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Mr. Greg G...... Gutfeld.

Updated on November 30, 2015

What was all that about, Gutfeld?

Greg Gutless Gutfeld had the chance, and the audacity, to condemn Donald Trump on "The Five" for mocking a reporter, who had reported on 9/11 on that despicable day, when the U.S. mainland was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists.

Let us use our common sense, that there would be a crowd of thousands of people from New Jersey watching the collapse of the twin towers from across the Hudson River, and their reaction was not the same, but one that was mixed, with some just observing the scene, others viewing it with trepidation and desperation, wondering what was going on or happening, and even those that would cheer or seemed to cheer were among them.

That was the occasion Trump was describing and said that it was reported by some newspapers and TV channels. He never mentioned the word "Muslims" or "Islam" in the statement that he, Trump, made yesterday or so. It was the media that "inserted" one of those words, as purported to have been used by Trump.

Trump happened to be a candidate for the Republican Party nomination, in a field of several other candidates, and his poll numbers were and have been higher than any of his rivals, and so he was likely to be the person that would duel with the Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidency of the U.S.

Needless to say that the U.S. was in serious trouble; a National debt of almost 20 Trillion Dollars, a sagging economy, immigration problems, etc. which were facing the nation. On top of that, ISIS, the notorious Islamic organization, was threatening to attack America any day now. So, the situation was dire for the nation in such a way that a strong leadership was needed to deal with all those issues.

According to a prominent Republican, who said, "I don't want Trump to be president of the U.S., but I want somebody like Trump to be president," which was a tautology, if there ever was one. However, Trump happened to have the characteristics of a leader,who could bring the country out of its present situation, and probably the predicament the whole world was in, to boot.

Somehow, the Republican establishment was doing all in its power to "steal" the first position in all the polls that Trump has been holding for many months, which meant that he was, and must be the potential nominee of the party.

He has been attacked from left, right and center by members of his own party; but the grass-root Republican Party members, who were the real voters, and the general public, preferred his candidacy to that of any other challenger. Even the mainstream media were part of this conspiracy to dump Trump for a myriad of reasons, but all to no effect.

Now, for Mr. Gutless to use "The Five" show as a platform to demonize Trump was more than outrageous. It was stupid of him, and whether he was trying to please his bosses at Fox News Channel, brought shame than any type of credit to him personally or the TV company that he worked for.

He used the "reporter mocking" episode to tell his audience that Mr. Trump was being rather insensitive for mocking the reporter, because he (reporter) was physically impaired.

Well, that was true, but all that Trump wanted him to do was to tell the truth about what he (reporter) said he saw on that horrible day the U.S. suffered a catastrophe, that it had not completely recovered from.

The monologue by Mr. Gutless Gutfeld during his show on Donald Trump was more insensitive. Americans would vote for him (Trump) to be president, and what would he (Gutfeld) do about that? He had just slammed THE President of the U.S. Good grief.



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