on May 15, 2011
Young Beauty Queen
Young Beauty Queen

What if there are more

 I was telling a friend of mine that we live in 1984, the Orwellian society where everything we know and learn is fed to us through mediums that are instant. There is always someone watching us. People no longer have to be alone so they do not think for themselves any longer. They have the media to do it for them. Take the story of Britney Campbell’s Botox treatments. Millions of people get Botox every day so that is not shocking. What is absolutely appalling though is that Britney is only eight and she gets the shots from her mother.  Seriously, watch the video.

Why does Kerry Campbell give her 8-year-old daughter a potentially dangerous toxin, because she asked for it? It seems Britney, who is a beauty contestant participant thought she had wrinkles and her mother says that the use of Botox is becoming common in children’s beauty competitions. This woman is purposely injecting her child with a poison that paralyzes the muscles of her forehead. She is being investigated for child abuse, but these are just symptoms of a society that has forgotten how to think and depends on the media’s depictions of them for self-worth.

You see, Kerry wants Britney to be a superstar. We live in an American Idol and Dancing with the Stars society where success can be instant. What other reason could this lady have for wanting to go on TV and discuss injecting her daughter with poison? Poison, mind you, that is not approved by the FDA for people under 18. She wants to give her daughter a leg up on stardom. Instead of teaching her little girl the value of education and critical thinking, she is teaching her that beauty is the key to her success. How terrifying!

Well, now she is being investigated by San Francisco Child Services and I hope they can find a big enough book to throw at her. However, my question is how salacious is Good Morning America, using these people like this for their ratings. They should have called the cops the first time they heard this story instead of keeping it a secret and showing it to the world. This is physical and psychological child abuse by both the mother and the media. What do you think?


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