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South East Bexar County Awareness: Mr. Farinacci Pleads with the Media to cover the ESD6 activities

Updated on June 23, 2014
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, Campaign manager and coordinator for County Commissioner Rodriguez, Pct. 1
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, Campaign manager and coordinator for County Commissioner Rodriguez, Pct. 1 | Source

A heart warming expression of what the members of the South Bexar County community were experiencing. Mr. Farinacci is just one of many who have expressed the same fears and most of all; wonderment at the fact that the media did not cover in detail the endangerment to the community brought on at the hands of the Emergency Service District #6. Especially the fact that even after all that they have done, the County Commissioner's have continued to let them run car-blanch.

South Bexar Fire & Rescue falls out of favor with ESD6

The ESD6's, Ms. Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn who singly made the decision to keep South Bexar Fire & Rescue open over the AtaBexar County Line and Sandy Oaks VFD's in October has had a change of heart? Ms. Mendelsohn had continued to tell the media and the community that South Bexar Fire & Rescue were the only fire department in compliance; which was not the case. When the information came to light the support "seemed" to have waned.

Ms. Mendelsohn made it clear according to information from two board meetings that they were not and have not been in compliance. Ms. Mendelsohn also cut their funding as well; according to the South Bexar Fire & Rescue board member. Using the court figures for the other departments as a guide, now having three departments with substandard funding in the Southern region of Bexar County.

The sudden change came about, when at a board meeting, Ms. Mendelsohn was overheard talking to Mr. Wood, another board commissioner, where she told him there was no way the ESD 6 could afford to fund three departments and that the people of the community are never gonna be satisfied, no matter what they do.

What Ms. Mendelsohn forgot, was that historically, the ESD6 "did" have enough funding and ran well; supplying the needs to all three fire departments for almost 5 years. That is until she came along and took control of the board. This lead to other questions:

  • Why did it run so efficiently before Ms. Mendelsohn's rein on the board?
  • What policy changes did she make that created the shortness of funds?
  • If she truly believed that the ESD6 did not have enough funding to run 3 fire departments, then how did she justify voting and creating a fourth one (ESD6 Fire & Rescue)?

Ms. Mendelsohn and her board accomplished what they started. They eliminated the three fire department. Only the area now shows no fire departments according to ISO records. Bringing in the ESD2 from Northwest Bexar County does not constitute having a fire department. The people of the Southeast Bexar County area should see their rates go up if they haven't already.

They can also thank Ms. Mendelsohn and the team for a $6 million dollar debt on a loan to build the "community center", which will be in the future unless the funds are squandered as well. The taxpayers will spend the next 40 years paying this note off.


As Ms. Mendelsohn made arrangements to shut down the fire department and confiscate their equipment. South Bexar Fire & Rescue sold their equipment to a Poteet, TX fire department. Leaving Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD6 without equipment for their new fire department.

Mr. Farinacci's Letter to the media

Members of the media community;

Last week, southern Bexar County suffered a tragic death when an elderly man was fatally injured in his residence when his house caught on fire. As the news reports stated, when the fire departments arrived on scene, the home was fully involved in flames and there was nothing that could be done at that point to attempt to save the mans life. You all covered the story, so you know what happened. Now there are details that you may not be aware that you should know, as well as the mans family WILL soon know as well.

The fire departments that responded to the house fire are the three departments that are funded by the Bexar County Emergency Services district #6. The same ESD that has made many headlines for shutting down two of the three departments over night and leaving the community and the school district with no fire protection for three days on the night of October 31st 2010. As you may not be aware many issues have taken place since then and much information has been uncovered regarding the actions of this ESD, in particular the actions taken by their president Sylvia Mendelhson and their attorney Lou Rosemberg. To make a long story short, these individuals have wasted thousands of tax payers dollars for the purpose of the construction of a community center, which is not what the taxpayers dollars collected by the ESD are supposed to be used for. Over a $100,000 have been spent on this. The worse thing of it all, is that knowingly that this is not the legal purpose of this money, their attorney, which is the largest receiver of the funds, spend countless of hours looking for ways to make this actions “”acceptable””

Due to the fact that so much money has been MISUTILIZED, the funding for the departments now has been cut immensely to the point that night shift paid personnel had to be eliminated due to lack of funds. And it was at night time that this fire broke out, taking the life of an elderly man. We will never know if this man’s life could have been saved had there been paid staff at the stations that night, but it sure makes me wonder. Due to the wasteful use of money by the esd, the departments have not been able to expand their infrastructure, adding more stations, maintaining paid staff day and night, adding more vehicles, to minimize response times that will save lives.

Whats even worse is that after all the issues that have happened with this esd commissioners late last year, all the lawsuits, all the evidence that has been found showing misconduct on behalf of these individuals, Sergio Rodriguez and the members of commissioners court REAPPOINTED THOSE SAME INDIVIDUALS TO TWO MORE YEARS. This action clearly shows lack of commitment by Sergio Rodriguez, careless attitude, and lack of desire to keep the southern part of Bexar County safe. My question to all is. HOW MANY MORE LIVES WILL WE HAVE TO LOOSE BEFORE SOMEONE STEPS IN TO STOP ALL THIS MADNESS?????

Media members, there are lots of events taking place regarding this ESD in south Bexar county that we need to inform the community about. I trust that you will take the time to inform the community. If you have any questions and would like more information feel free to contact me via email.

Jose Farinacci

Concerned community member

Chico Rodriguez and his ESD6 board

County Commissioner Rodriguez was quoted as saying "It's just not one little thing, It's about all kinds of situations, and I don't want anyone to escape, whether it be an ESD board member or a volunteer fire department."

Those in the community who have seen the wrath of the Rodriguez brother's displayed in the media felt this might be a threat to the members of the volunteer fire departments. As everyone has seen that the ESD6 has proven to be above the law.

How much trust do you have in this county commissioner?

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    Mad as Hell 6 years ago

    Everybody, listen up! Please take advantage of the link to the Express News to read, and comment on, this article. It was an important step to get this information in the newspaper. Now we need to let the Express New know that we, down here in South Bexar County, are indeed vocal about this issue and that we want more coverage on it. Let's all work together on this and remember, above all else, stick to the facts and keep a cool head.

    God bless you fire fighters! Keep your chins up and your hoses ready! lol