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A child is never a criminal but a precious gift of God

Updated on July 17, 2013

Hands up

Who is the criminal?

A few months back, a shocking incident took place in Chennai in India. A class IX student in Chennai stabbed his teacher to death in front of all his classmates just before the day’s proceedings were to start. The boy stabbed his teacher five times around her neck, and the teacher was pronounced dead before she could reach the nearby hospital.

The minor student is now in a children’s jail; the principal of the school is fighting blood pressure.

In another incident in Kerala, a supposedly well-educated state in India, a 13-year old boy was arrested by the police for causing the death of a 4-year old girl child. He carried the child to a secluded slushy area and apparently tried to do what grown-ups would do under similar circumstances. He didn’t know that the child would die: the TV film he saw did not make that point clear.

In the US, a 20 year old brainy child shoots his mother, drives to the school where his mother teaches, and shoots to death over 20 kids aged 5 to 10. He uses his mother's three guns.

Definitely, something is wrong.

Murder is no doubt a serious crime. But no crime was ever committed by a sane person without a valid reason.

The sanity of its citizens is the responsibility of the state. The state cannot just theorize with its citizens’ lives just as it does with its economic or scientific goals and let its citizens drown in the depths of insanity. If minor students should commit such heinous crimes, just imagine the mental pressure the kids must have been a few hours before committing the murders. Where those kids sane? What led them to those pre-meditated acts?

If two of those children are now rotting in prison houses somewhere in India and the US kid was buried as a criminal kid somewhere in the US, the whole blame rests on the state, and on us, the grown-up of the world. I believe the time has come for mankind to sit for a while and introspect. What is the profit of a nation that gains by sending a scientist to Mass but suffers the loss of its most precious kids? What is the profit of a parent who gains victory over his or her spouse but suffers the loss of his or her sweet kid to insanity and crime?

If a rose flower stinks, I would not blame the flower for the stink, I would blame the persons who let the flower be in those foul surroundings for the stink. A lot of children stink today, thanks to the stink of their parents. That cute little kid in the US was staying with his unhappily separated mother when he committed the crime. Where was the poor kid’s father?

If a father’s job is just producing kids for the fun of his mate and a mother’s job is just bringing forth kids for the heck of it, it’s time for the kids to say enough is enough, and who can blame them for taking the gun?

Cure thyself, old man; the kid is not the patient.


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