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My Conspiracy Theories

Updated on May 4, 2019

My Conspiracy Theories

My conspiracy theories can be far-fetched or based in facts that are stretched into disbelief. This however, does not mean they are untrue. In this article I am going to touch on some of my late night crazy ideas towards the conspiracies that may be going on.

These may sound crazy in many ways, or you may have had these feelings yourself. The ways things are in the world opens many opportunities for conspiracies to start. People with money will do anything to get more while those in power will do what is necessary to keep it. There may even be forces from other worlds at work here.

Our federal and state governments can be the leaders in constructing conspiracies while other governments and religions can be constructing elaborate plans to destroy us. We are taxed when we make, save, and spend our money.

Aliens could be visiting us or running the planet.


Some of the biggest cover-ups or conspiracies are associated with aliens. Going back as early as man’s creation you can find a cave drawling of ships or creatures in the sky. We have been visited or put here by extra terrestrials. There is just too much evidence to discredit it. Maybe we are the aliens that relocated here for a new planet to live on and we evolved differently because of the atmosphere.

The Roswell incident produced a ship and humanoid like creatures that were quickly covered up. The government decided there were benefits of keeping the secret. I feel that they covered it up because they were told to. The real question is who gave the order. If it was the higher ups in the government there could be many reasons for it from avoiding mass hysteria to wanting the technology. Maybe another ship crashed in another country and it became a race to reverse engineer their technology.

When it happen in the 60’s the thought of the world being visited or taken over could have caused a panic of epidemic proportions. That would explain the cover up at the time. Why hold on to the lie all these years, it would be a more readily accepted idea these days. The debate over this is people feel the government will not admit they were involved in a lie or a cover up.

A more likely reason would be to gain or learn from the technology, Imagine how the arms race would go if a government possessed technology that allowed people to travel in and out of space at will, cross the world in seconds or have an energy source that defied gravity. This does not even take into account what type of weapons may have been found. Could the nuclear weapons and power have been created from alien technology? What type of creations may exist that are well hidden? The government keeping them secret until they are needed, maybe they are being used every day to spy or hide the secret of the alien existence. These could never be answered without full disclosure, but can there ever be full disclosure with the feelings of distrust circling the government.

What if the government is being controlled by the aliens and the order was given to hide their presence? This is a scary and sinister thought that could create a real world war. Mankind could have been established here to grow for the alien’s needs or pleasure. The possibility of us developing the technology we have was never thought of by them. We could be some kind of human ant farm to them. This could explain all the missing people that are never found each year. Humans are systematically taken for sport, food, reproduction, or spare parts. They could have uses for us that we could not even comprehend.

Maybe the human life on earth is just an incubation period for the alien lifecycle. Our life force, or soul as we call it, needs to develop to function or control the alien body. A form of alien childhood you could call it. The alien body is grown deep in the sea in their earthly bases that they visit. This would explain the sightings in or near the oceans.

Thousands of years ago humans were placed in different places on earth as an experiment to see how we develop. The aliens could not let us know they existed so they inspired teachings to guide as, a head start you could call it. This could be an explanation for the religious books and why they are similar.

Three times one summer about ten years ago I had this dream that I was conscience in. I wanted to wake up and tried waking myself, but I could not move or wake up. I could sense I was being watched and even thought I saw small creatures moving around on the edges of my peripheral vision.

The second time it happened was the same except for in the morning I had a hole about two millimeters wide and completely round to the right of my belly button and slightly higher. I still carry the scar from it. It was deep and I should have bled a lot but there was no blood anywhere. The sheets were untouched. There was no blood on my body, hands, or the sheets. It healed without ever scabbing up.

The last time was brief and it felt like they were putting me to sleep in my sleep. I woke and it has not happened again.

While researching it I came across something called “sleep paralysis” and it sounded a lot like that. It was just so real and I was conscience. If it was not for the unexplained hole in my stomach I may have believed it was that. We could be taken and tested on without knowing it with a few people waking to remember it.

I have no doubt that aliens exist, there are those out there that can prove they exist, but are bound by oaths or are in fear for their lives. They will not say anything and when someone does speak up they are discredited or die in a car accident. All the sightings are hard for them to cover up and this may be the key to proving their existence. One day there will be evidence they are unable to cover up and the truth will be exposed.

Then you see a show like “Men in Black” that is fictional, or that’s what they tell you. You realize that it could happen and we even have the black helicopters that show up at supposed crash and landing sites. The mysterious men with ID’s that let them do anything and then seem to disappear afterwards. I have actually met people that were questionable as humans. This smells of cover up or alien control.

Pharmaceutical Companies

There are billions of dollars earned in pharmaceuticals by the companies that make them. They will protect this money at all costs. I believe that they also create diseases that need cures and charge great sums of money for the necessary medicines to treat them.

These companies are capable of anything from testing on humans to murder when the potential profits are in the billions. Some companies may play by the rules or at least within the rules. They will do the testing and research the way they should but only come out with treatments and not cures.

With the money that is being made off of insulin and other diabetic treatments do you really think that the big companies want diabetes cured. They keep coming out with treatments but you never hear about a new cure.

We had fewer diseases before technology started making steroids to make the animals grow faster and bigger, produce more milk or eggs. Before the power plants started making radioactive waste and dumping it at sea or in abandon mines. The processing of foods and the added chemicals to make them last longer, also makes them foreign to our bodies creating other issues and diseases. These chemicals are made by large companies.

These chemicals given to the animals we consume are part of the billions in profits these companies make. The consumers of these animals need to stop eating them to get the farmers to stop using the chemicals. There has to be a stand somewhere. The way it is set up now the pharmaceutical companies get paid for the animal chemicals and then get paid again for the medicines people need when they get sick from the animals that are chemically treated. It is a win-win situation for them while the average person gets sick.

This brings me to my conspiracy theory regarding pharmaceuticals. These companies are in it solely for the money, I feel they have the cure for many of the diseases in existence today. They only get paid once for the cure but will get paid over and over again for the treatment. It would not surprise me if the government has a hand in this using it as population control or another source of income.


These are one persons crazy ideas and opinions. There is no factual basis or truths, consider this as fictional.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Vince


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