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Mumbai Attacks

Updated on May 12, 2012

Mumbai terrorist attack

For the passed few days , i watch with horror on CNN how the terrorist attack different spots in Mumbai and how they have taken innocent people as hostage in the Taj Mahal hotel , the hotel Oberoi and the Jewish center without any negotiation and eventually killing them brutally. So much chaos and confusion when you watch the news , it seems that there is not any proper coordination from the police or security personnel and everything is in chaos. You are not sure whether the hostages was killed before or after the commandos have entered the building. Though the report was that the hostages was already dead when the commandos storm the building. In the Hotel Oberoi attack , it has been reported that the terrorist took some hostages from the hotel restaurant and held them hostage for a few hours and during that few hours , a Singaporean hostage was able to phone her family and tell them she has been held hostage by the terrorist. Subsequently , she was able to phone her husband again to inform him about what happen and then the phone went dead. Those few hours when she was held hostage and still alive was very crucial and why is not anyone from the police department or the Indian government does something to have some form of communication with the terrorist ? Obviously they are lacking experience in handling such crisis and letting too much time lapse for the killing to take place. Time is very crucial in saving lives in such situation. With so much chaos and confusion going on , those who could get out alive are truly bless.

They show one picture of the terrorist , his face without expression and his eyes fill with evil as he move around to shoot anyone in sight. I can imagine how frightening those people who are trap in their room. Not knowing to go out of their room or to stay indoor to hide from this evil hunters who are going to shoot them the minute they open their room door. The horror and trauma they experience will stay forever in those who survive this terrorist massacre.

This slaughter has torn families apart and break the hearts of those who lost their love ones. Is heartbreaking to watch such senseless act and all this young terrorist has no fear of God. They have been brainwashed to kill and to hate and thinking that to die for their terror act was a honor to their terrorist organization.

Is a pity that innocent people have been killed just because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They have nothing to do with politics or religion war etc and they happen to be in Mumbai for holidays , work or just sitting in a cafe. The terrorist has planted fear everywhere and even when we travel we get check in every checkpoint and causing so much wasted time and inconvenience. Life is never the same since these terrorists is around and it seems they be around for a very long time to come if each country does not do their best to help each other to wipe them out. They will become stronger and continue to create terror and fear , more innocent people will suffer as a result.

All countries must unite together to fight for the same cause and help one another to end this terror organization. Is not an easy task but we can start by educating our young people not to fall into this kind of organization which mission is to kill and brainwashed them to become a devil advocate for their terrorist evil organization.


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    • countrywomen profile image


      10 years ago from Washington, USA

      Patski- This is a good hub and some perspective about terrorism from a medical student from Egypt:

    • patski profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Singapore

      Countrywomen glad you've the same thought as me & i believe alot of people who are righteous and walk in the light would agree too. Religion is just an excuse for people who wants to commit evil and create war. Thanks for dropping by here and yes i will share my thoughts on your hub -)

    • countrywomen profile image


      10 years ago from Washington, USA

      Patski- You echo my thoughts "educating our young people not to fall into this kind of organisation which mission is to kill and brainwashed them to become a devil advocate for their terrorist evil organisation".

      I also feel education is the key for everyone for not to get brain washed by anyone (some times including the main stream media). We don't need to look at each other with suspicion due to a few deranged individuals actions. I have written a hub are Muslims against terrorists? Let me know your thoughts on that.


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