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Can Moveon.Org Move on down the road

Updated on December 24, 2017

The email I Got From

Dear MoveOn member,

Right-wing pastor John Hagee says Katrina was New Orleans' fault. John McCain sought out, and embraces, Hagee's support. MoveOn members are trying to deliver a petition to McCain in New Orleans just a few hours from now: will you sign?Here's the background: McCain wants America to see him as a compassionate, mainstream politician. So he's going to New Orleans today for a photo-op in the 9th Ward.But he's still trying to shore up his right-wing base—so this past Sunday, he again welcomed the support of right-wing evangelist John Hagee, who said "Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans."1MoveOn members in New Orleans have organized an emergency rally outside McCain's event today. With the media looking on, they'll try to deliver our petition asking him to stop pandering to right-wing bigots like Hagee. They'll announce an up-to-the-minute number of signatures, and we'll have a real impact if we can say that hundreds of thousands have signed in only a few hours.

The petition reads: "John Hagee continues to blame the people of New Orleans for the catastrophe of Katrina. Senator McCain: If you reject intolerance and bigotry, reject Hagee's political support and stop courting hate-mongers like him."This is not a gaffe or a "gotcha." Hagee has a history of bigoted comments and he stood by his New Orleans remarks just days ago.2 And McCain's strategy is intentional—he's been working hard to court far-right leaders like Jerry Falwell and John Hagee, despite their hateful views.3 Even when he was pressed about Hagee's hateful views, McCain said he was "glad to have his endorsement."4Hagee's words matter. Katrina was a terrible reminder of the consequences of bigotry and exclusion. People without resources, without political power, literally sank beneath the waves while our government did nothing.John McCain is relying for political support on a man who preaches bigotry and exclusion, who spreads the kind of hate that allowed Katrina to become a man-made tragedy. While the media is focused on his New Orleans visit, we need to call him on it.The more folks who sign the petition in the next few hours, the greater our impact.

We need to let Senator McCain know that he can't use New Orleans for a photo-op while still courting the political support of hate-mongers like Hagee. New Orleans deserves better and America does, too.

Thank you very much for all you do.Other than the editing of the 2 links I edited this email in no way

And now lets look at Barak's Actual Pastor

Dear Everyonone else,

Left-wing pastor Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. (born September 22, 1941) is a former pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), a megachurch in Chicago, Illinois with around 10,000 members. In early 2008, Wright retired after 36 years as the pastor of his congregation. Following retirement, Wright's beliefs and manner of preaching were scrutinized when segments from his sermons were publicized in connection with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Obama addressed the matter in his "A More Perfect Union" speech.

Barack Obama, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, first met Wright and joined his church in the 1980s, while he was working as a community organizer in Chicago before attending Harvard Law School. Obama and his wife, Michelle, were later married by Wright, and both their children were baptized by him. The title of Obama's memoir, The Audacity of Hope, was inspired by one of Wright's sermonsand he credits Wright with strengthening his faith.

The public invocation before Obama's presidential announcement was scheduled to be given by Wright, but Obama withdrew the invitation the night before the event.Wright wrote a rebuttal letter to the editor disputing the characterization of the account as reported in The New York Times article.

In late 2007, Wright was appointed to Barack Obama's African American Religious Leadership Committee, a group of over 170 national black religious leaders who supported Obama's bid for the Democratic nomination;however, it was announced in March 2008 that Wright was no longer serving as a member of this group.

Sermon controversy

Main article: Jeremiah Wright sermon controversy

In March 2008, a controversy broke out concerning Barack Obama's longterm relationship with Wright, his former pastor and religious mentor. ABC News found several racially and politically charged sermons by Wright, including his suggestion that past U.S. policies were partially responsibile for the September 11 attacks, his statement, "God bless America... No!... God Damn America," and his assertion that "[t]he government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color."Some of Wright's statements were widely interpreted as anti-American and racist.Some have noted that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made similar comments about the imperialistic nature of American foreign policy and claimed that America was the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world today", and at another point stating: "America was founded on genocide, and a nation that is founded on genocide is destructive."

Following negative media coverage and during a temporary drop in the polls, Obama responded by condemning Wright's remarks, cutting his relationship to his campaign, and delivering a speech entitled "A More Perfect Union" at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the speech, Obama rejected Wright's offensive comments, but refused to disown the man himself. Although the speech, which attempted to explain and contextualize the comments, was generally well-received, some continued to press the question of Obama's long-standing relationship with Wright.

OK so a preacher (Who can you believe it, is against homosexuality) makes a statement. And McCain is evil for accepting a republucan endorsement (Oh My Lord, Johnny Boy Is a Republican?). Not to mention John McCain is the only Nominee to do what he has in the past said he would, use the presidential funds for his campaign, same promise Barak made except now Barak is getting Millions from and McCain well he cant even get tghe presidential funding he has available because a single senator voted down a replacement for 1 of 6 job openenings in that department of 9 total.

Ok let me get this straight it is ok to go to a church and be brainwashed into this black panther radical movement against the United States of America, and become a senator. But how damn dare you take an endorsement from a preacher who doesnt like gay people. In other words anything goes in the Left Wing church, except understanding other peoples beliefs. Hope you guys can handle the TRUTH.

© 2008 Stephen Gooch


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    • Predaking profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Gooch 

      10 years ago from Kansas

      Thanks glad you took time to come back glad to get things cleared up :).

    • blangrehr profile image

      Hamilton Forrester 

      10 years ago from Myrtle Beach, SC

      I owe you an apology, I miss read your post and I’m sorry for my first comment. Great hub.

    • Predaking profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephen Gooch 

      10 years ago from Kansas

      im not defending j wright im pointing out the obvious double standard being slammed on John McCain here by a major player in the political process. The group supports j wright not me. i added some information from wikipedia here on what they say on j wright but it was to point to the controversial statements that the man made, how very bad they were that it was ok in peoples minds to hate america hate white people but you better not have any prejudice against someones sexual preferance, I am just tired of the double standards being played in polotics. I am a

      1 Registered Democrat since I turned 18

      2 Have been a Conservative most of my life

      3 Wish I had A real polotician to vote for

      4 Even though #1 is true I have yet to see a single Democrat canidate to vote for, except maybe the one they threw out of the party, and i have reservations on him.

    • blangrehr profile image

      Hamilton Forrester 

      10 years ago from Myrtle Beach, SC

      Amazing, you are defending J. Wright. Hagee, may not be any better, but two bad people sure doesn't equal one good presidential candidate.


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