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My Good Friend Prefers Obama... by Merwin

Updated on October 31, 2012

My good friend’s name will not be disclosed here, I will simply call him “Bob”.

He recently had posted a “Status” on Facebook that began this crazy exchange that has me wondering about a lot of things, but mostly… what is the hold this POTUS has on the minds of his followers? I mean I really, really like Ron Paul, but, if he betrayed, just a few of the very mandates (promises that got him elected) I would no longer support him.

One thing I ask you to bear in mind, I am done trying to persuade anyone regarding politics, especially on Facebook. People will vote for whomever… and I have decided that the only political postings that I will “share” or compose on FB will be in how it relates to these last days and the imminent return of Jesus. My comments on “Bob’s” status were not intended to sway him from Obama, but to cause him to see the corrupted nature of things in general.

Below is our Facebook exchange…

Bob’s Status posting…

Governor Romney has a plan for the economy, the deficit, the debt, social security, medicare, medicaid and healthcare.

Can you say "BAIT and SWITCH"?

My reply (which got turned into a Hub)…


You know... Once upon a time, I didn't use to know what Political "BAIT and SWITCH" was. That is of course until Nixon came along and introduced me to the term, then Papa Bush came along and refined my understanding. Then of course Baby Bush elevated the phrase to B & S 101. But the absolute PHD Professor and Dean of Corrections when it comes to my education for that phrase, has been Obama...

With all the Charisma this guy had while campaigning, and the anti-war rhetoric he was spouting, and the promises for CHANGE of the way an UN-transparent Washington does business... I came VERY CLOSE to voiting for him. Instead, I wrote in Alan Keyes (did not know much of Ron Paul), but, I came very, very close because I really, really liked Obama.

The very sad thing is... I don't believe that Mitt Obamney is going to be any better. I do expect to see Federally enforced Martial Law, and the FEMA Detention (concentration) Camps being filled and a lot of citizens murdered in the next term, no matter which of these two candidates get elected,

They both are puppets of the World Central Banking Machinery. They are simply go-fers for the Corporatocracy. Can we get real about our Presidential expectations..? "YES WE CAN."

Bob’s return comments…

Merwin, I agree with Half of that.

I think Obama has moved from idealism to realism. America isn't ready for the man I thought he was.

My response…

Maybe (likely that) he never was "the man (you) thought he was".

Rom 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

The onliest reason for me to even think that Ron Paul could have been (sort of) trusted is his decades long record of NOT breaking campaign promises, not taking wages above the national average pay, returning the full pensions sent to him when he retired the first time, on record for never voting for deficit spending... or against the Constitution, and the fact that lobbyists don't even bother to give him a visit.


I may have hoped a little too much But, even with RP's integrity, I prefer Obama's direction over his.

My final comment…

RP (with integrity) says bring our military home, and quit killing people on a global scale, and my PACIFIST good friend prefers a LYING WAR MONGER..???

Its official... I officially don't get it and I am done.


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    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 Paul Revere...

      NICE.., loved it.

    • Paul Revere profile image

      Paul Revere 5 years ago from Michigan

      "I think Obama has moved from idealism to realism"

      I think that will only come if he loses the election in a big way.

      A guy who thinks adding air to tires on your car will solve the energy issues is not living in the real world.

    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      To Josak, TheManWithNoPants, and Attikos...

      Thank you all for stopping by and leavings some thoughts.

      2 Josak...

      Ron Paul would have brought surprising economic abundance with his domestic measures. I say "surprising" only because the cuts he stated that he would have made in government spending causes panic, especially to those that have - not - taken a closer look at the details of his plans. He stated clearly that he would not do away with any social programs in the US immediately, that the ones that generate real dependencies but need to end would be phased out. And many others he would reform and stop the waste.

      If you have never taken a close look at his package you may have missed the true value of his proposals, and provisions. It is all moot now, we have missed a grand opportunity to bring wise economic health to this country that has become increasingly unhealthy since 1913.

      2 TheManWithNoPants...

      Jim always great to have one of my favorite writers stop by my place and leave encouragements. I very much agree with your take on Political Truth. After this I'm gonna go read more of your Hubs.

      2 Attikos...

      My good friend "Bob" is an unabashed very liberal Dem. I would even say that he is a Socialist, but, I don't know if he would necessarily agree with that label. He is a very good man and he loves Jesus and I don't think he is dishonest at all in his perspective.

      I do know of the type of folks the last part of your comments describe, I have run in to them many times, but, I can assure you that "Bob" does not fit that category. In fairness to him this is a small episode in our ongoing debate and there are many things that cause him to support Obamney... er... I mean Obama.

    • Attikos profile image

      Attikos 5 years ago from East Cackalacky

      Many people support a party over a candidate, but blind partisanship having been well discredited they refuse to admit it. That forces them to conceal their motives, in turn requiring cover stories. Your friend keeps evading your points by falling back on what, had you stayed with the conversation long enough, would have become an obviously endless series of new lines of defense. You probably never would have cornered him into revealing that he would vote for the Democratic Party's nominee if it were Beelzebub, but that is what his hidden agenda is. He is hardly alone. You see it all the time. In fact, I would say that most who ostentatiously issue Facebook announcements of support for one candidate are are putting up a front to hide their real intentions. It makes for difficult discourse.

    • TheManWithNoPants profile image

      TheManWithNoPants 5 years ago from Tucson, Az.

      There is truth and there is "Political Truth" Political truth is what we've chosen to believe regardless complete facts. Good job here my friend! Voted up, useful, and intresting!

      ~ jim

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      Trusting politicians strikes me as remarkably naive but yes to some people (including myself) I prefer Obama's direction even if I think that Ron Paul may well be the more honest man with greater integrity, I wish that Ron Paul ran on a different platform because he seems to be as good as modern politicians get but he runs on a platform I can't support (his international policy I do like but I can't abide his domestic policy).