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Mr. Trump "Playing with Fire": The Chinese are all Business

Updated on January 20, 2017

The Chinese Approach: no backing down: just fight to the death


Inauguration of the 45th president with all smiles, pats on the back and an embracement of false hope. A Hope of a New Reality that is no reality at all. We are making America great again for whom? The answer: for the rich. This is a great day for billionaires.

"The Poor will get poorer, and of course, the Rich will get richer." It's the same old story, nothing is new. Social Security will be tampered with, adversely affecting the little money that older people receive. Medicare and Medicaid, which was designed to help the poor, will be tampered with. Somebody has to pay the price for the rich becoming richer, while at the same time, watching the poor becoming poorer. Of course, the poor will pay the price, as always. There are "born again" Christians who believe that the Poor are suppose to be poor because somewhere in the Bible it says, "The Poor will be with you always!" Okay, Jesus said it in the Bible, so lets move on.

The outcome of the Political Dilemma that we are facing, or should I say, the Political Disaster that is upon us, was caused by two important factors. 1) the lies that political opponents tell and the lies that voters believe, and 2) by the misinformed voting practices of Poor People when they vote people into City, State and Federal positions, people who could care less about their welfare and happiness.

This issue, concerning China, that I keep bringing up, is haunting me because we have leaders in Congress and coming into the Whitehouse who, inherently, disrespect the Chinese people and their government. What is this issue concerning "One China" about? What is the real issue concerning the South China, that the Chinese government will probably fight a Nuclear war over? Do our leaders understand the Chinese Worldview well enough to perceive why the Chinese government would fight a Nuclear war over these, seemly, minor issues? What other issues would a Chinese leader be will to fight a Nuclear war over? There are other things that the Chinese will fight to the death over? Knowing these things as one communicates with China, up front, is important. After the fact, when nuclear missiles are flying, is too late to learn what one did wrong. Prideful American leaders will get us all killed, Americans and Chinese alike. Not to mention the innocent bystanders in the rest of the Global Community who are not "Superpower" citizens.

By the way, "What if China was down in the Gulf of Mexica, "monkeying around" with warships and the like?" Why, our guys would have a fit! Just thinking out loud, that's all.

"Make America Great Again, huh?" while getting us Nuked in the process. Very good thinking, very good behavior. You just got us all killed, Mr. Omnipotent Administrator.

We Americans have elected people for the governance of our country who are too smart for their own good. They consider themselves very special because they have high IQs and "half-way decent" college educations. College isn't everything. Leaders need a little "common sense" to go along with that college education that they so over-rate. A person with a high IQ can be one of the most ignorant persons in the world, with no "common sense."

I say, "wait and see what happens." It will not take long for the Truth about everything to come floating up to the surface of the waters. It want even take 100 days to see the Country "coming apart at the seams, because of bad judgement, because of faulty decision making, because of infighting in Congress and elsewhere.

And there we see China. No longer "A Sleeping Giant." Looming over the horizon. Just waiting for the right opportunity to Nuke us. Just waiting "to catch us with our pants down." Knowing that we, Americans, are at a great disadvantage because of lack of regards for each other. We are unorganized to govern excellently. We are distracted with "hate and discontentment" in the Land. The country is split down the middle, with our people lying to themselves. We are not making America Great again. We are becoming weaker because we believe the lies that are being fed to us. And China's leaders are just sitting somewhere looking, waiting, not necessarily hoping, that when the time is right to fire the Nuclear missiles, they can, somehow, get the first punch in. Kind of like a "sucker punch."

However, first punch in or not, Nobody can win this war. It is Nuclear! Nobody wins a nuclear way. Not even Mr. Trump. You just fight the Nuclear War in vain. Nobody wins!

Happy Inauguration Day, all. I am going through the motions. Just like most Americans.

Today there will be a transfer of Power.

Not a Peaceful Transfer of Power. Just a transfer.

There is not Peace.

Lets not lie to ourselves. Lets be True.


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