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Mr Controversial Strikes Again !

Updated on December 8, 2015

Donald Comes Up Trumps For Some.


Muslims Must Be Banned From Entering The United States.

Donald Trump ever since he threw his hat in the ring to be nominated as the Republican candidate for Presidency has been saying some controversial things that will obviously shock those who are of the politically correct persuasion. On shows with other Republican hopefuls who include Jeb Bush who hopes to be Bush the III son of George senior and brother of George junior Trump has said he is not politically correct and is not afraid to speak his mind whether that be on women or Mexicans.

It seems if other candidates whether Republican or Democrat were to say half the things he has said it is possible their campaigns to be President would be sunk, however, Mr Trump just keeps rolling and rolling. The only other candidate who is also a Republican hopeful for the top job in the Whitehouse one Ben Carson said no Muslim should ever serve as US leader but most of them it seems steer clear of being controversial in the way Trump is.

The more Trump makes politically incorrect statements the more his support seems to be going up and it seems there is in America right now a movement of people who are fed up with the political correctness of the Obama years and feel Obama has made the US look weak in the world. Some pundits have compared Trump to Reagan as Trump like Reagan seems to favour a more robust American policy to the outside world just as Reagan did in the eighties.

The latest statement coming out of the Trump campaign is that his view is that Muslims entering the US whether to live or on holiday should be banned for the time being until in his words those at the top of the US including Obama can figure out what is going on.

Of course this statement maybe just to increase his poll ratings as he knows he connects with a certain section of the American public in the wake of the Paris attacks. Certainly as well in the wake of the attack by two IS sympathisers in San Bernardino, California, his statement may well bring him more supporters.

On Fox News in an interview Mr Trump went on to apparently clarify his views about Muslims saying he had wonderful Muslim friends who were loyal and hard working American citizens.

Of course the Obama administration's security advisor condemned the statement saying it will just play right into the hands of Islamic State and other Jihadi groups who want to portray the American bombing of IS in Syria as a war between the US and Islam.

Another Republican hopeful Chris Christie said Trump's statement just shows Trump's inexperience in this matter in making such a statement.

Whether Trump believes in what he says or just says things to be controversial and is a ploy to be politically incorrect so as to bump up his votes is best known only to the man himself. However it seems none of what he says is hurting his campaign as the Trump political machine seems to be getting stronger and stronger and the time will come if he remains out in front of the other candidates that the Republican party will be faced with choosing him to be their nominee for the Whitehouse.

Cameron and Republican Candidates Condemn Trump.

David Cameron British Prime minister and leader of the UK's Conservative party the British equivalent of the Republican party distanced himself from Trump's statement regarding banning Muslims visiting the USA either for holiday or to live.

Meanwhile Trump's fellow Republican candidates also joined in the condemnation of Trump's statement.

Ted Cruz said Trump's policy was not his policy and all efforts should be directed towards tackling extreme Islam.

Jeb Bush said Trump was unhinged and said his proposals were not serious.

Marco Rubio said Trump's statement was devisive and outlandish.

Ben Carson said people when entering the US should not be judged on their religion.

Chris Christie said banning Muslims entering the US was ridiculous.

Trump has been roundly condemned across all the political spectrum and by Muslim leaders but if anything Trump will thrive in this environment where he has yet again upset all unsundry.

David Cameron Condemns Anti - Muslim Rant By Trump

Cameron and Obama.
Cameron and Obama. | Source


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 21 months ago from Blackpool

      This is a difficult one.

    • profile image

      Nick 21 months ago

      is he wrong? ask yourself

    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 21 months ago from Blackpool

      He has a point

    • emge profile image

      Madan 21 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      I am not against what Trump says. He articulates what many Americans feel

    • emge profile image

      Madan 21 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      I am not against what Trump says. He articulates what many Americans feel