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Crime in the Motor City

Updated on July 18, 2016
CRIME IN THE "D": Although in the forefront of media coverage, murder isn't the only crimes happening in Detroit, MI.
CRIME IN THE "D": Although in the forefront of media coverage, murder isn't the only crimes happening in Detroit, MI. | Source

Even with all the new additions to the city; there still hasn’t been anything to pull us out of the rut we’re in. The crime rate in Detroit is steadily rising, and you should ask why? Especially, if we have all these new opportunities for employment such as the newly opened MGM Grand Casino, [then] why are we still committing crimes? Well, I’ll tell you why.

Before I go into the ‘why’, I wish to share stats that are shown from the Detroit’s Crime Data website, Area Connect. This chart is dated from the reports of crimes in 2004! How can Detroit be listed as the ‘worst’ state when the figures and dates aren’t even accurate? I am one of many who are appalled at this information released by the FBI; not only are they giving us a bad outlook, but they’re doing it off incomplete information. They’re giving us a placement off information that’s outdated! What a slap in the face! Leaving me to ask: Why post outdated information? Why place these stats when they are not accurate?

The 'Why'

Personally, I would like to express my opinions on ‘why’ it could be this way…not according to the stats that were accumulated, and tabulated more than two years ago, but what we see everyday!

It is indeed a true fact that lately there have been an uprising in crimes that are happening in Detroit, but it’s not just the metro Detroit area alone; we’re having reports of even more violent crimes happening on the outskirts of Detroit. Recently, there was a head found in one of the suburbs of Detroit. It’s sad to say, but yeah, Detroit has violence just like the rest of the nation, but is it fair to place the crimes that are done in places like Dearborn Heights to be the sole representative for an entire city that is trying to make a productive move?

Let’s take a look at what Detroit as a whole, and a representative of Michigan (as they are placing us) is going through. I would like to place this in a ‘chain reaction-type of form to give a better picture.

Do you work, shop, and/or spend your money in the same city that you live in?

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Falling Dominoes

Now on the one hand, you have our automobile factories closing by the domino effect, you have the casinos ‘taking’ paychecks, and then people wonder why there is crime? HELLO!!!..People let’s seriously look at this - of course one can say no to gambling, but who will, when the bills are due, and your job just closed permanently? And then you have the situation where a person is in fear of losing a job with the factory, feeling like they may have a chance to hit it big ([which] would solve their problems) at the casino…but instead ends up losing everything they have. So what should a person do? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing that a person should result to crime if all things fail, but my goodness, what can a person do? You have this man, someone who is the provider, and if he’s not able to provide for his family, then there is so much one can do [personally]. It’s like one is backed into a corner, you know?

And then you have the rising price of gas…we all are experiencing this, and it’s just a short amount of time that your city will see it’s fair share of crime that’s a result of this. We have people that are having to choose between their food and gas…WTF!!!?!!! Excuse my language, but we’re all in a mess... and it makes no sense to point one place out, rather than to seek and state that we’re all in a heap of despair!

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