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Mother pleads guilty in death of infant found in Missouri cave

Updated on April 21, 2016
Latasha Wilson
Latasha Wilson | Source

Wilson receives a plea deal?

Judge Mike Wagner has set a sentencing hearing for Wilson on Friday, April 29, at 9:30 am in the Cass County Circuit Court. Wilson was originally charged with second-degree murder, which would have landed her a sentence of anywhere between 10 years and life in prison, which she should have received. However, the District Attorney’s Office offered Wilson a plea deal, which was accepted stating that they would amend the murder charge in exchange for prison sentences that were run consecutive, starting with seven years for manslaughter, four years for endangerment of a child, and four years for abandonment, totaling 15-years in prison.

So what happened?

According to the Johnson County Prosecutor, Rob Russell; the state said Wilson gave birth to the infant on January, 29, 2014 inside of the toilet located within the restroom of her employer. It is said that Wilson did not remove the infant from the toilet, nor did she seek medical attention for the baby. Wilson then proceeded to put the deceased infant in her employee locker, only later to take the corpse of the infant to her home and put the remains in her closet. Approximately 10-days later, Wilson along with her accomplice, Zachary Carter took the remains and hid them in a cave. The cave the infants remains were found in are located at the University of Central Missouri’s Pertle-Springs. Somewhere along the lines, Wilson admitted to police that she was in fact pregnant, that she did give birth to the infant and that she and Carter were responsible for hiding the child in the cave. It is said that Carter later returned to the cave after the couple had left and attempted to try to burn the infant’s remains for the purpose of removing evidence, obviously unsuccessful.

Should Zachary be facing the same sentence as his female counter part?

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What happened to Wilson’s accomplice, Zachary Carter?

Zachary Carter was arrested shortly after students from the University found the infant’s body within the cave on March 4, 2014. Carter went to court in November of 2014, charged with tampering with evidence, which he plead guilty to. Carter received mere 30-days in jail, and 5-years probation for his involvement in the concealment of a corpse. Personally, Carter should have received more time in jail as he admitted that he tried to burn the remains of Wilson’s child.

At this time there is no update on the case status of Zachary Carter, however, since Latasha Wilson plead guilty there will be no trial, which was originally set for June 7th. Latasha has remained behind bars on a 250,000 dollar cash only bond since her arrest came after she failed to appear for a court hearing. Stay tuned as we await the sentencing hearing for Latasha Wilson.

© 2016 Amanda Seaton


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