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Updated on May 31, 2011

Promises to the left-wing base?

Cornel West's social and political liberalism border on scholarly notoriety, when it comes to the right wing of any party, including the Republican Party, of course. In reality, he views the existence of the far right of the Republican party as being detrimental to society itself, on end.

However this time around, he is picking on President Barack Obama for undermining the agenda of the left wing base of the Democratic Party, where he, Cornel West, feels more at home and finds it easy to rebuke aggressively whomever he chooses, and whenever he likes.

He is calling Obama on the carpet, because he has failed to "deliver on promises to the left-wing base.", he, West, stipulates. He has recently been more vitriolic in his rhetoric on Obama's policies, and asking, in a sense, why he (Obama) has not taken his liberal activism with him to the White House. Honestly!

Fine, but being committed as a community organizer and president are two different things; for what Obama takes for granted as a community organizer is no longer there or normally at his disposal, however inherently; and although, he may feel the dint of it, he can not go back to utilizing any of its cognitive parts to have everything going his own dogmatic way, no matter how hard he tries. Unless he wants to be stupid and attempts doing so; which he is not, and therefore he will not attempt to do as such in a million years.

He is now sitting in the Oval Office and everything in him must conform to his newly found environment. He has to change, from what he has been all his life, into a person receiving official briefings and making top decisions that will affect a whole nation, America; and using all that advice, some short, some lengthy, to arrive at the right conclusions. Why? Because of the weight those (conclusions) will carry, when they leave him. There are no two ways about that.

His critics are waiting to bite his head off, if he makes the slightest mistake, and he will end up being what they want him to be, a lousy president; and he is no fool to want or to ever allow that to happen.

Yet, West does not get the idea that Obama is doing all in his power to appeal to him and his left wing friends, who say that they have campaigned for him, Obama, in 2008, he is therefore bound to live up to their expectations. What?

Very selfish on their part. Very selfish indeed; is that not so? The president is not obligated to any special interest group, in the country or anywhere, let alone the "progressives" of the Democratic Party, and West of all people must know that for a fact; for crying out loud.

This is what he is quoted as saying in a recent interview with TruthDig, "West had scathing words for President Obama, calling him “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it." he says among others.

Those are harsh words that must come from a lunatic, and nobody will expect them to come from Mr. West, because he is an erudite African American scholar, who digs deep down into his gumption before he speaks; or so do what many Americans think. Yet, surprisingly enough, he expects President Obama to do his (West's) bidding. That is what the whole thing amounts to; is it not so?

Nevertheless, it all boils down to a single point of understanding, that nobody is perfect; including the President Of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama; and so, he will deviate from the agenda to which Mr. West is so much attached from time to time. Therefore, accusing him of being a black mascot of any kind is foolish; for he is doing the best he can to master his new line of work, to say the least; and nobody can blame him.

What he can now observe from the White House, he, West, will go to his grave before he will have the chance to observe the same things. It is a whole new different view on the world at large. Besides, the fact is, because of his new position, he must not make mistakes. He cannot afford a scandal; therefore, he must always be on his guard, and be right in whatever he does.

So, if Obama has disappointed the left wing base, which happens to be his comfort zone before, and a natural spot for Cornel West, it is because of the simple fact that his outlook has been transformed to something that is entirely different from the one of his past. He is also only human, and therefore he cannot do everything to please everybody. Putting it another way, he can only do what is humanly possible.

He, West, must bear in mind that Obama, is now responsible for a whole nation, America; and not just for a small section of Chicago, Illinois, where he has once been a community organizer many months past.

Again, he, West, with his enormous educational background, can read between the lines, of how his kind will be treated, if Obama loses his present position; and so, he being so wise, must keep on supporting Obama in his 2012 reelection bid. Anybody or anything else will definitely not be to his (West's) liking.

We all live to see it.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Cornel West is an excellent scholar but also an extreme left wing political bomb thrower. He seeks to be provocative and prod President Obama to do more. It can be embarrassing to the President but in actuality it makes him seem to be much more sensible to middle America. It is easy for Mr. West to go around saying these things but the President must govern for all and is doing so. He will do much more on race relations in his second term. He will be more free to do so. Excellent Hub.