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Mueller's Potential Obstruction Charges Against President Trump Part 2

Updated on July 11, 2019

The First 2 Mueller Potential Obstructions

I am publishing the first two Mueller potential cases of obstruction because the size of just these two cases brings the total words to 1,270. This would be more readable than waiting for the five cases of potential obstruction, and definitely the total for all ten of the obstruction cases.

Perhaps the best choice is to put them in additional parts. Please comment if you have any suggestions as to the best approach.

Mueller probably had this look after he exonerate president Trump with his report.


Mueller's 1st Potential Obstruction


First, according to Mueller: “On Jan 27, the day after the President was told that Flynn had lied to the VP and had made similar statements to the FBI, the President invited FBI Director Comey to a private dinner at the White House and told Comey that he needed loyalty.


There is no context here, and there are no direct statements made by the president. The President was at some point notified about Flynn lying to the VP. What Flynn pleaded to was lying about the phone call. There was nothing illegal about his contacting his Russian counterpart during president elect Trumps transition. Mueller want to make this the Russian influence, but it what Flynn did was normal for a transition team.



On Feb 14, the day after the President requested Flynn’s resignation, the President told an outside advisor, ‘Now that we fired Flynn, the Russia thing is over.”


The reason that president Trump fired Flynn was because he knew that the left would make Flynn a political football and kick it around as if it were the Russian influence. We know from the Mueller Report Volume I that Trump nor any American was involved with the Russians or trying to influence the election.

So president Trump statement why he fired Flynn was purely political, and wasn't connected to the Russian influence investigation. If there was then Mueller would have indicted Flynn for that instead of just lying to the FBI.



In addition, later that afternoon, Trump cleared the Oval Office and specifically referring to Flynn – who was being investigated – asked Comey, “I hope you can see your way clear of letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” (Mueller Report)


If we take this statement in the context of the president knowing there was no Russian Trump influence of the election, then it is just an innocent request because lying was the only issue. Flynn got fired before he started, and the president thought that should have ended the matter. Good luck trying to get an obstruction conviction for that.


Why didn't Mueller investigate Comey to determine why president Trump fired him?

Mueller's 2nd Potential Obstruction


Second: “In early March, the President told White House Counsel Donald McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing. And after Sessions announced his recusal on March 2,

  • B2A:
  • How does the phrase "In early March" relate to the recusal on March 2? Wouldn't it have been more accurate for the report to say, that "On March 1".



the President expressed anger at the decision and told advisors that he should have an Attorney General who would protect him.

  • B2B:
  • We need to see that context, as well as the exact statement that was deemed by Mueller as expressing anger, and how it was related to the decision of Session's recusal? We need that clarification to understand what "protect him" means.



That weekend, the President took Sessions aside at an event and urged him to ‘unrecuse’ …”

  • B2C:
  • I would say at this point, that Mueller didn't do a good job of chronology, if this is an example of it here. We don't know the year, and it would have been simple for Mueller to put March 1, 2017, and March 2, 2017 instead of early March, and then March 2 without the year.
  • We know what happened because Sessions recused himself, and it wasn't good for the president or the country. It is well within the right of the president to expect that the person that he appointed and who was confirmed by congress should be doing his job.
  • President Trump had appointed senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General because Trump was loyal and appreciated the help that Sessions gave to him during the campaign. To expect loyalty from Sessions is not a bad thing, it is one of reciprocity.



Furthermore, Trump “reached out to the Director of National Intelligence and the leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) to ask them what they could do to publicly dispel the suggestion that the President had any connection to the Russian election-interference effort.”

  • B2D:
  • Mueller is grasping at straws on this innuendo. These agencies are part of the Executive Branch and they work under the president of the United States, Donald Trump. President Trump didn't ask them to falsify anything, he just ask them to bring the truth about the Russian election interference effort.
  • We now know that president Trump is fully exonerated in that investigation. That means we know that president Trump didn't do anything wrong, and all he wanted to do was have these agencies tell what they knew. This investigation was the fifth investigation on Trump and the Russians since 2016, and the first four came out with no evidence against president Trump. Now, we know that the fifth investigation by Mueller had the same results. Clearly, these agencies knew or should have known that there was no evidence against Trump or his campaign organization.


Then adding insult to injury, Trump called Comey directly despite being warned by McGahn to not contact the Justice Department.” If this does not show obstruction, I do not know what does. (Mueller Report)

  • B2E
  • The writer of this piece is definitely bias to the extent of being an anti Trumper, when he said if this doesn't show obstruction, then he doesn't know what does. I can tell him what does, it is something called evidence that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it is obstruction. And he further uses his bias, by saying adding insult to injury, which is just his opinion.
  • The fact is that McGahn works for the president, he is not the president and he can only advise the president. The president has every right to contact any agency or person that works for him. If what this writer says is true, then it would clearly mean that the Mueller investigation is truly adversely affecting the business of the president. That would be much worse that say Jeff Sessions recusing himself as Attorney General. It seems like this writer is implying that president Trump recuse himself from being president and let VP Mike Pence take over the presidency while the investigation was ongoing. I am sure that the left would like that, but the VP isn't who the people elected as president.
  • There was no evidence that the president did anything illegal and the Mueller report exonerated him on the charges. To say that he is exonerated also implies that there was no intent to obstruct the investigation. The investigation never slowed down, and in fact it was intensified, and continued through and five months after the mid term election. The Mueller investigation in my opinion should have terminated in the summer, and any continuance after that can be construed as a political advantage for the left.



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      12 months ago

      [F1 265] Was added to the title and that changed the status of this hub to go from Featured to Non Featured?

      How does that work?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago

      Don't even bother to comment if you think obstruction by Trump!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago

      To those on the left, your objections are silent, Why?


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