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My Last Bully Attack

Updated on December 16, 2010

The following story is true. Most of the information is from my own personnel experiences plus testimonies from others who helped to complete the story of the last bullying attack against me. I do not recommend doing what I did but I admit in enjoying it greatly.

It was the last day of school for the school year. Everyone including myself was looking forward to summer fun and returning to school as seniors. I was looking forward to working again on my Uncles farm. Hard work, long hours and money to buy next school years supplies, clothing, music, comics and junk food. But on this day, everyone is more than happy and waiting for that last bell to ring. But as everyone is talking away about plans of beach and mountain trips, one boy was constantly making very rude comments towards me. This guy over the entire school year had been verbally attacking me as I did my best to avoid him. But it wasn’t as easy as there were a few other bullies I had to deal with. All the while as school officials did their best to protect their own image.

On this day he was going a little too far as the teacher and a few other students were trying to get him to stop but to no results. I remember him sitting on a table using my book bag as a foot rest. As he said made a rude comment again towards me I remember taking my book bag off the table as he continued his commentary. At this point I grabbed the table and flipped it over causing him to tumble onto the floor as well. As he gathered his composer, he pretty much lunged at me but to no avail on what he wanted to do to me.

I grabbed me flipping him around onto the floor and proceeded to grip my hands around his neck as I squeezed with every bit of strength I had. He pretty much stopped hitting me as he tried to unlock the grip I had on him. By this point things started to get a bit unclear as to what was happening. I started to get tunnel vision to the point of going totally blind. I was just staring blindly forward all the while sporting a huge smile. They say when a man goes crazy he ‘snaps’. It was more like a static crinkling effect for me.

It wasn’t until later I was told what it took to keep me from killing this guy. As I had my hands around his neck, I also had my knee wedged into his chest area keeping him from getting away from me. As the teacher and other students were grabbing my arms as well as my waist and anything they could grab to get me off this guy wasn’t working at all. As they pulled me off of him, my hands pulled him with me. They stated that I had the biggest smile they had ever seen to the point it was creeping out everyone as it appeared that I was truly enjoying what I was doing to this bully.

Luckily for him they were able to remove my hands from his neck and at this point my vision returned as well as the color on the guys face as he began to breathe again. When he was able to stand on his own, the teacher proceeded to take us to the office but she made sure a few of the other students went with us as protecting for the bully. I kind of lunged towards the guy when he got off the floor.  We sat separately in the vice principal’s office as the teacher explained everything that had happened and basically stood up for me explaining all the crap I had to put up with this bully all year.  Moments later I was allowed to leave to get my backpack and head home as the bell was ringing. The other guy stayed a while longer explaining his actions all year that led up to me nearly killing him.

I continued on through the summer working in 90 to 100 degree weather working on my Uncles farm enjoying as I do every year of operating heavy equipment, working before the sun rises and going to bed long after the sun has settled to sleep. Upon returning to school everything was starting out great. But in one my classes that same bully, I nearly killed, was there as well. As he was once again start up his verbal abuse again towards me again, he was interrupted by others who tried to stop him by reminding him what happened on that last day of school. Many other students wanted to know the whole story and of course it was retold in great detail. As this bully played it down by making up excuses for his defeat, he and other bullies avoided me forever when I made a statement that really put a scare into everyone in that room including the teacher.

For many classmates had been calling me ‘Lurch’ from the TV show ’Adams Family’ due to my deep voice so without looking at anyone in particular I simply stated, “I really enjoyed watching you die.”  


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    • ross670daw profile image

      ross670daw 6 years ago

      Unfortunately, bullying is still rife in our schools and even online to the point of victims committing suicide over it. It doesn't seem like those in authority care, or are afraid to tackle this problem head-on for fear of retaliation. I think we must return to the good old days of discipline and respect. I'm glad you came through your ordeal ok. Good hub.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      I had a bully in the 4th grade, every morning on the way to class he hooked his foot in front of mine and tried to trip me! One day I had enough and turned swinging, I caught in straight in the lip and it burst and swole instantly! The teacher said I was getting licks and I said NO! call my dad because this guy has been picking on me all year! ............he never bothered me again! I just love hearing stories of bullies getting the shit kicked out of them!

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      I think everyone eventually faces the bully, I know we all did as kids. Im 56 and still remember vividly the times and the encounters. Violence is nothing to brag about yet we all, have to learn defense. Now I know the loudest ones aren't always the strongest. A Quiet steady voice and firm hands will always defeat a bully. They are ussually just weak kids with a mouth. We have to let our kids handle most of this themselves too.