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Mother Teresa - The Story of Her Success

Updated on June 12, 2012
Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa

Her Life

Throughout Mother Teresa’s life she has surpassed many obstacles to do what she feels a calling to do; help the helpless. She lived by her opinion that children and adults greatest need was love. Teresa made sure to provide love by giving everything she could to the cause, including almost her whole life. This all began with her decision to become a nun. After proper training she started to do all that she could to help the cause in India. For 17 long and hard years she taught at a school in Kolkata. The experience gave her a true heart for the poor and soon she was asking for permission to work with the poorest of the poor in Kolkata. The permission was granted and soon she was off. She felt like it was her duty to love the unlovable and boy did she do it well.

With no money at all she managed to open a school against all odds. Soon volunteers started to emerge and quickly Mother Teresa had created something that truly mattered. Financial support slowly but surely started to flow in and it seemed that Teresa had not only touched the hearts of the poor but the hearts of the more wealthy too. Slum children from all over started to attend the small and “open-air” school. At that point Mother Teresa started to catch the attention of her superiors and was granted her own order named “The missionaries of Charity”.

Mother Teresa Photos

Her Organization

As her organization grew so did the life’s affected by Teresa’s love and passion. Eventually even the Pope took interest in the amazing chain reaction that she had started and he declared it to become an International Religious Family.

Mother Teresa’s organization spread all over the world and soon started to help the needy virtually everywhere. It Is hard to believe just one women could start something that ended up affecting millions of hearts and lives. Children from all over the world began to write letters to Teresa displaying their gratitude to her. One of these letters said simply this “I love you soooooo much!” This letter included $3 that the child had saved up. Mother Teresa used letters like that to show the world that she had accomplished what she set out to do, display love and affection to the point that even a child would give up all that he had to help others. Dedication like that was what she defined as success, and nothing made her feel better.

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Kolkata India

Kolkata India


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