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My 0.02 Cents Article (Love Said Yes)

Updated on April 30, 2016

Love Said Yes!!!!!

My 0.02 Cents Letter

Voting is taking place:

Mr. Vincent Hindrix Sr and Mr. Gary Moore

Mayor Pro-Tem Matthew Jordan and Mr. Mark Pace

Mr. Jose Arrollo vs. Mr. Ernest Anz

*Safety, Security and Bellmead Make-Over-Tax increase by 0.02 cents-Please read below:

Hello America:

I am writing to all of you in order to provide information and also to say, “Hello!” Several community members have expressed interest in the taxes that will be on the ballot and up for vote in May of 2016. Many citizens with a smile presented me with a flyer given concerning Bellmead, Texas, with some information. The purpose of this article is to inform each citizen of all the possibilities that a citizen can play in the voting election held in May 2016. I am not the type of leader who will only give my point of view because that is not how great leaders act. I am going to give you the reality of what is really going on in your city and enough information where you can make your own choice as an adult. In May, each one of you will have the opportunity to vote on a tax increase or allow the taxes to remain the same. In recent months, I am sure that many people have interrupted you at home, disturbed your family time or called you concerning the proposed tax hike of only 0.02.

Before I began writing or giving a speech, I inform the audience that the only way I know how to be is real and that is my ice breaker. Can we travel down Reality Road? Who really wants to increase taxes even if it is only 0.02? When looking at a tax increase I can truly tell you that no one wants to see an increase in anything except something that will be beneficial personally. I know that you have heard of all the cons of having a tax increase and you may have signs posted up in your yards as well as flyers folded up in your pocket or barely hanging on your dresser. In recent days, if you have been lucky enough to receive literature concerning taxes, please look on the back of the recent flyer and there you will find all the names of loyal citizens who are in favor of a tax increase for Bellmead. While looking at the names of all members who voted for the tax increase, you will see at least three members who are ex-military members, which means safety is a major concern and priority for each one and also you will find that each member either work with education, or is actively involved in booster clubs dealing with education or the community. Many of you love to surf the internet and I would like for you to Google Alfreda Love (VOTED YES) and there, you will find a radio show, service, child advocate, citizen, community and much more.


I have written plays and what you will not find is a play that I have written with only a beginning. I know that a good story like a good play has a beginning, middle and end. On my good days, I even write a sequel to engage the audiences more. With the literature given concerning taxes and door to door visits, you only have half of the story and I believe a well written story have three parts. If you ask a teacher what type of grade a student makes for only giving part of the story, you will be surprised when the teacher says, “I gave the paper back to the student and ask that they finish the story.” Well, we are not in a classroom and unfortunately citizens cannot give all of that literature back to the writers, so I have written the rest of the unfinished story.

Dr. Alfreda Love Voted Yes

A few months ago, there was a vote to increase the Bellmead city taxes by only 0.02 and the vote successfully passed. Well, within a few days, a petition was brought to over 300 resident’s doors and the conversation went like this, “Please sign this petition if you do not want your taxes increased.” In reality and only being given a one sided story and seeing dollar signs, I would jump on that band wagon because up until this point, you may have not been in a local store and someone passed you running trying to get away, while two STORE employees were running behind the suspect. You may not be able to hear concerns from community members with kids who say, “My small son is scared to go to sleep because our door was kicked in last night.”You may not have been in the store when the elderly woman’s purse was snatched and 3 citizens chased after the suspect. As we fast forward, 300 plus individuals only heard, “Do you want a tax increase?” The answer was, “No.” After giving a verbal no, a petition was signed and you immediately became part of the crew who only received a one sided deal and I believe you deserve much more. I cannot take back any unfinished stories, but I can help complete the story. Here are the facts concerning the tax increase.

I, Alfreda Emonya Love voted for the 0.02 tax increase, not because I wanted to spend more money, but because I am listening to citizens talk about safety, city ordinance and code enforcement. The two percent tax increase would provide the city of Bellmead with more security measures, while freeing other individuals to maintain code enforcement and evaluate city ordinances. Within the perimeter of several stores, your children and grandchildren may have been confined to a particular area due to someone trying to cause mischief in a store, whether it is stealing or breaking laws. My believe is that with the presence of more law enforcement and safety measures taken, the passing of a 0.02 cent increase would prevent some of the disruptions and interruptions that you, your children or grandchildren may experience. As it is in entertainment, reality becomes real when you can personally say I have been in that experience that you are speaking.

Unanimous Vote on City Investing for New Complex

Every member of the council is in favor of the new over billion dollar complex that will cost more than the $12 per year that the tax increase is asking. As a matter of fact, each member of the council (Yes, every person who has knocked on your door opposing tax increase) is voting to have the city invest into this complex and that investment is over 1million dollars. The pros to this investment is that the monies are not obviously coming from tax payers directly, but if the city gives the investment or borrow it, some of your money will still go towards it indirectly. So my question is at least you know who voted for the 0.02 tax increase. You also know that the tax increase would mean at least an additional $12 per year. What you don’t know is those who are against the 0.02 tax increase have voted for the city to invest in a couple of million dollars for a new complex that we can only imagine in our minds as of now. If that is not confusing enough, my question is, “Should we take care of home first before bringing in something new?” Once again, my votes are consistent. I voted for the tax increase because I want to see Bellmead refurbished and I voted for the new athletic complex because of potential revenue for the city. Before making a decision as to what you will vote for think to yourself, “The persons who came to my door to interrupt me is in favor of the city investing in a complex that they have never seen nor the citizens, yet why would they be against something that is for sure knowing that Bellmead needs a make-over and more law enforcements? Secondly ask, “What money will be used to pay back any borrowed money to invest in this property and how will that affect the city?”

I am a volunteer, so I am writing this article because citizens selected me to be a voice within the community. What I vote for also applies to me as well concerning safety, city ordinances and code enforcement. I am not seeking to persuade you to be for or against a tax increase and I won’t bother the trees and have hundreds of flyers going out, nor give you my story, but I am open to your questions. I really want you to calculate 0.02 cents up against the money for a new complex in which those opposing the 0.02 voted for with no question. I have always believed that charity starts at home. Why spend a million or more on a new complex before beautifying the city and cutting down bundles of trees that are 15 feet tall, protecting citizens and making sure laws are in place? When company comes over to your house, you make sure everything is in order right? The business of the city should be in order before any new venture is bestowed. There are no homes valued at a million dollars within the city, so why not at least clean up the city before bringing a million dollar plus investment? I am a leader who is all about priorities and we have to get them straight. I conclude this article by saying,” In math every problem has an answer. If we continue to miscalculate the value of a city and pretend like it does not need a make-over, the city will continue to invest in other projects seeking to bring in more revenue and before long the city of Bellmead will be a down-town attraction rather than a community.

Also: The ballot for the city is (Your flyer only gives some of this information)=Please check out the website (Bellmead website)

Mr. Vincent Hindrix Sr and Mr. Gary Moore

Mayor Pro-Tem Matthew Jordan and Mr. Mark Pace

Mr. Jose Arrollo vs. Mr. Ernest Anz

Who's That Lady

Dr. Alfreda Emonya Love has enjoyed a fulfilling career as an educator, motivational speaker and military servant beginning in 1997 in Waco , Texas . Dr. Love is the receipient of numerous educational awards and community service awards. Today, Love has commenced on a new path in which she calls, "Mastering Your Dreams of Educating the Whole Child." Dr. Love has the ability of transforming an oasis into a united stream through her vast knowledge of community relations, public relations, educational relations and most of all leadership relations. She continues to be a dynamic speaker, award winning playwright, promoter and prolific writer in that she has over 5 works published and is currently seeking to publish another book. Dr. Love is a member of many organizations and has received many Distinguished service awards throughout her life. She devotes her time to various Christian groups, non-profits, civic activities and educational endeavors. Dr. Love is a graduate of La Vega ISD ( Waco ), served in the United States Military, graduated from Baylor University ( Waco ), Texas A and M ( Bryan ) and Prairie View A and M (Prairie View), and have performed certification work at Dallas Baptist University with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Love indicated that God, her family and community are to be recognized for her achievements! Currently, Dr. Love is the assistant principal at La Vega Elementary and Project Executive Director of Love's Comedy and Entertainment. Dr. Love has been a member of Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church for 36 years
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Who's that Lady! (Dr. Love)


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