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Muslim Soccer Star Ribéry Drenched In Beer By Team-Mate

Updated on May 15, 2013

A huge rift has developed at German Football(Soccer) Club, Bayern München. The club played their final home game of the season against Augsburg, won 3-0, and subsequently celebrated their long-won Bundesliga title with their faithful fans. As is customary in Football, alcohol such as beer and champagne will be drank or even sprayed over one another when a celebration is in flow.

However, Frenchman Franck Ribéry, who converted to Islam in order to marry his now wife, warned all of his team-mates prior to the game, because of his religious beliefs, to keep any alcohol away from him during the celebrations. Jérôme Boateng obviously did not take this request seriously, as he filled a giant jug with beer, ran the whole length of the pitch, and drenched the World Star. Ribéry, was subsequently left fuming at this and vowed never to speak to Boateng again, as he had made his views and wishes extremely clear earlier in the day.

This latest bust-up involving Ribéry, will have to be healed speedily, as the German Champions have a UEFA Champions League Final against their greatest rivals Borussia Dortmund in a matter of weeks.

Although Ribéry is the victim in this case, he may not be all sweetness and light. He will stand trial in June 2013 as he had sex with an underage escort, who was flew to his hotel room in Germany as a birthday present when she was just 17 in April 2010. He admits having sex with the girl, however he denies that he knew she was underage. If it is found that indeed he did, it is thought he could serve a lengthy time in jail.


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    • adambarker97 profile imageAUTHOR

      Adam Barker and Dean Barker 

      5 years ago

      You make a good point, and when you consider the aforementioned activities in which he took part that now sees him involved in a court case, you have got to think his religion, and indeed his wife, took a back seat in his mind in early 2010.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      First of all, I haven't watched soccer for many years. I used to be a very passionate fan back in the day, but I gradually lost interest. I'm glad, however, to see the Germans predominate the international European soccer arena for a change.

      As far as this incident, I honestly think that Ribery is overreacting a bit. As you stated, he had only recently converted to Islam and I'm sure his teammates had previously witnessed him drinking alcohol. Therefore, he shouldn't take it on such a personal note if his commitment and devotion to the faith of Islam wasn't taken too seriously.

      I am not saying that what Boateng did was right, but nonetheless, it wasn't an act that calls for the complete dissolution of a friendship between the two.

    • adambarker97 profile imageAUTHOR

      Adam Barker and Dean Barker 

      5 years ago

      Well I wouldn't tar all Football(Soccer) players with the same brush particularly, however, yes Boateng's behaviour was extremely unnecessary given that Ribéry had made his wishes clear to him prior to the game. If Boateng did not know Ribéry's beliefs and had it been a mistake, then his actions could have been forgiven somewhat, but as he did it was lacking of thought to say the least!

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      It is his decision and I respect that. Boateng's behavior was of poor taste and uneducated. What can you expect from a soccer player?


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