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School Board Meeting

Updated on March 8, 2013

School Board Meeting

During the School Board of Trustees Regular Board Meeting, there were discussions on many topics from people who are trying to make school a better benefit for students. The topics that were discussed are: single generation plan, block scheduling, a better policy for regulating alcohol and/or drug abuse, and for the district to provide treatments for communicable diseases for the students.

In the discussion about the single generation plan, the speaker was trying to convey the board members to start an all male and female school. The speaker was saying that females learn differently from males. In order to make education more effective, the two genders should be separated.

There was another discussion about telling which types of schedule is better, and more efficient. The comparisons between the schedule were researched, and basically the speaker was saying that the block schedule covers more subjects in a year and proves to work a lot better for students.

There was also a discussion on regulating alcohol and or drug abuse. The speaker was trying to ask the board members to broading the meaning of the rules, so that students who are abusing prescription drugs or other chemicals, such as spray paint, would stop abusing themselves.

There are students who gets sick and doesn't come to school for months because their parents can't afford to buy medicines. So, the speaker was asking the board members to help in providing treatments for the students in the School District.

I believe that the meeting is a great way to keep the board members informed about what the students and the school needs. I also believe that all the things that were discussed in the meeting were important for the success of the future graduates of the School District.


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