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Updated on April 12, 2015

Mans Inhumanity to Man!

What's your reality?

When I served in the Navy, one of my friends and co-workers on the ship was always sad and discouraged about life. I told him the story my mother used to tell me when I was feeling bad.

My mother said, “Anytime you’re feeling sad and discouraged; go down to the homeless shelter or where they give food and clothing away; park your car in front of the place and watch the people coming and going for a while. Soon you will see how fortunate you are and you will start to feel better.”

At the time a popular saying was ‘What you read and what you think about you become.’

Now, some fifty years later I read on the web that whatever you focus on consistently will become your reality .

Meditate in the Morning on Positive Things

Wake UP!

Another place on the web says focus on the good to eliminate the bad.

Kevin Ngo suggests every morning you wake up and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I most happy about in my life right now?
  2. What am I grateful about right now?
  3. What in my life is going really well for me right now?

I think it’s possible when we focus on the bad things in life we become ill. Is this too easy of a solution for health?

I started this morning thinking about muckrackers. When I looked it up on the search page I found ‘When Theodore Roosevelt first coined the term, "muckraker" it had a negative connotation and was intended to be a smear - one shouldn't concentrate on the "muck" of society. (The quote: "the man who could look no way but downward" was part of the description Roosevelt offered in 1906).’

Linda's book


Who's a Muckraker?

Now a days the term seems to be most frequently used to describe progressive-era reformers, but the word can be used to describe contemporary progressives, people such as Michael Moore, Eric Schlosser, and Ralph Nader.

In my mind, radio talk shows like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh fall in the category of “Muckrakers” similar to what Theodore Roosevelt coined. What are your thoughts?

I keep thinking of the phrase what you think about you become. Is your mind on the negative or the positive things in life. My wife Linda Schreiber tells about that in her book “Loved By The Light!” She has what she calls “power meditation” where you set up your goals and spend more time thnking and meditating in the positive than you do in the negative. “Set it up!” she would say.

Source directory

Some of the Sources used for this blog:

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