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Murder Mystery in Ohio: The Gruesome Death of Nichole Alloway

Updated on October 15, 2016
Nichole Alloway, in a picture taken by her killer, Essie Breech.
Nichole Alloway, in a picture taken by her killer, Essie Breech.

I have been working on this case for almost six years; I feel like it is time to write about my personal experience with it, and hopefully spread the word so that Nichole's family can get some closure.

Additionally, though ... the local sheriff in Scioto County, Marty Donini, is currently up for re-election and I feel it is my moral duty to inform people of the hell he has put my friend and I, and more importantly, the hell he has put Nichole's family through.

I love true crime stories. I love the mystery and suspense and working through the clues to find a solution. But there was a time when the Scioto County Sheriff's Department almost extinguished my love of a good whodunnit and replaced t with a complete lack of faith in the system. I often wonder why I see so many other sheriffs reach out to the press and the public, hoping beyond hope that someone - anyone - can lead them to the murderer and bring that person to justice. So often, police and sheriff departments work so hard with the media; but not Scioto County. And certainly not Sheriff Marty Donini.

Marty Donini does not deserve to wear his uniform; he has not earned the right to be called "sheriff." Not once has he held a press conference regarding Nichole's murder. Not once has he contact acted the press about doing a show to find her killers.

But I guess he wouldn't need to, since they keep getting released from his jail for no apparent reason. They found her body on July 12, 2009, and have done little else since.

Nichole Alloway.
Nichole Alloway.

Nichole Alloway was a single mother who trusted too much. She thought she was in love with a guy she met online, and thought he loved her back. I mean ... she did love him, in that superficial way people love each other after they just meet. He seemed to love her in that same way; she was a beautiful and personable young woman, easy for any man to fall in love with. But her mistake was trusting his too-complicated web of lies. After all, Nichole wasn't that naive; she talked with Dylan and his mom for months before she decided to go to Portsmouth.

And even with all that talk, she still had a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. She told her grandma about it before she got on the bus to Ohio; her grandma would never see her alive again.

Does any of this sound right:

Before her body was even found, a woman contacted a local private investigator with the details of Nichole’s murder. This investigator spoke with Sheriff Donini. After receiving this information, the police did not question anyone in connection with Nichole Alloway’s murder. They did not go to the property to collect evidence.

Richard Howard was arrested in the fall of 2009 for “gross abuse of [Nichole Alloway’s] corpse;” these charges were inexplicably dropped in August 2011. He told police about the gruesome details of Nichole's murder; police never acted on any of this information.

Nichole’s family have received numerous e-mails detailing Nichole's murder, which they forwarded to police; police never followed up on the leads.

In January 2011, police were given a substantial amount of new and reliable information and evidence regarding Nichole's murder, including what appeared to be human bones; they chose to not act on any of this new information.

I would love for Sheriff Donini, Steve Timberlake, Detective Spencer and the rest of the Scioto County Sheriff’s office to prove me wrong by solving Nichole's murder, but I know they won't. The case gets colder and colder every day; the evidence more elusive.

At least, that's what they want you to think.

Nichole's Last Days


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    • Anita Hasch profile image

      Anita Hasch 

      3 years ago from Port Elizabeth

      Amazing story, I hope they solve this murder soon. I feel so sorry for her little girl who now has to grown up without a mother.


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