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What Drive us to Achieve: Basic needs and contribution

Updated on September 29, 2015
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Anan is an online blogger and private consultant since 2009 in the areas of relationships and interfaith spirituality.

The Six basic Human Needs


According to psychologist Abraham Maslow his concept of hierarchy of needs, presented in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" and his subsequent book, Motivation and Personality, suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before they could move on to other needs.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we can find it most often displayed as a pyramid. The lowest levels of the pyramid are made up of he calls basic needs, while the more complex needs are located at the top of the pyramid. Needs at the bottom of the pyramid are basic physical requirements including the need for food, water, sleep and warmth. Once these lower-level needs have been met, people can move on to the next level of needs, which are for safety and security.

As we go up, needs become increasingly psychological and social. Soon, the need for love, friendship and intimacy become important. Further up the pyramid, the need for personal esteem and feelings of accomplishment take priority. Like Carl Rogers, Maslow emphasized the importance of self-actualization, which is a process of growing and developing as a person to achieve individual potential.

In dummy terms

The Six Human Needs

According to Tony Robbins, one of the most recognized life coaches, has identified six basic human needs and he believes everyone is—or can be—motivated by their desire to fulfill these needs.

1. Certainty/Comfort. - we have to have a certain control in our lives, and be comfortable.

2. Variety.- we all need variety, this is what keep us interested

3. Significance.- we need to feel acknowledged.

4. Connection/Love.-Everyone needs love and feel loved

5. Growth.-without grow we feel dead

6. Contribution.- Is our inherit need to give.

Is that what I want or need?
Is that what I want or need?

Your basic needs...

No one can tell you what your biological and physiological needs are. Instead take a moment to do this exercise of self discovery . Simply look at this list of needs, and make a mental note of those that rings a bell. Meaning, the one or ones that seams most significant to you. You will find this exercise quite interesting.

We have this underline need to fulfill every single one of these needs. But the one that is center in your life , is going to dictate your actions. And how to pursue self fulfillment. For example, it is embedded in our nature to seek growth and contribution. How this growth is perceived is what defines a person. Small step or huge changes can be the difference in the perception of you feeling fulfilled. Contribution, on the other hand is a very personal achievement. When you give, you feel elated and important, it gives you purpose.

The feeling of being inspired

"Know thy self" - One of the most famous quotes of all time tell us that in order to transform your life for the better and have significance, we have to recognize our basic, individual needs. Then and just then, pin point those attitudes that are preventing you from becoming the best version of you. This is a very personal experience, and a rewarding one.

Focus on the things that you want to accomplish, regroup and achieve.

© 2012 Anan Celeste


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    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      Thanks sheila!

    • sheilanewton profile image

      sheilanewton 5 years ago from North Shields, UK

      Nice information. Always liked maslow's hierarchy. Can I just point out that you spell PSYCHOLOGY like the word in my capitals.

      Voted up for this very informative article - nicely researched and presented.