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Mrs Hillary Clinton: My heroine

Updated on August 25, 2009

 The United States secretary of state, Mrs Hillary Clinton is currently undergoing the tour of some sub-saharan African Countries. In most of the countries she had reached , her beautiful ever smiling face did not deter her from telling the African leaders the kind of leaders they are.This is why i called her my Heroine.This article present 10 of such speeches she used in describing leaders and leadership in Africa with  particular emphasis on Nigeria that is been refered to as Giant of Africa.

[1]."True economic progress in Africa depends on responsible government that reject corruption,enforce the rule of law and deliver results for their people."

[2]."Investors will be attracted to states that do this.And they will not be attracted to state with failed or weak leadership,crime,civil unrest and corruption that taints every transaction and decision"

[3]."The most immidiate source of the disconect between Nigerias wealth and its poverty is a failure of the governance at the federal ,state and local levels."

[4]."Lack of transparency and accountability has eroded the legitimacy of the governmenr and contributed to the of groups that embrace violence and reject the authority of the state."

[5]."We want to see the reinstatement of a vigorous corruption commission. The EFCC , which was doing well has kind of fallen of in the last one year.We will like to see it come back to business to be able to partner with us."

[6]."We think it is good governance toeliminate corrupt practices'It is better for competition, it is better for trade investment environment, it is better for Nigeria reputation as a place to do business without heavy transaction cost."

[7]."We are sharing information with the Nigeria legal system as we want to cooperate closely.So we will do all we can to prosecute whoever crosses the line who has anAmerican connection."

[8]."Nigeria is the fifth oil producer in the world and it still imports oil.This is an example of bad governance."

[9]."There must be a truly indepenent electoral system run by independent group of people.There must be political parties that are rooted at the grassroots for party internal democracy to enshrined."

[10]."The world bank recently concluded that Nigeria had lost well over $300 billion during the last three decades to corruption and mismsnagement."


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