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My Dearest William

Updated on November 23, 2015

William in London

My Dearest William,

The upcoming Climate Summit in Paris looks like it will be a complete bust and I wonder how they plan on covering their ass? What the world needs is someone like you. Someone young & dynamic. This is what I have been saying to the so called New World Order for the longest time; waves of time that seem like an eternity, against the old, worn and algae covered rocks of these clueless global tycoons.

Can you imagine, trying to actually pass global policy with the current crop of rotten cream, which we have in these global offices? Seems to me (and you know that I am always right) that when you are trying to do something new, global and big that one would take a quick look at Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations and he would be the first person to get booted out of a job.

Trying to steam roll an agenda with some of these tired, sleepy and non-descript career political old timers just makes everything fall flat. To be honest with you, my dear William and King; I honestly don't think that these people have the slightest clue of what they are doing on any aspects of the global government level and when they do not know what they are doing but instead are trying to 'wing it', we all know they default back to the global security drum. Yes, the global security drum, my dear William, the drum that has a never ending beat....sometimes I even have to dance. In fact, it seems that I am always dancing.

I never see you in my dreams William. Why are you always hiding? Last night I dreamed but you only take on the shape of the British Flag. A few nights before, in my dreams William, I was flying over the Earth and could see & feel these color sound vibrations of events to unfold. These streams of color consciences would shoot up and out from the Earth and break the Earth's aura and atmosphere. Each stream of color has a different prophesy that I would like to tell you about.

Then last night, I was traveling across the far reaches of Europe, Africa and Asia, only to end up in some Eastern European town, and there was a European girl of dark features, who appeared to be guiding me. I was then quickly befriended by a few of the town's military outfit and as I marched with them, I saw the British Flag and I knew that the global caliphate has managed to spread across the globe and under your flag & authority.

In the end, this will all be a success, all we have to do is let the madness run its course for a bit longer.

Of course you know that I am of the Islamic Faith and therefore must be careful with the lines of shirk & perception. Allah will deliver and then it will be delivered to you.

Always a Dance


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