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A daughter's pain, a mother's nightmare

Updated on July 12, 2011

A few years ago I was faced with every mother's nightmare. My sixteen-year old daughter was drugged and attacked at the house of a friend. Words can not describe my anguish at not being able to protect my baby from this act of betrayal by a person she thought she knew. A person she thought was her friend. The strange thing was she has no memory of the assault.


My daughter was slipped the drug known as a “roofy”. She accepted a glass of kool-aid upon arriving and a few minutes later became sick to her stomach. Laying down in a spare room in the hopes she would start feeling better she awoke 8 hours later alone and disoriented. Rohypnol is a powerful sedative packing 10 times the effect of Valium. It is available in every state in the union for as little as $1 to $5 dollars a piece. It is the size and shape of a a common aspirin with cross or single scored on one side and the word Roche or a 1 or 2 in a circle on the other. Rhohypnol easily dissolves in any liquid and is colorless, odorless and tasteless (other than a slight salty aftertaste). In an effort to reduce its illegal use, manufacturers now sell iti n a green capsule with the numbers 542 on the side.

The effects of Rhohypnol are fast acting once ingested within 20 minutes the victim may feel nauseous, drowsy, and disoriented for a short time before becoming helpless or unconscious. and unable to resist her attacker or even call for help.

The effects of Rhohypnol last from 8 to 12 hours and are faster and more profound when mixed with alcohol. Severe allergic reactions or symptoms mirroring alcohol poisoning have also been reported.

Important safeguards:

  • Never accept an open drink. If you are drinking from a can or bottle open it yourself

  • Never leave your drink unattended

  • Never go out alone

  • Never drink anything that tastes funny( possibly salty) or has a strange appearance such as too foamy or with a residue on the bottom .

  • Never mix drugs and alcohol

Signs of a possible assault:

  • Feeling more intoxicated than usual or in relation to what you have drank
  • Feeling intoxicated or sick soon after drinking a non-alcoholic drink
  • Waking up feeling confused or unable to recall a period of time
  • Waking up in a strangers house or a motel room with no recall

If you suspect someone you love has drugged and assaulted:

  • Encourage them to seek medical attention,

  • Encourage them to seek counseling,

  • Encourage and support the victim,

    ** Victims of any type of assault are often anxious, confused and guilt-ridden assure the victim this is not their fault but the fault of the person who committed the crime.

Today my daughter is still recovering. She lost the baby three weeks after we found out. Thankfully she contracted no diseases as a result of the attack. The boy was never prosecuted because of a lack of evidence and remains free to this day to victimize another mother's daughter. Please speak to your daughters about the dangers of Rhohipnol.


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    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 6 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you my daughter is much better now we just wanted people to know how dangerous this drug is.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 6 years ago from Thailand

      I agree, there are too many sick people around. It also isn't just restricted to girls, so warn any sons out there too! Sometimes this drug is used for humiliation, like with mobile videos, but it can also be used for far far worse acts.

      Sorry to read this story about your family, it affects everyone involved! I hope you all recover from this and get back to happier times ...

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      I am sorry for your bad experience. While I read your page I was thinking: What a sick world! What can we do?

      Thanks for sharing your painful experience. I hope it can be useful to someone.

    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 6 years ago from Midwest

      I simply hope in writing this one other child is saved from what my daughter went through

    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 8 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you for your kind words ... My daughter is doing much better now but it was hard for her for a time. I felt that it was a step when she allowed me to publish this piece. She now just wants to make sure it doesn't happen to another

    • dashingclaire profile image

      dashingclaire 8 years ago from United States

      There are evil people in the world and our children need to know that. They are never too young or innocent to know what's out there. Predators look for innocent trusting victims. Everybody is not their friend, and all adults are not to be trusted. Great article!

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 8 years ago

      My daughter believes she was given the same type of drug last spring by her former boyfriend. It must not have taken full affect because she fought back and did some damage of her own before the police showed up and arrested her for assault. Her disorientation came from all of the events that happened after she was dragged up a flight of stars and across a rug. By the time I was called from the emergency room she was pretty well out of it; she doesn't remember talking to me, and she doesn't really remember much about the two days she spent in jail except for being terrified.

      I don't know if she was actually given something, but I do believe her when she says she knows the difference between how it feels to drink and the way she felt that night. I won't even say that his intent was to take advantage of her, but he hurt her, and she should never been hurt.

      Our kids live in a very DANGEROUS time. There's so much out there that I've never had knowledge of, and that I learn about along the way. I could do without the lessons........... but lessons help us to help the next person. It's all about learning I guess.

      I hope your daughter is able to look at herself each and every day and know how special she is. I hope she can find the place where she'll understand that nothing about that night was her doing, and I hope she knows that it's what we do that matters. Men who choose to violate women make that choice for themselves and their victims; often the victim has no choice.

      I was a victim; the choice I made was to keep my children innocent, to NOT allow him to make them victims as well. Your daughter was a victim, but she had no choices; choices were taken away from her. Her choice needs to be to live, and to live happily.