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Mueller and the Real Russia Investigation [F1 329]

Updated on June 20, 2019

Its mid 2018 do you know where your Russians are?

Does anyone know where are the Russians that Mueller and the democrats have been looking for almost 2 years?

It appears that Mueller himself and his team demovestigators don't know. But like a fisherman that keeps coming back from the sea with an empty net, Mueller keeps fishing. Unlike commercial fisherman, Mueller is funded by an unlimited wallet.

How long is it going to take before the taxpayers are tired of hearing from him, you should have seen the one that got away?

If Mueller is looking for Russian Collusion to influence our elections?

Then, might I suggest that he look at Hillary Rodham Clinton, the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary and the DNC paid the Russians to get dirt on Trump.

The Russian Dossier was to try to extort a sitting president when the bogus report was mentioned to president Trump by then FBI director James Comey.

This would also be used to get several FISA warrants that would allow the FBI and DOJ to spy on Trump and his team.

The Uranium One deal sold 20% of all US Uranium to Russia, and that was allowed by HRC and BHO. And Bill Clinton then received a half a million dollars for a speech from Russia. And the Clinton foundation got hundreds of millions.

There is evidence to indict them, but Mueller is not looking at them. And yet he can't find anything from what he is looking at, Trump?

What is wrong with that picture?

Robert Mueller is the one that should be under investigation

Mueller can't find any Trump Russia collusion

Mueller has been investigating the Trump Russia Collusion for a long time and what has he found? Well, he really has come up empty.

He got General Flynn for lying to the FBI, but Mike Pence fired Flynn for lying to him. In either case, his lies had nothing to do with Russian Collusion about the election. This was done during the transition period after Trump had won the presidency.

A judge has made it possible for Flynn to retake his guilty plea because the prosecution held back on exculpatory evidence that would have favored Flynn.

Lying to the FBI

If lying to the FBI by General Flynn is such a crime, then why aren't the lies of the people working for the FBI not treated as a crime. We have the former director of the FBI James Comey lying to congress about the Hillary Clinton investigation, and leaking classified information to a friend who then under the direction of Comey leaked it to the papers. Did Comey lie to president Trump?

We also have Andrew McCabe lying to the FBI and for that he was fired from the FBI just two days before he would get his federal government pension. Yet, he has not been indicted for his lying.

Then there is Peter Strzok and his girlfriend Page both high level FBI members, and they have sent emails that show they plotted against president Trump for Hillary Clinton. Strzok should have been indicted for obstruction of justice for exonerating Hillary Clinton from a sham investigation.

Mueller should have never been appointed by Rod Rosenstein to be the special counsel. He and Comey have a twenty year relationship and they both were FBI directors at different times. This is a major conflict of interest to have a former FBI director investigate the FBI itself. Also, just before fired FBI director James Comey was to come before congress on his leaks to the press, he sought counsel from Mueller. Then a short time later, it turns out the Mueller has been appointed as special counsel.

Back to what the Mueller investigation has found so far. He has indicted thirteen Russian Nationals that allegedly played fast and loose on the Internet trying to influence the election. Yet, these Russian Nationals are in Russia, and they can't be extradited. The investigation on these Russians will be one sided as their story of the investigation will never see the light of day.

This will allow Mueller to say anything he chooses about what they did, and they will not be able to speak in their defense. The timing of this indictment coincided with the once again failure of the FBI to react to information that was readily available to them on the Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Trump Russian Collusion

First of all, USC Title 18 has no such crime as Collusion. The Mueller investigation as special counsel appointed by the DOJ didn't even have a Crime to Investigate. It is like fishing without bait on a hook, and it is more like fishing without a hook. For this fishing expedition to come up with anything, the fish would have to literally jump into the boat.

The indictment of the Russians as explained by Rod Rosenstein showed that there was no American involvement. Not a single American and that includes Trump. He also stated that the Russian attempt to influence the election had no influence on the outcome of the election.

Why would Putin want Donald Trump to win the presidency?

There is absolutely no reason why Putin would want Donald Trump to be president. The Uranium One deal couldn't have been done without the help of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and president Barack Obama.

Twenty percent of all the US Uranium production to Russia, who the democrats have and keep saying is the Arch Enemy of the US. Then president Obama gives billions in cash to Iran. Iran can then buy this Uranium from Russia.

With a sweet deal like that, why would Putin want to change horses in the middle of a race that the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been doing so well. Now, the democrats keep saying that Putin has Donald Trump in his pocket. Yet, too date president Trump has done nothing to help Russia or Putin.

Mueller is looking in the wrong place for Russian Collusion

Mueller needs to focus on the Uranium One deal, the Iran deal and who was the beneficiary of that deal. One doesn't have to look too hard, or even investigate to find that Hillary and Bill Clinton were those beneficiaries.

Bill Clinton personally made a half a million dollars for a speech paid by the Russians. The Clinton foundation, or the Clinton slush fund made about one hundred and forty million that we know of, and how much more we don't know.

The Russian Dossier

Another Russian involvement that tried to influence the election was the Hillary Clinton DNC report to discredit Trump. This report paid Christopher Steele through Fusion GPS to get the Russians to provide damaging evidence to get Trump out of the presidency. The nine million dollars that was paid for this bogus political opposition paper can be traced back to Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Mueller closes his eyes and fails to investigate the only real Russian Collusion that tried to influence the 2016 presidential election.

That was the Hillary Clinton DNC Russian Collusion.

Why can't Robert Mueller find this collusion? The answer is simple, he never looked for it?

We haven't even broached the use of the Russian Report by Christopher Steele that some how got through the FISA court several times. In fact, the FISA court approved spy warrant and three extensions lasted a year on Carter Page. Carter Page has never been indicted for anything, and yet he and everyone he contacted were spied on through the use of the Russian Report as probable cause for issuing the FISA warrant on him.

Mueller should be fired by the DOJ and he should be investigated for obstruction of justice by his failure to investigate the true election influence and protecting Hillary Clinton and the DNC. He was also FBI director during the Uranium One deal. For that alone he should be under investigation by another special counsel, and hopefully an independent non biased one.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      Go figure this one out. I was disappointed when I heard that Trey Gowdy thinks Mueller shouldn't be fired. Special counsel should be more like the Inspector General a neutral. Mueller as Trump tweeted has stacked his team with Democrats, Hillary supporters, and people that are anti Trump.

      I guess that is what is so special about Mueller. Trey Gowdy was a prosecutor, do you think that he would let anyone stack a jury that is so biased. In his case, it would have to be stacked against the government.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      I totally agree with you. This Mueller investigation is now out of control. He found no evidence of wrongdoing, and that is that. Now he is going to investigate the Trump organization!!! That is despicable and he should be stopped. Of course, everyone out there says that firing Mueller would be a disaster. In my view, he is the disaster.


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