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Murder is it a Matter of the Heart?

Updated on October 28, 2015
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For me this is the second act and I intend to make it a great one! Reinventing myself one day at a time.

Why do Humans Murder?


Murder is an affair of the heart. It comes from deep inside the human monster. We are in essence monsters, we kill just to kill. Humans are the only animal on this planet that kill their own kind just for pleasure, or revenge.

Animals in general kill strictly for food or if threatened, they do not go out of their way to kill just for sport and they harbor no revenge. So this begs the age old question, why do humans kill. The answer to this question may never be revealed. Lions are basically not aggressive unless they are hungry or threatened in some way.

That leads me to this, do humans kill when they feel threatened? Of course there are many that will defend themselves, but there are many that will just sit back and be killed. I have to wonder what makes humans do what they do?

Over the years I have studied murders, what makes a person look up, close their eyes and let another person shoot them? My answer is, they lost hope. The victim no longer has any hope of escaping the perpetrator. Yet we can see many instances in the media where women, children and the elderly have fought back and won. What’s wrong with that? My answer is, nothing. We have the right to defend ourselves, we have the right to stand up and say no more. When we sit down and let someone put a gun to our head we have lost, we have given up.

Death by gun is not the only way to die, yet so many want to take guns from the people. Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

If humans want to kill they don’t need a gun to do so. We read in the bible Genesis 4:1-16 where Cain killed Abel. It says “Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.” There were no guns at this time. This takes me back to murder is an affair of the heart, it’s something evil that lies within us, maybe not all of us, but humans as a whole are prone to murder.

There are so many ways to kill another person it is mind boggling. As a writer of murder mystery books I have done a bit of research on murder. The how and why of murder is amazing, don’t get me wrong I don’t approve of murder so when I use the word amazing I in no way mean it’s a good thing. By amazing I mean unreal, unbelievable, just so we have that straight.

Murder is not a pretty thing nor is it something to praise as some of the gangs that we have in this country do. They do not value life.

I have learned that some people kill for the fun of it, those people are usually serial killers and most of them enjoy what they do. They do it for thrill or to feel in charge and powerful over other human beings. Truthfully they usually kill with something other than a gun. Serial killers use things like knives, ropes, garrotes and so on. You get the picture.

That brings me back to my question, why do humans kill? It’s in the heart, murder is not a gun, knife, rope, garrote problem it is quite frankly an evil heart. Those that kill just to kill are filled with evil, anger and rage, with the exception of those who kill in self-defense.

Revenge murder is interesting. Revenge can be extracted immediately after the offense or anger can fester and hang on for years before revenge is sought. Usually the person seeking revenge has been betrayed by someone they trust and love most often a family member. That sense of betrayal turns love into hate and hate into revenge. The person is consumed with the need for revenge.

In my example from the Bible with Cain and Abel we see that jealousy is a major reason for murder. Have you ever really given jealousy a thought? It is a terrible demon to fight, it causes so many problems. Jealousy can bring about murder, lies and hatred. In my mind jealousy is the great destructor.

Why do humans kill? This is what we know. There are many other reasons, but they generally fall under one of these categories.

  1. Revenge

  2. Self defense

  3. Pleasure/fun

  4. Jealousy

Humans seem to be the only ones that feel the need for revenge and pleasure/fun killing. Again I ask – why? Will we ever really have the answer? Sure many of us can guess as to why this happens and psychology can give us some insight and sometime excuses for what humans do, but it goes so much deeper than the mind, in my opinion. The heart is the real problem, when our hearts are filled with evil it can’t stay there forever it must come out in some form. Not everyone with an evil heart kills other humans, some of them torture and kill innocent animals to satisfy their urges.

How did we as humans come to this and how do we deal with it? The answers will never be easy and I don’t believe that any one human being has the answer. God is the only answer.

You can find my book Cold Revenge on my website or on

Thanks for Reading,

Shelly Wyatt – Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…

Murder is an affair of the heart.

— Shelly Wyatt

War is Murder

War is murder, it is the murder of innocence and innocent people. Do I believe that war is necessary? The answer to that is as complicated as war itself, but yes I do believe that in certain instances war is necessary.

Reasons that I believe war is necessary are as follows:

  1. genocide
  2. to prevent genocide
  3. to protect innocent people
  4. to stop the torture of others
  5. to protect human rights

Do you believe that murder is an affair of the heart?

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