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My Dearest William The King

Updated on October 30, 2015


To My King,

I guess this is something that must be done. The conspiracy against the British Crown has been growing at a feverish pitch for years and appears to be consuming the global mind-set like biblical locust. But there has been no greater threat to your crown than the Americans along with the silly American Tech Snot Nose Companies, which have had it out for the U.K. (and Europe) for at least three years.

You do understand that the political alignment of Great Britain with Prime Minister, David Cameron, was meant to establish a mindless and over confident conservative tyranny, which would be so bad on the citizens of your land, that it would lead to an all out revolt? This was a deliberate stunt, all though your guy Hammond, is actually turning into a favorite global power-house on the world's stage.

You do understand that the U.K.'s idiotic alignment with the Americans is meant to attach a rope onto the sinking ship that is the United States? In fact the further away that Britain stays away from the United States, on a global level, will work out better.

Do not be fooled by the unending printing and artificial flow of American Money, this will end and it will end suddenly. The global boasting and advancements by the Americans aren't real and once it falls, the U.K., will surely become a sub-affiliate of a new world order, which is steered by China/Russia/India along with other countries.

The United States is being deliberately driven off of a global cliff and I can not understand why and how your Prime Minister is so stupid. It's like he has absolutely no idea of how to actually run a country in a global world.

Hostility after hostility. The U.K. wants to leans the E.U. and pick up trade with America? Well, this was quickly shut down by our trade policy makers.

The new countries which were emerging in the Middle East and if there if good fortune, these countries will be built, in your image, through out Africa but once again, the domestic paranoia agencies, with their mindless domestic propaganda, are so wrapped up in their unlimited black budgets for their unlimited Islamphobia rhetoric, that these territories have not only fallen but they have fallen into the hands of Russia and Iran.

Indeed, the Anglos are an arrogant bunch, that are blinded by elitism, so willfully, that these elitist of their own government world, can not grasp nor understand the potential of a dynamic changing world, which will be up for grabs, once the flow of currency from Wall Street is taken out of the equation. A billionaire today, that is grabbing up assets, will simply have no way of maintaining this unsustainable status quo of injustice.

How many years was the U.K. going to allow Poland and other European Countries along with the global infrastructure, toss these bombs of racism and bigotry against the British due to an unending supply of Eastern European and Polish Migrants?

The only thing that could be done was to give Eastern Europe and Poland a taste of their own medicine and instead of the U.K. enjoying the relief; the British have resulted to bashing the refugees, in the harshest of manners but just last year and the year prior to that, it was the British that were being bashed by Greater Europe over European Migrants?

Every ball that has been tossed in your favor has been royalty screwed up by your Prime Minister and this silliness of buying into the propaganda of the current American Political Structure, which has an absolute hate for the U.K.


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