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Music While Sleeping Blocks Brainwashing

Updated on February 4, 2011

Music While Sleeping Blocks Brainwashing

      I have had an especially difficult time the last week or so.  They told me that I was going to be working with someone else.  These guys are a little different.  For one thing, they gave me a stimulant-overload feeling while playing video games.  They also are playing upon the fact I just turned 40 by making it very hard to have sex and referring to me as a fading old man.  Well, I've been told worse and the last 5 times they said I'd die within a given time period, they were wrong.  I prematurely ran out of meds and spent a lot of time listening to "The Salvation Frequency".  It's pretty powerful stuff.  One session and you'll feel pretty close to God.  These people seem to be Behaviorists attempting to use more extreme measures to try and alter my lifestyle habits.

     Last night, I listened to music in just one ear (one of my earphones broke).  Surprisingly, I could ascend from unconsciousness and draw psychological power from these songs when I needed it.  It was like I could drive away external suggestions simply by focusing on the songs WHILE SLEEPING.  I awoke with the freshest, most energetic state of mind.  It was like the old days when you awoke and spent time reaching that "perfect" state of mind (except I was already there upon awakening).  There are many different levels of intellectual freedom.  I've realized that they mess with our heads while sleeping:  wearing down the self-esteem, making certain useful memories less prominent, making the mind feel sluggish, tired and depressed. 

     They have been giving it to me at maximum power for the last day and a half, so keeping that music playing seemed crucial.  It was, ESPECIALLY DURING SLEEP.  Having music in one ear interferes with the Binaural Programming each one of us are subjected to on a nightly basis.  Sure, you don't see as many antisocial people.  We also see:  mechanical, emotionally-drained, stiff, frowning, robotic people everywhere.  The world has lost it's color, freedom and personality because most people are being dubbed over by this awful crap that comes in PRIMARILY THROUGH THE EARS.  I just know that people have taken their lives to escape the horror of electronic harassment.  I almost did 3 years ago.  Only by using the various countermeasures I've discovered can one keep a sense of INDIVIDUALITY, FREEDOM AND ENERGY. 

     This system always attacks when the individual is mentally-weak.  If you run out of meds too soon, they will have you believing that Aliens have invaded the Earth, The Apocalypse is just around the corner and that if you "leave" your body that there is someplace to go.  I'm not buying it.  It sounds like the perfect way to brainwash people:  induce stress, use psychological warfare, use subliminal devices to transmit discouraging thoughts and feelings.  The person either finds God when they hear the Salvation Code or they go nuts and get REALLY BRAINWASHED.

       Just listening to music in one ear will sufficiently stop the mental-messages carried by the ear-ringing sounds.  By becoming semi-conscious and re-affirming my power through music, I pushed aside subliminal suggestions meant to:  castrate, lobotomize and program my mind.  Their psychological attacks occur throughout the day and ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT.  You wake up tired and weak and ultra-sensitized to unpleasant sensations.  It has taken me hours to get my mental state positive enough to start my day.  It turns out that by blocking these people at night, you save yourself a lot of trouble. 


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