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My Election wish list

Updated on July 3, 2015

Great Depression 2010

Typical scene of the homeless. Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith.
Typical scene of the homeless. Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith.

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Politically wishing

How many of us are now faced with some of the toughest decisions we have to make in our lives, from how will we pay the bills to I'm too old to start over after loosing my home? The answer or poll would probably shock us.

At least 10 million Americans are now unemployed and as more graduate they too will soon join our ranks, the ranks of desperation, fore most will find that their high priced tuition will do nothing to secure them a position upon graduation.

College's and Universities through-out the United States claim to help students upon graduation to secure a job but being a recent graduate and a mature student myself (I'm 50 years old) I found this to be only part the truth and mostly a lie. In my case the College I attended claimed they would offer job placement assistance after graduation and here's how that help broke down for me. The College has your information you know such as email and that is the most common way for them to contact you. You will receive 1-2 emails a week from the College perhaps listing six to a dozen positions around your location, however, the positions will have nothing to do with your specialty or Major. You'll get everything from serving hamburgers at McDonald's to working at a car wash (for below inflation and poverty line pay) and be expected to take these positions and begin paying high interest, ridiculously huge loans back to Sallie Mae.

Sallie Mae will allow you the customary forbearance or deferment for six months and sometimes increase that to a year with a certain payment but after that, they harass you, you will receive 3-4 call a day 7 days a week with threats of wage garnishment should you not pay. Sad as it is, allot of us fall into that situation because there were no entry level positions in your degree or field upon graduation. Sallie Mae also has the questionable practice of granting loans to individuals free and clear of a co-signer only to require one later as your about 3/4 done your curriculum. Its either get a co-signer or not be able to finish your degree? I saw so many students loose out on their degree's due to this, in my opinion, shady practice. Not only that it also causes problems with family in the event that like so many thousands of us graduates, there is no work and your loans default or become due.

Government needs to step in and help us in this dark time by introducing legislation to grant forbearance to individuals who cannot find work in their chosen fields or degrees, this forbearance should be for as long as it requires to obtain a job in your degree. If you cannot find work in your field ever, then the Colleges and Universities must also be held accountable and either absorb all of the debt of your tuition or find you a job that is in your field. But the learning institutions as well as the student loan companies must also be accountable for the education a student receives and the promise of work availability in that field upon graduation.

On the other hand Government also need to investigate companies that hire from these many degree's. The companies should receive no tax breaks or incentives if they do not hire certain percentages from the graduated Alumni of US students every year and hang onto these students long term.

That being as it may, the largest reason we're in such straights is that the USA is currently in another "great depression". No its not a "dip" or "recession" or even the dreaded "double dip recession" this is a full blown 1929 sized depression. Over 10 million Americans can count themselves among the jobless and most States have unemployment numbers hitting in the 10% range which is catastrophic.

We could argue why we arrived here in this situation but most would agree it had to do with two Bush's and a bunch of Republicans. Fact's are fact's, big business and corporations were involved in some very shady deals during the Republican reign, like Enron for example, or the Stock exchange now?

There are other example's but basically our government rewarded companies for working outside the USA using cheap slave labor and or sweat shop type environments to make items with almost no labor cost to import back into the USA for huge profits. Only problem? Americans didn't get the jobs and lost the money and the ethical ramifications of using the slave labor and sweat shops is disgusting in its self.

How do we start fixing this mess we're in? The Democrats and Republicans just block each other on any promising fix we may have. Bickering and acting like two spoiled children trying to have their own ways, instead of working together to eliminate this depression post haste.

President Obama has the nerve to sue Arizona for defending itself against invasion from illegal Mexicans and he leaves our border security open to ridiculously impossible policing by way too low a security force. Because not only do Mexicans enter this country illegally from our southern border but also terrorists and other hostiles from around the world with intent on harm or drug trafficking. Lets start here by creating a secure border be it a solid object such as a wall or patrolled fences and other deterrents, lets increase the number of security forces to what is actually needed to perform the job correctly thereby creating more work for Americans especially those who may be unemployed now. Lets win back our feeling of being able to defend ourselves if necessary.

Going back to export and import trade. Its obvious we need to change the tide of goods coming into our country from foreign traders. We need to curb that flow by increasing the amount we export dramatically thereby creating jobs here in America not some other foreign soil where the wages are not our own. We need the work here in America and we need it from the poverty level to the middle class. We need job security in the form of collective bargaining and we need old redundant labor laws that are both outdated and immoral against the constitution to be removed from law like the "right to work legislation". Instead make belonging to union or collective agreement choice only. The individual has the right to refuse admittance into a union but then also gives up the right to representation under that union in the event he comes under company scrutiny or disciplinary action and also has no rights under the collective agreement its very simple. For example if the union negotiates a wage increase over a period of time between contracts then the individual not included in the union would be excluded from those raises and would be paid under the companies own salaried personnel rules for raises.

Jobs need to be created that require no degree for middle income to poverty. We need jobs that people from everyday America can be trained and placed in. We need incentives and tax breaks for corporations that hire and train these people for the long term perhaps even more incentives if they use human work force as opposed to automation for certain aspects of manufacturing.

Pay needs to be regulated beyond just a minimum wage. Wages need to be above national poverty and inflation lines people need to be able to earn an honest wage for an honest 8 hours on the job and be paid overtime for over 40 hours as it was.

That's enough to think over for the time being. I'll add more to the wish list as ideas come in. Lets give government some positive brain thought process, in hopes they will see this and use it as a guide to what people are really concerned about and not their idea of it. And lets hope that this type of list will inspire them to work together for a speedy solution.


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