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My creole culture

Updated on November 8, 2019
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I am a creole. What is Creole. Creole is both an individual, a language and a culture. Creole is an individual who adheres to ethnic

On the sidelines of the celebration of Creole culture in November, several activities are organized in the four corners of the world to promote the existence of a people with extraordinary values ​​and traditions. The goal of this awareness is to value this community rich in joie de vivre. The people of this particular community, called the Creoles, are endowed with remarkable resillience and an ability to emerge victorious from all kinds of situations while remaining humble and generous.

Creole - who is it? Creole is both an individual, a language and a culture. Creole is an individual who adheres to ethnic and moral values ​​that come from the time of slavery of the African people. The Creole shares in his body the same blood of the African slave he inherited. Our African slave ancestors, in their quest for survival, have developed a resillence peculiar to them: a language, a culture and a tradition. This peaceful people suffered a great deal during the time of slavery. He was uprooted from his family and land and sold to work night and day relentlessly and without pay. Our slave ancestors were mistreated, called names offensive, humiliated, beaten and tied up. In their quest for freedom, many have perished. They were persecuted, humiliated and beaten to death. On the island of Mauritius, the indigenous people, that is to say, the Creoles, share blood strains from African slaves. Our ancestors, from zambia, mozambique, zimbabwe and the congo, were sold to slavery and sent to the island of Mauritius to work tirelessly. They represent the very basis of our Creole existence. The mountain of the dull reflects a very painful past. This is where many of our slave ancestors chose to kill each other to avoid suffering and humiliation. It was the misfortune that had fallen upon a whole people; my people. When the abolition of slavery was declared in 1835, although it was a day of joy and freedom, our ancestors bore the painful burden of a lifetime. This burden swims in our veins like our slave ancestors. To be Creole is much more than an ethnic affiliation, it is a state of soul dotted with a force of character and a resillence of which our ancestors of the African continent showed.

African ancestors

My native language is kreol

My native and native language commonly referred to as the kreol language is a melancholy mix created from the time of slavery. This language contains dialects and expressions derived from the French language. At slave times, our ancestors developed a language of their own so that they could communicate in discretion. Our ancestors were not entitled to their own privacy. If they were surprised at not working and talking, they were beaten to death. So it was essential for our ancestors to know how to communicate in all discretion. So they naturally invented the Creole language in order to create a world of their own.

My traditional dance: The Sega

Sega is our native music; the one that rocked our childhood and the one that still rings in our ears. During the time of slavery, our ancestors had created gospel - a song dedicated to the all-powerful and creative father. Our ancestors had the wisdom to understand that our existence comes from that of our heavenly father and that through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, his son Jesus Christ is overcome evil by taking all our sins on the cross. Then our ancestors sang praises to the Lord as a sign of gratitude for the bread of life. Despite their suffering, they had the joy of living, without hope for better days, but rather in thanks for the simple fact of living. Gospel was born sega which was originally a set of melody dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ. The typical and traditional sega features multiple voices, dancers and various African instruments including ravana, maravane and triangle. Sega is also the victory of our native people over captivity, oppression and indifference.

Typical traditional Sega

Cuisine Creole

Traditional cuisine based on corn, tapioca, cassava, potato, potato, love apple, peppers, tamarinds, spices, pork, meat, chicken, fish and seafood. Traditional dishes include deer stew, horse steak, red sauce camaron, sweet pork sour, polenta with red beans, beef stew.

Creole foods

Bottom line

Through this article, I have sought to raise global awareness on the origins of my cultural community. As a native Creole, I am proud of my ancestral roots anchored in the middle of the African continent.


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