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My State After The State Of The Union

Updated on January 29, 2010


I’ve said it before but now I really believe it. I am officially old. As I sat and watched President Obama give the State of the Union speech I found myself mired in cynicism. I didn’t want to be in that head space but there I was (I also didn’t want to be talking back to the television screen but there I was doing it –old man here I am). As I watched all the “fat cats” in Washington sit on their well fed and insured haunches I just couldn’t help but think, nothing has changed, nothing will change. I still believe Obama’s the right man for the job and I want to believe him (really I do) but he’s not a superhero and he can’t do it alone. If I was younger I would think that I could help him with that change but as I round the last bend of life’s curvy street I find that once more I’m in a pothole watching the fancy cars go by. My state after the State of the Union – Don’t Get Me Started!

The state of Nevada is 48th for educational funding, so not surprising that we are dead last in our education results. This week there will be more cuts to education in Nevada. Good plan? As our Las Vegas mayor raises millions for a “Mob Museum” and a new City Hall, all that we’re doing is creating future honorees in the museum and uneducated people who will clog up the courts because they won’t have the tools to get jobs or do anything but get in trouble. I guess the good news is that they’ll at least get to see the new city hall building. As Las Vegas comes in the top of the “most foreclosed homes” in the US, and as more and more people who came here to prosper are deciding they need to move back to their Midwest suburbs, here my city stands with a big new shiny complex called, City Center while away from the neon of the world famous Strip there are more and more houses rotting away and kids graduating high school who can’t read. Will Las Vegas become Waterworld (a very expensive flop)? Probably not because people will always want to come to Vegas but as I watched the State of the Union and watched my senator, Harry Reid yawning, I thought how tiresome politics and all these supposed budget experts are and how out of touch they are with the people of this country who need some leadership from their leaders.

The more that I watched the more I thought about how much we need a major shift in our thinking. The alleged “White House Party Crashers” hosted a night at one of the clubs here in Vegas and they couldn’t do a red carpet because they were afraid they wouldn’t have enough security for all the people who wanted to see this couple who are the least extraordinary people I think you could find. We’re all so busy trying to get our own reality shows that while Obama talks of building jobs in clean energy and high speed railroads, I have to wonder if anyone from the American-I’m-An Idol-Too-Generation will want to work those jobs. Will Snooki become a clean energy expert? Will Mike “The Situation” end up as an engineer of the new high speed trains? I doubt it. But maybe just maybe we should be putting our scientists and brightest kids on a pedestal instead of these putzes? We need to find our next Albert Einstein instead of our next Biggest Loser but I just wonder if we’ve gone too far in our adulation of nobodys to shift to a new wave of thinking where we create and celebrate somebodys? None of us seem smarter than a fifth grader to do it and the problem is that we think it’s funny that we’re all this stupid.

Look, on the whole I try to stay positive. When Tinkerbell drinks the poison to save Peter Pan and we have to clap really loud for her to live to show that we believe in fairies, I’m clapping the loudest in the room usually but as I watched the State of the Union I definitely thought it was going to take more than happy thoughts to get me to fly again in the belief that we’re still living in the greatest country ever. Remember that it took fairy dust and happy thoughts to get the Darling kids off the ground and flying. I hope that Obama’s words weren’t just words. That education will once more become a focus for this country, that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will go away and will finally start to break the stronghold the religious right have on running this country. I want to believe, I’m ready to clap Mr. Obama and I do still believe in you but unfortunately I don’t believe anyone else who was in that room with you (Democrats or Republicans). For them it’s politics as usual and he who dies with the most money wins. They’ve forgotten how to lead because they’re so busy trying to win. I want us all to win. Hey, what was that? Optimism? Maybe I’m not as old and jaded as I thought. My state after the State of the Union – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • Michellcat profile image

      Michellcat 7 years ago

      Oh, Scott, you just said it all for me! Awesome hub! Thanks!