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My Goals for year 2013

Updated on January 8, 2013

I have many goals for the year 2013. I am not too good at keeping my goals usually. Who knows maybe this year will be different. So what are some of those goals? Well, I want to have more money, enjoy my life more, be more physically fit, and have a wider social circle. My romantic life could use a life too and so is the skin under my chin. I want to improve the way my skin looks, clear up any acne, and get rid of unwanted hair.

Now I know as far as my job, that situation will not get much better this year or any other year. My to do list is endless and yet I know that in reality it will take forever to accomplish my goals. Maybe some part of me does not want to accomplish my goals because if I accomplish everything too soon I may have nothing left to look forward to.

Well, I am looking forward to a slight raise this year, but I heard the government will make the taxes go up soon as well. So that will just even things out. Promotions are not readily available within my company so that is out.

As far as enjoying my life, I mean I do not have enough money or time. I am not too creative either with new activities and such so I guess I will be sticking with my television and my Law and Order shows. There is just nothing like them. Sometimes you just have to appreciate what you already have in your life.

Now what about fitness? I am going to purchase a whole bunch of sexy gym pants and I will go to the tailor eventually to cut them short. I am going to purchase the New York Fitness Passbook as well so that I can start going to the gym. That book is a great idea. There is no commitment and it is only eighty dollars per year.

Expanding my social circle probably will not happen this year either. I am too busy and do not have enough funds. My love life will stay the same, but I might see a therapist. Now my skin that hopefully will improve. I plan to go for laser treatments and see if alcohol treatment will work.


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    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 4 years ago from Florida

      My goal for 2013 is to drink more water than I did in 2012. Its the only goal that I know I can achieve without a doubt.