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My ninth Hub: How I wish that Mankind will be Liberated from Ownership and Possession

Updated on August 21, 2015

What is Wrong with the World?

If I will say it is us, we, or Mankind itself. There's nothing Wrong with the World, nor the Whole Universe, haven't you been awed by its Orderliness? But there is still the so called wrath of nature and that I will say its Orderliness was altered and disturbed by mankind.

Mankind has been putting Himself to be the Center of the Universe, "What an ambitious Assumption" a fatal issue that Mankind should at this point must admit his Mistakes or much more than that his Ignorance and disrespect to the Orderliness of the Whole Universe which is such a beauty that mankind appreciated but NEVER UNDERSTAND.

That is because of Mankind's slavery to Ownership and Possession that if possible Owning and Possessing the Stars above is the most idiotic thinking that I wonder when Mankind will realize.

It is like a stupid person thinking that he is sane and looking at the other person who has contrary views as the one who is insane instead.

Ladies and gentlemen.....we are just a Part of the Universe.


When I say...

With ownership and possession there will never be "Love" because it will become Worthless and Nothing.

....Since there is no such thing as "Love" when you expect at all times something in Return.

In this World there is Destruction because of Ownership and Possession but I say only the total Rejection of it will definitely result into a True lasting and Harmonious Life, but unfortunately Mankind will say that I am a fool with these ideas.

Ownership and Possession is what the World of Mankind is all about and beyond that Foolishness and Impossibility.

The stars above and the mighty sun...mother nature is talking and taking the exact opposite, that is you cannot Own and Possess the Air since it is absolutely for all of us for Life and Existence.

"Are we going to hell?" I think we are already here right now and ever since...

"I wish to go to Heaven when I die." I think we can be in Heaven anytime if we just know Exactly how to be There....

Nobody is Perfect because we have to commit a lot of mistakes first and Learn from it....but are you Honest and Sincere enough....

In Life....the only way to be Happy is when you are absolutely Willing to Sacrifice. Because True Happiness is only possible when you will Only Offer Yourself to others than yourself.

This is the World we Live in: Staying alive and better is your exclusive responsibility....

Who and What You Are.....How You Decide and Think....How You React and Make your Decision....are all your own making, so never Blame anyone but Yourself!

In this Life take a Stand and When You are absolutely sure of it, it is then that Moment that you are willing to Die for it.

Man Created a Monster out of Himself that is Ownership and Possession but he himself is ignorant about the Meaning of Existence and it is then too late before he Discovered that he is Swimming Against the Flow of the River and thereby Become a Slave out of his Own Making and Creation.

Life would have been so simple, Mother Nature can Provide All the Needs of Man except his Wants but made it so complicated that He Allowed Himself to be a Slave....How I wish Mankind will One Day Wake Up....and Allow the Impossible become a is Like a Crazy Person Healing himself Back to Sanity.

Only Honest and Truthful People can change their ways...Lifestyle....and don't talk about it please, since You are only doing it in Favor of Yourself.

The older you become....the Smarter, wiser, and intelligent You must be then if is like you are just making a fool out of your Life therefore, one must absolutely value Life because Existence is for a purpose.

Know Yourself very well because you have to TRUST Yourself first before doing it to others.

The Universe is with is with Orderliness and Mankind is for Disorderliness for a Perfect World both must be in Orderliness and the only way to do it is to look at Ourselves and THINK....

It seems that Orderliness and Disorderliness are just a part of Life that destruction and sufferings are all Normal "The thinking that it is just a normal way of life ". Justifying our wrong ways as Acceptable.

If Mother Nature becomes destructive but the only rule is it will just go back to Orderliness but Mankind has never returned to Orderliness because Disorderliness becomes the meaning of his Life seemingly deceived and fooled that it is the rule which makes destruction and wars and sufferings a way of Life.

A Prisoner and Slave of his own thinking so that a person who will attempt to correct it will BECOME THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY because badness becomes right and GOODNESS IS A FUTILITY.

Justifying the impossibility of Man returning to orderliness because the path has been closed like a slave who will never know which doors to open and be able to escape. That is there are no paths or doors whatsoever but it is just all in the mind and THINKING of each of us just a matter of be able to realize about all the madness which are taking place and the only way is for each of us or each individual to Change otherwise and become a part of the Universe which is the way of Orderliness.

The riches person is the one who gives and share but absolutely getting nothing in return while the poorest person is the one who gives and share and getting twice in return.

Righteousness and Wisdom goes together if neither is absent then it will be the false one.

Life is just a school the Good One is at the top of the class while the Bad One are always at the bottom because they refuse to Learn and Study.

It is your Responsibility to Find and Discover your Purpose of Existence that is if you won't do it then your life is a waste and good for nothing.

Life is so Simple just take care of all your needs only and as much as possible keep on trying to Neglect Your Wants.

Life is so simple just Learn to Endure and at all times be humble.

Searching for the Meaning of Existence is everybody's business we are in Trouble because only Few does it.

When you found the Meaning of your Existence everything will be so wonderful and you will feel that the whole universe is embracing you and you will be a part and one with the universe and that you will never fear death because it is only skin deep and physical that is the meaning of existence you discovered never ends with death.

Help: You want to help. Do it without the use of money or anything material.

I cannot help you because you refuse to help yourself....whatever happens....then blame yourself.

Nobody is honest in this world....all are just liars one way or the other...but if you are not honest to yourself then you lost everything.

You are looking and searching for life in the universe when you don't know the true meaning of life.... will never end

What is Life: Life is an Energy a kind of energy from Orderliness to Disorderliness and Disorderliness to Orderliness therefore it cannot be Orderliness to Orderliness and Disorderliness to Disorderliness (note: I am talking of physics here)

Because all things and everything else are interconnected, relative to each other that is the whole universe and Man are just one of the whole thing therefore after the Disorderliness will be absolutely the next is Orderliness and that there is no such thing as Destruction all will just go back to Orderliness up to Infinity and cancels Time t mathematically.

There are only two things in a person. The flesh and bones are to exist for ownership and possession and the other one which is the exact opposite of the flesh and bones and never exist for ownership and possession now you choose which one to take. That is rejecting the the flesh and bones is the truth.

A person who perceive Life as ownership and Possession is the so-called materialistic and will have the thinking that he is the Center of the Universe while the person who is not materialistic will have the thinking that he is Only a Part of the Universe. Now there is no such thing as a little on ownership and possession and some on its exact opposite because the truth is it has to be absolute, that is you have to choose from among the two.

Right now Mankind is in the side of Disorderliness while the whole universe is in Orderliness that is mankind, the one with flesh and bones is the only one in the whole universe so that he will never find a planet similar to earth which is inhabited by beings in the side of Disorderliness.

Who is in Control of our Life? My answer is money and nothing else. who in the World can live without money. How I wish mankind will realize it.

My writings are not for the best of mankind but for the whole universe.

What is True to the Whole Universe should be the same to Mankind but at this very moment Mankind is challenging the truth and therefore a part of Disorderliness in the Whole Universe.which mean Mankind is Directly Against Orderliness in the Whole Universe.

Life should have been so simple but with wants and desire it becomes complicated and troublesome.

Story 1: Once upon a time in an unknown place and time there people once lived where mother nature provided them food from the air and skies; the land; the seas; and the rivers; they have a life, a kind of society where "only mother nature was the sole owner of everything around them" just like all the animals and other life forms other than the human beings where all free to feed themselves from the abundance provided by mother nature "these people don't own anything just like the animals they live for life and not for themselves individually".

Mother nature even provided them where to sleep comfortably there were rains but it was very gentle and the air blowing were music to their airs. There where trees with leaves which were big enough to shelter them from the gentle rains and pleasing hotness of sunlight.

They were told by their ancestors that to be like all creatures on earth from the biggest to the smallest to observe them thoroughly that they shall never be a slave of their wants and desire which is you shall be on guard at all times that is because wants and desire will make you blind and deaf ; animals have no desire and wants so live like them, yet we have wants and desire that is because we are made to be aware what will make us deaf and blind therefore a person who is not deaf and blind knows the true knowledge; with true knowledge you will be able to understand the languages of all the animals from the smallest to the biggest and you will be able to listen to everything around you, you will hear them singing in harmony;

Go to the beach and face the horizon and the only way you can celebrate its beauty is by freeing yourself from wants and desire that is because you will be absolutely honest and sincere to yourself with it you will be swallowed not only by the beauty of the horizon and the might of the sun but everything around you . Mother Nature will become the meaning of your life so that when death comes whether it be painless or not, early or late will never be feared as long as you are absolutely free from wants and desire at the same time honest and sincere to yourself it is the only way you will be the master of yourself and knows exactly the meaning of life death is a celebration because you know you are going back to the source of life even more absolutely free from desire and wants without the flesh and bones.

Grandpa we all understand those concepts that we will "never change the world or universe and the only way is to change ourselves".

His Great Great Great grandfather smiled proudly.

But his grandson wants an answer to his question.

He ask what we will do all the rest of our lives?

His Grandpa answered: Nothing, because mother nature provided us everything and in return we must reciprocate with love and maintain the beauty of nature at all times because it is everything for us we have to protect it.

His Grandson now satisfied he knows that his Great Great Great grandfather is going to die due to old age.

The old man told his grandson look at those stars in the heavens how it feels good that I will be joining those stars shining forever...

As more and more people gather because death for them is a celebration his grandpa is now ready for his joyous is a celebration after a long fulfilled life that death will be another fulfillment.

.....the people around looks unchanged physically from the day they were born until they become older....the hair and skin of the newborn were retained...

End of the story.

It is your responsibility to liberate yourself from ownership and possession because if you cannot I hope you can realize the difference. That is True happiness and Satisfaction will never be achieved in a materialistic society we now have right now. But a few managed to see the difference already and nobody cares anyway all I have to say for those people who are able to perceive it then just enjoy life at the side of the Truth so that hopefully they will multiply that is because they cannot hide it...they are like the shining stars but almost all of mankind is unable to understand what is it all about. Can you imagine if I will say the person who was at least able to liberated himself from ownership and possession is a beggar! A person who owns almost nothing what a stupid idea that is the difference between a sane and insane person with perceptions which is the exact opposite of each other.

Will there be a Happy Beggar ( I may need to write a short story about this) I will say yes it is very much possible that we are living and existing in the same place as what is all us of us describes as hell and heaven! No need to expire your physical body or die....does anyone here knows where we are going when we die? That is will be the easiest question to answer of course the POWER PACK or simply that energy which made us alive and exist will just simply goes back to the one who created it. What a very stupid idea that mankind is trying to duplicate a person or a robot and make it like himself I will say he is really ignorant or a moron "making a duplicate out of himself???. That is when one dies the OMNIPOTENT BEING will not ask you if you are a beggar or a king simply because he does not care about ownership and possession what ever have you been in your existence will just go back to the soil and those earthly existence are all worthless because only stupid people will say I will look for the king or president or emperor in heaven; or I will be joining my wife or husband and live there forever. Existence is not a big joke it has a meaning and purpose. The OMNIPOTENT BEING will be able to judge you in a split second it is LIKE SAYING THE WATER NEVER LIES so the crystal clear water will stay and be LIKE THOSE STARS TO LIGHT THE HEAVENS and the dirty water will go back to this existence we have right now SINCE THIS IS HELL anyway...I wonder those people who loves this existence.

Chapter 2

How do you feel right now? Is it heavy? Is it light? Try to remember your childhood days the skies is all yours to pressures; no hang ups; all of it is just playing and toys (take note that not all children will have that experiences). Now. the differences as you grow older you may be playing basketball and start to better than the others. And then the gown up games you want to be better than others; you want to have what others don't have......are you happy, the answer is no! If you are not an old man or a grandpa try to wonder how would be when you will reach that old age.

Life is not a simple task and absolutely it is not ownership and possession because there are a lot than those, if you reach old age and was not able to discover LIFE per se....I pity you. All of us wanted to happy and satisfied in life but how and where to go will be a matter of personal concern to you that is you may your life-time and ended as an old man with wide and open eyes wondering what went wrong, you what i am talking about is hard to understand to such thing as nonsense and I will see only the humble can see so many things other than what money is all about or ownership and possession.

Having money, you can own what you want and that is it. But you really knew that there are a lot of things other than money and the problem is nobody cares because if you do you will become irrelevant to this materialistic society so what ever you felt as something missing or that mystifying blankness feeling can be set aside by say drinking, parties and the like and wake up the next morning staring at which side your eyes will see upon opening your eyes for the first time right after waking up...something is really missing but you just don't know about those. Then why not try to take look but you don't know what to will be like that until you grew old and missed the most important mystery in Life.

Money is not everything because it is absolutely nothing. As simple as if you will be absolutely preoccupied with money you will lost almost everything about the true meaning of life. Since all of us go to sleep it is the only moment you can feel all the nonsense of money. When you stop thinking of money the feelings of lightness comes along but unfortunately most of us cannot just realize what is it all about. As I've said right now we are in HELL, yes this life is Hell!! But at the same time you can see people exist in heaven because it is also right here all at the same time. The feelings of burning is heavy isn't it it makes you certainly uncomfortable and life is more of a burden, do I have to say more? Now if you care to liberate yourself from being uneasy and transfer to HEAVEN then it is for a start just a matter of advocacy. Just allow yourself to discover more things which is not about money.

Only man is obsessed with ownership and possession while the animals, others from the biggest to the smallest don't have that. WHY!! because they are pre destined which mean the meaning of existence for them was already granted by the Omnipotent Being from the very beginning of existence in other words they are ready made already. But for Man it is not the case because the Omnipotent Being is not playing with existence he has a purpose that is why I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THERE IS NO LIFE EXISTING OTHER THAN THIS PLANET! If you art still interested to get my ideas because if you are not it is your lost not mine.....I pity you for that. Existence its meaning which is should be the greatest TREASURE mankind must be able to Discover. Though of the more than 7 billion individuals on this planet I can see thousands might be having able to sensed it but they prefer to enjoy it among themselves instead as simple as materialistic people do not care about it anyway.

Materialistic people are just too busy with ownership and possession so that when sick days or old age comes I really don't know what I got in mind to describe it in words but it looks like this with open mouth in awe and eyes staring like saying he I cannot move anymore I am having difficulties saying what I want and I doubt if people will still believe I am suddenly become helpless and nobody cares anymore....and I say hey where is your money can it reverse the situations? On the other hand people who really understand will have the courage to accept and at all times ready when that moment comes. And I say only the HUMBLE IS TRULY BRAVE because arrogant people will never understand since it made them blind but the humble sees a lot of things and can feel what he understands that must be enough to enjoy the wonders of life. Being liberated from the bondage or slavery of ownership and possession may be impossible I have to be honest with it but it is really wonderful to feel the beauty of life without it.

What would Life be if mankind will be able to liberate themselves from Ownership and Possession. One big explosion will be the Sharing and Giving without GETTING IN RETURN atmosphere for me that is HEAVEN on earth and how it will happen by simply doing it on each of us it shall start PERSONALLY FROM YOURSELF and you all alone because you have to CHANGE and without HUMILITY OR BEING HUMBLE then it is absolutely impossible I will say again arrogance will make us BLIND. I am talking about which is impossible to happen since you can never do that with the help of anybody else even God.

All our lives will be spent for ownership and possession or at the minimum of owning a house and lot and some cash for the old age moments. I want to talk about this old age moments a kind of a situations when we are done working for our simple basic needs not that we want it but we cannot do anything anymore due to old age and maybe being sickly one way or the other. What kind of life would it be when we cannot do anything it is like being a newborn again where we need other people to take care of us or even at bad times suffering because we don't want what they are doing that helplessness will be a painful fact. That is why we have to work hard for money so as we will be able to pay people to take good care of us. You can tell them what you want or be the dominating person because you are capable of paying them anyway. But instead how about being a good person, being nice to everyone and having the abilities to understand them as of what is expected from an old man who has vast knowledge of LIFE but you have to start it FROM YOURSELF that is instead of spending all your time pursuing ownership and possession do it WITH WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING INSTEAD. If you care then have some time to think about it.

The only couple who experienced LIFE free from ownership and possession was adam and eve. But I say the Omnipotent Being set them free and gave them an OPEN MIND that is to be able to think and do as they welled and these things happened HELL on earth. Because with it selfishness started do I have to say more? If I will interpret the mind of the Omnipotent Being an will just become like any animals and others existing WITHOUT A FREE WELL as simply as we must commit mistakes a trillion times before we could learn that we are all wrong and stop this materialistic society and reversed it right at this moment I am aware that I am talking about impossible and crazy ideas. What I am talking about is a MONEYLESS SOCIETY of selfless people which I believe once existed but was never found other than adam and eve.

In this materialistic society THERE IS POVERTY as far as I am concerned mind you I am not rich and will never wish to be one. If you think YOU ARE POOR THEN IT IS JUST A PERSONAL PROBLEM as simply as because do not rob yourself of YOUR SELF RESPECT poverty is only AN ACCOUNTING PROBLEM never a LIFE PROBLEM. SO, HEAD STRAIGHT LOOK AHEAD AND BE PROUD OF YOURSELF EVEN YOU DRESS LIKE A BEGGAR. You know why as long as you have the wisdom and understanding you can still live decently and healthy because this world belongs to the humble and never to those proud and rich the Omnipotent Being will TAKE CARE OF YOU HE WILL NOT LEAVE You will be assured of a sound sleep everynight food are abundant everywhere though the rich and wealthy don't eat them and do what will please the Omnipotent Being and NEVER DO WHAT WILL PLEASE YOU PERSONALLY.

If you don't own or possess anything then in this materialistic society you will be the so-called poor now if you are materialistic then that will be a distress to you in a way you are being killed far as I am concerned then go ahead kill yourself! Because you have yourself only to blame. On the other hand if you are not materialistic then that does not matter at all. BEING POOR THEN YOU WILL BE LIKE THE BIRDS FREE THEY CAN FLY ANYWHERE THEY WANT AND IF THEY DIE NOBODY IS GOING TO CRY FOR THEM SINCE THEY HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE ANYWAY. Liberated means freedom from all the burdens of this kind of materialistic existence. NOw, WHAT DO YOU FEEL IF NOTHING THEN I PITY YOU.

STOP BEING MATERIALISTIC that is a good start to Liberate Yourself what will you get out of it! You can enjoy all the CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING though mother nature is being destroyed by man even since adam and eve was given free well. At least as you go deeper you will have an insight of what paradise should look like it was only adam and eve who enjoyed them momentarily. I hope at least you can realize the differences between heaven and hell since both of it are just right here though PEOPLE ARE TRYING HARD TO MISLEAD YOU, US AND THOSE WHO ARE TALKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SURE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Will you start liberating yourself from ownership and possession....don't be afraid MOTHER NATURE WAS CREATED TO FEED YOU. Look at the creatures other than man, you too can do the same. BEING ABLE TO FREE YOUR MIND FROM THOSE SLEEP WILL BE A VERY EXCITING AND ENJOYABLE ACTIVITY FOR YOU.

So many stories about people who lost their wealth and committed suicide that is they do not know how to live without money the fear of losing your friends and family and most of all the luxuries you used to enjoy and having nothing to eat. I was once tempted to write about the STORY OF A HAPPY BEGGAR AND MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET THE ATTENTION OF ANYONE THAT A PERSON WHO IS A BEGGAR CAN STILL BE TRULY HAPPY AND SATISFIED IN LIFE THOUGH HOMELESS AND FEEDING FROM PEOPLE WHO IS NOT INTERESTED TO GET SOMETHING FROM HIM OF COURSE HE HAS NOTHING AND WORTHLESS anyway. If all of us will become a beggar we might be able to create a DIFFERENT WORLD.

There will be a time when OUR SCHOOL will just teach us how to read and write and generally having the abilities to communicate and the next phase will be to understand Life in general, such as the purpose of our existence but before that TO DISCOVER OURSELVES that is to love and respect our person treasure it because it is a GIFT OF LIFE FROM THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. Then to take good care everything around us that is the mother nature never to alter them because all of it are PERFECT IT HAS EVERYTHING WE NEED how I wish that one day MANKIND WILL COME TO THAT REALIZATION. No more buildings or mansions. Adam and Eve really existed and it is one way of showing us how LIFE SHOULD HAVE BEEN the paradise they once lived in. And the Omnipotent Being is only teaching us REALIZE AND LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES AND NOT TO BE UNDER HIS POWER BLINDLY or becoming stupid and crazy just because of the assumption that it PLEASES A CERTAIN GOD.

We all know what is the most important things in our lives but we prefer to neglect and ignore them because it cannot fill our stomach and satisfy our wants you know we will have a kind of Life in Fear and anxieties of which is generally just our own makings and we cannot blame anybody except ourselves. Our Religion taught us of the existence of a God but our attitudes and perception remains the same this materialistic existence is actually destroying us but it seems we cannot liberate ourselves again because of the fears and insecurities that we will end up with an empty pocket even it will result to SLEEP PROBLEMS. Why not try to make a difference in this life STOP STRIVING FOR MONEY INSTEAD CHANGE THAT ATTITUDES and stop those WANTS so that at least you will have a meaning of Life not based on ownership and possession BECAUSE YOUR GREATEST POSSESSION WILL BE YOUR SELF and I will say THE OMNIPOTENT BEING IS JUST THERE BESIDES YOU just be with him AND NOT JOINING A RELIGION INSTEAD HAVE THIRST FOR WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING WHICH WILL LEAD YOU TO THE TRUTH

If you own and possessed nothing then who are you? Here's the point though it is IMPOSSIBLE IN THE VIEWPOINT OF ECONOMICS but I will say it will be different then if I am not interested on anything about ownership and possession and that means I am not a materialistic person, a kind of person who pursuit ownership and possession all his life and will only stop when in old age or in his sickbed and with eyes wide open WHERE ARE ALL THESE THINGS I WORK HARD FOR BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE YOUR HANDS EMPTY. And instead IF YOU PURSUIT WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING ALL THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE AND SAY HERE IN MY SICKBED so what! I KNOW....I KNOW....WHEN I AM GOING TO DIE I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM GOING TO GO JUST GETTING RID OF THIS BODY AND BECOME ME THE REAL ME....THE REAL ME NOT EARTHLY. A man with WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING THEN I WILL SAY "WELCOME DEATH" AND WHAT IS NEXT TO IT HAVE ANOTHER LIFE AND GET MORE AND MORE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING UNTIL I AM ABLE TO UNDERSTAND ALL THE CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING.

Life is a decision that is you either pursuit ownership and possession intensively or at the same time SEARCH FOR THE MEANING BY SEEKING WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. Since the situations looks like this we are in a materialistic society so there is nothing we can do about it but if you are now in a level which you perceived something is wrong but being in a materialistic society you have to work and earn a living now the decision and you shall see wealth is not everything and money is absolutely nothing RESULTING YOU TO BECOME NO LONGER MATERIALISTIC which is a CHANGE in attitudes.It is a good start then to liberate your self from ownership and possession.

As far as I am concerned one must not stop studying it is just all up to you which will interest you but the more things, topics, others or those around you and also regarding your person, that is your personal perceptions of life since it has to keep on changing as you grow older that means your brains must go with your age and make sure you must not deteriorate whatsoever. therefore for me as an extremely large matter for studies but OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM BECAUSE YOU MUST BE ABLE TO LEARN ALL BY YOURSELF. Seek wisdom and understanding such that ONE WAY OR THE OTHER YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE WAYS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING THAT MEANS RELIGION IS AN HINDRANCE TO LEARNING ABOUT LIFE THEREFORE I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE TIED BY IT AND MUST MAINTAIN ABSOLUTE FREEDOM THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. And I can say before I reached the age of 50 I discovered THE BEST THING TO BE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE IS BY AT ALL TIMES PUTTING YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND being HUMBLE really matters a lot maybe because your head will LOOK AT THE ABOVE and not LOOKING BELOW. I also learned that of all THOSE WHO HAS LIFE ON EARTH ONLY MAN IS OBSESSED WITH OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION AND HE HAS PROBLEMS FINDING AND UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE MEANING OF HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION AND I WILL SAY WITH CONFIDENCE HAS SLEEP PROBLEMS WHILE i ALWAYS ENJOY MY SLEEP HONESTLY I'M PROUD TO BRAG ABOUT IT.

Selfishness and ownership and possession because it is an obsession it is in such a way that you are depriving others a kind of attitudes which you do not care about the needs of others. So you have the nerve to happy or satisfied in Life while others are deprived of their needs due to your decisions or intentions you do not have the capability to GIVE WAY IN FAVOR OF THE OTHERS. i am referring to a situations when one is directly in contact with each other. Since the proper attitudes should be even though you allowed others to have it instead of it going to you IT WILL FEEL BETTER AND MAKES YOU HAPPY WATCHING THEM. What is wrong with obsession is you want to get it no matter what the stakes are even to the point other people gets hurt or even killed out of the process. Watch the dogs and all the rest of the animals they do not care about ownership and possession. What I am trying to point out is it is just enough to have a little and that is enough to make you happy and satisfied a simple lifestyle matters.

We all want (WANTS) wealth or becoming rich therefore a afraid of POVERTY which is hunger and most of all DISRESPECTED what a horrible Life indeed.On the other hand obsession to ownership and possession can be a worst case because you don't care of others just to get what you want (WANTS). I have to remind you the Omnipotent Being did not CREATE POVERTY so it is man's. What he WANTS or created is SHARING AND GIVING How I wish to receive a GIFT FROM A POOR PERSON. A SIMPLE IDEA BECAUSE ALL OF US CAN SHARE AND GIVE NO MATTER HOW POOR(as what you want to think about) YOU ARE. Riches cannot gave you the SELF RESPECT because it all boils down to you therefore get rid of that mentality and instead search for the MEANING OF LIFE, YOU HAVE TO GO CLOSER TO THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WHO CREATED YOU ON PURPOSE AND ABSOLUTELY WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BE HUMBLE AND CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES EVERY TIME YOU LEARN OR DISCOVER ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE. It will be only your PERSONAL ENDEAVOR AND NOT JOINING A RELIGION BECAUSE IT CANNOT HELP TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES WHICH IS YOU RESPONSIBILITY PERSONALLY.


Whether you liked it or not EVERYTHING YOU SEE OR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED BY SOMEBODY BECAUSE IF NOT THEN THERE WILL BE DISORDERLINESS AND SOMEBODY MUST HAVE CREATED EVERYTHING AND PUT THEM INTO ORDERLINESS what I can say, ONLY MORON WILL SAY THAT ORDERLINESS HAPPENED BY COINCIDENCE OR ACCIDENTS BECAUSE WHETHER YOU LIKED IT OR NOT THERE WILL BE TWO THINGS ONLY AGAIN ORDERLINESS AND DISORDERLINESS therefore if somebody or something or any circumstances will CAUSE DISORDERLINESS THEN IT HAS TO GO BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL FORM WHICH IS ORDERLINESS AND THAT IS BECAUSE THERE IS AN OMNIPOTENT BEING MANAGING IT. Now the WHOLE UNIVERSE IS THEREFORE A BIG CONTAINER OF WHICH OUTSIDE OF IT IS DISORDERLINESS. Do I need to write an equations for it and I choose to use words instead because it will never have a materialistic value at all you cannot own nor possess it and use it because there is an Omnipotent Being who is behind all of these. Right now Man is the cause of DISORDERLINESS and I say he is destroying the planet earth and is responsible for all the garbage outside our atmosphere I will say the Omnipotent Being expects that ever since. He is just waiting when man will be able to LIBERATE HIMSELF FROM OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION.

Because of ownership and possession there is poverty but I will say the person who is unable to see what are those beyond ownership and possession is even worst than poverty because you will missed the beauty of the UNIVERSE OF WHICH THE OMNIPOTENT BEING CREATED SPECIALLY FOR US, he cannot see and feel his love. That is if you are having hunger in your mind then Life will never be A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU for it is not LUXURIES IN LIFE MATTERS but instead IN POVERTY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT LIFE. Which is something that when in a situations that you don't even have food for the family but if ever you have the wisdom and understanding you can have the opportunities to experience beyond ownership and possession. But not all poor people are like that since there is also ANGER IN POVERTY and that is a worst will never be able to REALIZE AND LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT LIFE.

I won't deny it religion is a part of our life. But it is a fact RELIGION WAS AND EVER SINCE UNABLE TO CHANGE MANKIND that is something happened such that it just becomes a part of our materialistic society. You may religion being manipulated and people just allowed themselves to be dictated or FOOLED. A matter of Religion being used by mankind not for good but according to what he WANTS. If I will say I no longer care about religion that may make me an outcast to this society which is not something WE ARE USED TO THINK ABOUT MAYBE A KIND OF WEIRD. But I am proud to say right now I AM STANDING STRAIGHT AND KNOWS ABSOLUTELY WHAT I AM DOING. Therefore I am in a materialistic society right now but I am talking about the opposite. WILL YOU LIBERATE YOUR SELF FROM POVERTY BECAUSE IT IS JUST A RESULT OF THIS MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY SINCE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POVERTY! JUST CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES! There is always a way to CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION OR I SAY TO LOOK AT IT IN A DIFFERENT WAY SINCE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LIBERATE YOUR SELF FROM IT and no one else even the Omnipotent Being can help you.

There are so many things you should consider in life and it must not be ownership and possession only because once you focus your whole lifetime to it then it is what I call as HELL right here in your lifetime. Therefore to be OPEN MINDED means you must have the ability to perceive other than this materialistic society it is not to LOCK YOUR SELF TO ONE POINT ONLY AND OPEN MINDEDNESS MEANS BEING INTELLIGENT and not or never to be religious have you wondered that what else is better than religion ACTUALLY IT DID NOT CHANGE OUR ATTITUDES there must be A PERSONAL CRUSADES FOR CHANGE NOT THE WORLD WE NOW EXIST IN BUT TAKE A TRY TO LOOK AT YOUR SELF AND CONSIDER HAVING TIME WITH YOUR SELF ALONE AND THINK WHAT IS GOING ON....

Even a beggar owns and possess something therefore all of us will be so simply because we are in a materialistic society so that if only a portion or a few who are able to more or less liberate themselves from ownership and possession will be already in the BOUNDARY OF KNOWING THE TWO WORLDS OF EXISTENCE, or the world of make believe which is only those I can see and touch is the real one while those you cannot see and touch must be doubtful but yet you cannot deny it IT IS THERE....SOMETHING IS THERE....YOU CAN FEEL IT BUT YOU ARE ONLY IGNORING AND IF NOT REJECTING IT. Wants in life can be neglected though our basic needs is also important but there is A GREAT NEED WE HAVE TO CONSIDER. KNOWING THE MEANING OF OUR EXISTENCE AS A HUMAN BEING WILL MAKE A DIFFERENT WORLD. Also you have to consider the meaning of existence is not FOR A SINGLE OR INDIVIDUAL ONLY IT IS FOR THE WHOLE MANKIND BUT IT WILL JUST START TO A FEW PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND.

Only you your self is RESPONSIBLE TO YOUR SELF and only you can LIBERATE YOUR SELF FROM OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION. From the riches and wealthiest to the poorest down to a beggar is a slave of ownership and possession. How to do it then??? Do not use or join a religion yes you can go to a place of worship but ever since it has not helped mankind at all. JUST CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES THE SPECIFICS OF THAT ACTIVITIES WILL IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW because all of us HAS BEEN PRE PROGRAMMED BY OUR CREATOR it is like A LITTLE BOY GOING HOME AFTER ROAMING AROUND ASTRAY AND LOST AND HAS LEARNED TO ACCEPT HIS MISTAKES AND WRONG DOINGS. The problems are DO YOU HAVE THAT COURAGE AND ABOVE THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING FOR I WILL TELL YOU A PERSON WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ AND WRITE OR UNSCHOOLED CAN DO IT!!! It follows that our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IS NOT FOR THE TRUTH...DO I HAVE TO SAY MORE...

This is about how man will be liberated from ownership and possession for an economist these discussions are crazy and stupid because in a materialistic society these things must be IMPOSSIBLE. Since it is like this, CHANGING ONE'S ATTITUDES FROM BEING ARROGANT TO BEING HUMBLE I hope that is easier to understand then.As far as I am concerned IF YOU ARE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES FROM ARROGANCE TO BEING HUMBLE THAT SUGGEST A GREAT WORK ON YOUR PART if not an ACCIDENT HAPPENED AND YOU ARE NOW SITTING ON A WHEELCHAIR WAITING FOR YOUR EXPIRATION (my way of saying of death). Again LIBERATING YOUR SELF IS THEREFORE YOU OWN RESPONSIBILITY NOT THROUGH A RELIGION WHATSOEVER. Each of us will do that and we will MEET SOMEWHERE ELSE AND WILL EVENTUALLY CREATE A NEW WORLD WHICH HAS BEEN THE DESIGNS OF OUR CREATOR.

POVERTY it is so only in a materialistic world and if you will ask what are the differences between a rich or wealthy person and the poor MY ANSWER IS NOTHING!!!! Whether you are rich or poor it will be the same because you all get sick EITHER MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY however if you are poor and yet suffering physically one is hunger and also mentally then WELCOME TO HELL and if you are rich yet SUFFERING MENTALLY THAT IS LIFE THERE IS NO OTHER MEANS YOU CAN CHANGE IT that is your wealth will be useless. IF YOU ARE POOR DON'T BLAME ANYBODY TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF. The Omnipotent Being MADE SURE NOBODY GETS HUNGRY FOOD ARE JUST EVERYWHERE AND IF YOU ARE IGNORING THEM THEN THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM since it is all matter of DISCOVERING THEM thinking that those will not be delicious because the rich are not eating them..... all I can say is food are everywhere JUST CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES TAKE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. The rich are helping the poor but WHAT ARE BEING GIVEN WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT SOLVE POVERTY. Simply because the rich and the poor DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE. IN THIS LIFE AGAIN!!!! ALL THAT MATTERS IS WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING....DISCOVER YOUR SELF IF YOU DID THEN DO SOME MORE.

If you only can stop thinking about ownership and possession and do something else instead but has already UNDERSTAND what is it all about at the same time then I will say, YOU ARE ALREADY LOOKING AT THE PATH TOWARDS HEAVEN. BUT IF YOU ONLY UNDERSTAND! We are in SITUATIONS WHICH WE CANNOT because whether we liked it or not we are in a MAN MADE materialistic society. I will tell you my situations right now since we are in the same situations I CAN SEE TO WORLDS AND I AM LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW! Yes we are in a materialistic society BUT OUR MINDS...OUR UNDERSTANDING CAN JUST GO ANYWHERE WE WANT IT.Majority of the people in the world are in a POVERTY SITUATIONS BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE COMMON GROUND TO ALL OF US AND THAT IS THE !!!!MIND!!!! ALL THAT MATTERS ARE !!!!YOUR BRAINS!!!! I will say again, if you only can stop thinking about ownership and possession AND BE A MASTER OF YOUR SELF then you must be on the way towards the path of LIBERATING YOUR SELF FROM IT. Right now if you are SUFFERING AND DESPERATE AND ALSO ANGRY BECAUSE OF POVERTY I will say IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND THEN CHANGE IT....religion is not the relief to ease the stresses and pressure....all the angst and pains but WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING only you and nobody else can LIBERATE YOUR SELF FROM POVERTY WHATEVER IS YOUR STATE RIGHT NOW....YOUR MIND...YOUR THINKING...YOUR BRAINS AND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE ONLY AND ONLY IF!!!!! YOU HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE PURPOSE OF HIS CREATIONS OF WHICH YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

We are all a SLAVE of ownership and possession that is the fault of man a victim of his own arrogance and ignorance. It is like an idiot who do not know what is going on and WHEN MAN WILL BE ABLE TO FIND OUT THAT HE IS AN IDIOT AND STUPID???? Then I say that must be ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE since it is extremely at this point WHICH MAN ACCEPTING THAT HE IS STUPID AND AN IDIOT????? Hopefully deep inside them the admissions are there but BEING RIDICULED BY OTHERS TO ADMIT SUCH MUST BE UNBEARABLE AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME yet one person cannot do it he needs a companion....he cannot do it alone...imagine ADMITTING THAT YOU ARE A FOOL???? I suggest you do it silently no need to talk about it JUST DO IT AND ENJOY IT. STOP THINKING ABOUT OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION and due to it there is the RICH AND THE POOR. Specially if you are on the side of poverty then stop thinking about those and IMMEDIATELY YOU CAN SAY POVERTY IS ONLY AN OPINION OR IDEAS your wealth SHALL BE DEEP WITH IN YOU UNSEEN JUST DISCOVER THEM AND LEARN. Likewise if you are rich then stop thinking of becoming richer or accumulating more wealth. It is all up to you THIS LIFE MUST BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Ok this is the Gift Giving seasons and all I want is IM MATERIAL it will be very unfortunate on you if you cannot understand me. That is give me something which money cannot buy and I am very much aware that in this materialistic society it cannot exist whatsoever. Man then shall explore some more and liberate themselves from ownership and possession but you have to do it INDIVIDUALLY and being in group or doing it together. For in a religion you go worshiping with a priest or a pastor or what....preaching yes it is good but after that you will be GOING BACK TO WHAT YOU USED TO DO therefore NO LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING TOOK PLACE WHATSOEVER those are the realities in this materialistic existence but WHY NOT TRY THE OPPOSITE OF IT BUT DO YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO UNDERSTAND?? It is like saying our world right now is in trouble and it has never been better ever since WHY NOT DO SOMETHING INSTEAD......LET'S SHARE KNOWLEDGE INSTEAD OF GIFTS.

In this case you are going to Liberate Your Self from ownership and possession it will be your SOLE responsibility not even God or your religion can do anything on this. That is why I say hell or heaven IS NOT EXISTING it is ABSOLUTELY A MAN MADE NOTION OR THINKING. You will be spending all your life in the furnace of hell that still will be impossible for you to understand and what will do in heaven or how heaven looks like in the eyes of a materialistic person WILL THERE BE ANY DIFFERENCES? Do I have to say more....For religion says there is a God then no problems with me. But how to RELATE LIFE WITH RELIGION THEN THAT IS WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE ALL ABOUT. Since God or religion cannot save us FROM OUR OWN INSANITY, FOOLISHNESS, BEING ARROGANCE, AND BEING CRAZY OR AN IDIOT. are an idiot. What made you say that? For you are an idiot also.WHICH WAY YOU GO I prefer to keep my mouth shut with that kind of arguments because when one is an idiot so he must be arrogant and talking to a BLIND MAN OR CLOSE MIND MUST BE WORTHLESS. Only the person concern can make himself awake and open his eyes since if he won't it would be like committing suicide. STOP THINKING ABOUT HEAVEN OR HELL OPEN YOUR EYES INSTEAD AND TAKE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING it must be extremely difficult to start AT FIRST but you must endure and be persistent with it because the REWARDS OF YOUR ENDEAVOR IS SURELY FOR A LIFETIME AND YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING GREAT TO SHARE.....IT IS PRICELESS.


What will you LIBERATE? It is not your physical self whatsoever BUT YOUR MIND ownership and possession is what this materialistic society is made of. If you are suffering from poverty I say get rid of it from your mind and say HUNGER IS ONLY SKIN DEEP...IT IS ONLY THE PHYSICAL BODY AND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU ....TO US. If you are poor then don't be angry and desperate because if you allow your self to be like that THEN YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF A PRISONER OF YOUR OWN STUPIDITY. instead be HUMBLE and it is a good start to KINDNESS, NEXT IS PATIENCE, AND A CLEAR MIND SO AS EVERY PEOPLE YOU MEET WILL LIKEWISE BE KIND AS WELL I repeat if you are angry and desperate then the others,,,people will do the same to you. Food are abundant...they are just everywhere if YOU WILL HAVE KINDNESS IN YOUR PERSON...ONLY YOU COULD LIBERATE YOUR SELF.....

We are in a materialistic society but not everybody are enjoying owning or possessing something so as so many are in dire poverty but how many out of them WHO DON'T CARE AT ALL IF THEY ARE POOR!! I can say that you do not need to FULL YOUR STOMACH TO ADDRESS YOU HUNGER?? Just a matter of having a certain knowledge of PROPER NUTRITION though may not be PERFECT AT ALL but it is not everything there are so many things you need to consider and be concern about. What else DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! Because without ownership and possession LIFE WILL STILL GO ON simply because it is MAN MADE and not Divine at all and will never be JUST DECLARE MY LIFE IS A GIFT FROM MY CREATOR AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!BUT!!! you have to say it to Your Self silently and humbly because it is a PERSONAL DECISION and with it you must accept and be willing to sacrifice BY BEING HUMBLE at all times so that if you become arrogant then it will be like being A TRAITOR TO THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. You can do it by EXPANDING YOUR UNDERSTANDING ABOUT LIFE AND NEVER THINK!! ANYMORE ABOUT WEALTH or be associated with people who are running after it what I am talking about is DIFFERENT FROM DOING THESE WHOLE THINGS IN REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. You will be left all ALONE AND ALWAYS REMEMBER SELF RESPECT COMES NOT IN WHAT YOU ARE WEARING OR GENERALLY YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE BUT INSIDE AND MOST SPECIALLY OTHERS CAN EASILY SEE IT IN YOUR EYES.

If you happen to REALIZE that being materialistic is not good but the situations calls us to be materialistic BECAUSE WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING what happens then keep that REALIZATION to your self which is ownership and possession is not everything in Life. Therefore you will be an individual who is able to PERCEIVED THE TWO SIDES OF EXISTENCE. Then you will endeavor more on IM MATERIALISTIC MATTERS RATHER THAN BE OBSESSIVE TO RICHES AND WEALTH and at least might be able to influence others because you are a different person, such as "when you are able to FIND A LOST ITEM WHICH COST MILLIONS you will never hesitate to return it to its rightful owner and you will reason that "it is just money" and it don't belong to you". Somewhat a good inspirations to others. And those people who loves the environment the so-called "environmentalist" who protects them. It is just a matter of UNDERSTANDING the exact knowledge and RECOGNIZING OUR FEELINGS in which when it is GOOD AND RIGHT THEREFORE IT MUST FEEL GOOD AND FULFILLING.

Are we living in an illusion? Actually this is not something out of anyone's imaginations these are REALITIES OF LIFE. If you are a person you cannot do according to what you want and it is only possible in your wild dreams. Since considering the History of mankind we have settled with MONEY as the best ways to manage our society of which the results there must be poverty then the assumption they must be unwise or lazy and the rich and wealthy the best ones but as far as I am concerned THE REAL ONES WHO IS HONEST AND HUMBLE can be rich or poor and those who are arrogant must be the bad men. But Life is not THAT SIMPLE AFTERALL Society is a group of people and in such a way must be managed but can never be PERFECT so as all these "cruel events in the history of mankind seemed will never end and becomes the ACCEPTED REALITIES OF LIFE. Then here I am the CRAZY MAN saying that is not so. Again I have to quote an economist and my ideas of mankind be able to liberate himself from ownership and possession is IMPOSSIBLE. That suggest the PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE AND THE CREATOR BEHIND THESE THINGS IS ALSO CRAZY!!! And I am not alone with this thinking....I am not the originator of these ideas there must be so many of them BUT WERE JUST IGNORED AND NEGLECTED BECAUSE THEY WERE CRAZY.and Man who is RELIGIOUS....PRAYS TO A GOD SO ON AND SO FORTH, THAT IS PRAYING FOR PEACE AND HARMONY AND THEN GOING TO HEAVEN WITH NO MORE HUNGER AND TEARS BECAUSE IN HEAVEN IS A WAY TO ESCAPE FROM THIS CRAZY LIFE. I say, that is MAN'S GREATEST STUPIDITY AND IDIOTIC PERCEPTIONS. All we have TO DO IS TO CHANGE YOUR MIND...CHANGE YOUR THINKING AND DO IT ALONE LOOK AT YOUR SELF IT IS NOT MADE OF FLESH AND BONES ONLY SO HOW ABOUT BEING CRAZY TO FIND IT OUT YOURSELF.


We all live in this materialistic world either rich or poor so that it will be impossible not to be materialistic if not you should be crazy. But there are people who has no choice whatsoever which was driven into a situations that they almost owned nothing except for some clothing and other little things they even have to beg.But in their minds is the same as anybody else there is no satisfaction when you don't own and possess anything therefore Life cannot be possible without ownership and possession which mean neither rich nor poor they have similar mentality. I wonder if I can only see a few of a million of poor people on earth who has been SATISFIED AND HAPPY IN LIFE THOUGH LIVING IN DIRE POVERTY that must be a crazy idea yet it is not impossible and it can happen. It will only be possible if you are able to REALIZE THAT THE GREATEST POSSESSION YOU GOT IS YOUR SELF AND MADE STRONG BECAUSE YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS LIFE. WHATEVER STATE YOU MAYBE PHYSICALLY BUT WHAT MATTERS IS INSIDE AND WITHIN YOU. You have the confidence to face anyone with your self respect intact because you are absolutely sure what YOU WANT IN LIFE AND THAT IS NOT OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION BUT JUST BEING YOU AS A HUMAN BEING. WITH THAT UNDERSTANDING YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HUNGER AND ANGUISH IN YOUR FEELINGS and I am absolutely sure that THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO AT LEAST ONE WAY OR ANOTHER REACH THAT LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING BUT WE TEND NOT TO CARE FOR THEM SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ARE UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND. Poverty is not the problem in this materialistic world but THE UNDERSTANDING AND REALIZATION which is also the purpose of our existence which is not TO BE GREAT WITH WEALTH BUT WITH NOTHING.

The thinking that you already have everything in Life and the expectations of Satisfaction and happiness out of it yet the ignorance of what is really happiness and satisfaction in Life one will never attain it because the feelings of EMPTINESS OR SOMEWHAT THAT ONE'S LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE LIKE SOMETHING IS LACKING will be hounding you. On the other hand a poor man will always wish for more money with the same expectations that therefore suggest either rich or poor the mentality is the same. It is like A PERSON KNOCKING AT THE WRONG DOOR. Whoever you are rich, poor, sick or sickly WHAT MATTERS SHALL BE YOUR THINKING AND PERCEPTIONS YOU MUST BE ABLE TO REALIZE THAT HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION.Whether you liked it or not We were Created by a Creator for a purpose IT WILL ALWAYS STARTS WITH YOU CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDES and has to accept that it will be a PERSONAL DECISION NOT THROUGH A RELIGION OF SORTS BECAUSE IT CANNOT HELP YOU it is YOU WHO MUST HELP YOUR SELF ONLY AND AFTER THAT UNDERSTANDING SHALL START.

Being materialistic will mean your being dependent on certain luxuries but if you are wealthy or rich then your life style will be almost luxuries so that you do not have to exert personally in your day to day life. That is a poor man's life must be harder taking note of the differences of how these types of people perceived life. The point is being dependent could make you weak as the Life or the kind of existence we supposed to be created on purpose Shall not be Dependent but you must be able to do it yourself. Because ownership and possession or wealth I consider just a superficial perceptions of Life Attained it will never go Deeper or Within You As a Person resulting to a weak personality and dependency on other's efforts because all you have to do is pay them yet you are unable to do it if you lose your wealth......THINK!!!

Nobody will work hard for nothing he must be paid mainly or almost always with money and if not its equivalent Therefore if I will work har for others or for the sake of others and Get Paid with "Good Feelings" .......Lightness Feelings"......Because I made others Happy that then will be a Great Crazy will ever Understand of course course! What Joy is to see that I made Others Happy there is no Words Available to Describe y Feelings of Happiness but one thing must be certain I shall do it again and again to Make Others Happy Without Getting Something in Return if I am talking like I'm an alien. You don' t have to cut the trees to build roads, buildings, and houses.......remember Adam and Eve in paradise Everything were Provided. How about that to think about. It is you who dug your own made Hell and is killing himself the Omnipotent Being knows that no need to create Another world for punishment.

Can you Live without Ownership and Possession my answer to that is yes but the economist will say it is impossible and in my own Opinion the economist concerned will silently comment on it as a crazy idea and I won't be surprised with it as far as based on human nature that existence for centuries of human existence which is just within the logic, analytics, semantics, and others of man since he cannot consider anything else beyond those which are beyond the senses of an ordinary ordinary human being. Have you wondered WHY our Creator or Omnipotent Being choose to not to mingle and is invincible to us???? We are not yet Capable to perceive or to Understand His Ways, we lack the Wisdom and Understanding though we got Brains but arrogance made us stupid!!! Talking of Human Nature???? Are you a Master of Your Self? Do I have to say more? That I need to present proofs of mankind Not in Total Control of Himself. Are you willing to ACCEPT it!!!! Then it must be man's stupidity and not Human Nature as basis or Fact, man's Inability and Weaknesses instead. The Problems are in us get rid of ownership and possession so Poverty will no longer be an issue.

How Life would be if we are not Materialistic? It means no more obsession for ownership and possession, actually I have a problem with this discussions....that is I have to remind my readers if not weird is difficult to UNDERSTAND but I don't care. A kind of a situation when money is no longer needed that is people work and produce for others without getting something in return and Obtain Happiness and Satisfaction out of this possible?? If you say YES that means there will be no more hope for us (mankind) to CHANGE our Attitudes and Perceptions but I say We were Created for that PURPOSE! It is all Up to Us as individuals.

Just look around you, will you? Since more likely we are all living and doing our day to day activities with and the less we could make observations on I mean other than human beings are the dogs or cats mainly as a pet and those otherwise as well. The point is these lowly animals looks contented with their Life what I can say as "the meaning of their existence seemed pre-set or pre-programmed by our Creator we may look at them like that generally..."I am a dog and this is my life nothing more or less that is an exact perception" compared to Man who has the decision and this is it right now we decided "Against" what is supposedly the Purpose of our Existence according to our Creator so the results our Life is full of I have to say more? I say, we live this Life and word hard to own a house and lot then to possess a car and luxuries so on and so forth BUT that is ?wrong? Because the Purpose of Existence is not and will never be Ownership and see you are awed now because you do not understand what I am discussing about....YES there is something beyond Ownership and Possession and I say it is Your Responsibility to find is a Search Worth in Our Lifetime...we are all Created for a Purpose!

The Story or depends on how you look at it but as far as I am concerned Adam and Eve and their Life with our Creator Must be taken SERIOUSLY is there Ownership and Possession in their Life and Existence? Until the Apple eating thing. Does PARADISE mean a Forest??? With everything provided but NEEDS only and no Wants whatsoever because it will pertain to ownership and possession on that basis the Purpose Of Our Existence must be the exact opposite of what we are doing now of which shall I SAY is right now WE ARE IN HELL!!! Made by man not from our Creator that purgatory or hell ideas is a pure nonsense Man is not to be punished or tormented but To Change since if you cannot you are a SLAVE of your Whims and not in Total Control of Your be Humble is not easy but if you are able to do it once in a while then that must be good enough.

Once I obtained my own house and lot I felt some sort of pride and happiness though it is just an ordinary concrete house but with my future secured it is worth is the satisfaction coming from ownership and possession and I knew very well that it is not the TRUE Happiness and satisfaction that is because I am existing in a materialistic society and CANNOT forced what I perceived and understand therefore at least I am not a slave of it in a small way I did liberate my self from it resulting to the ability to control if not eliminate my whims and caprices, wants and desires in other words I don't have vices BUT I may say I am not the perfect guy and I will never claim it....the purpose of our Existence is for the Truth I will spend my whole Lifetime for it. I wish you do the same.

If you have an empty stomach and owned and possessed almost none I will say SO, What! Because it is not everything whatsoever. Instead take it as a challenged I will say, happiness and satisfaction is very much possible actually as far as I am concerned it may even make Life more exciting....with poverty do not use it as an excuse to commit crimes if not being miserable and hopeless because all of us comes from One Creator He has a Purpose for it and so each of us He Created to exist in this Life for a Purpose and I say, wealth and being rich is even an obstruction or hindrance to search for that PURPOSE.....that is if you care!!! I know I am not talking about a like able topic remember we are only given one LIFETIME perhaps you could at least attain a certain level of REALIZATION this is not about maturity and religion. Life is not easy and simple But you blame your Self instead.

We are in a materialistic society that means majority are suffering from poverty hence needs help fortunately there are people who are helping but in their terms which the poor has no choice but to accept anything since they have no I have to say more? In a situations that not all or everybody of the poor will get the right or proper help they really need that is because one or anybody could be a victim of poverty such as from being a middle class or even rich suddenly you willi find yourself a poor man therefore poverty is only a certain measure of ownership and possession and losing them will definitely makes you a poor person. And I say the best thing to do in this LIFE SITUATIONS know or understand to be HUMBLE if you made mistakes then Accept and Learn I say poverty should not be the reasons you become or be involved in any crimes whatsoever, vices, etc. have wisdom and understanding and STOP being miserable and desperate all of us was Created by a Creator for a Purpose therefore poverty will never be a hindrance so, Be Poor but live in Dignity and Integrity instead liberate Your Self from Ownership and Possession take the Purpose of Existence and look for the Omnipotent Being deep or within you.....simply have a Purpose of Existence that is all that matters in this Life. I say Poverty shall never be a problem because it is the problem of this materialistic society and you are just one of its victims but our Creator Loves you....only if you care.

In a materialistic society there will be the rich and the poor so that, the rich may one day becomes poor and the poor rich......vice versa. You may call it as becoming rich can be due to one's skills or ability and the poor must be the weaker or lousy one.....I wonder being rich sometimes will be boring and in poverty might be full of see these crazy situations in this materialistic society.Discovering the Purpose of our Existence does not require you to be rich nor poor since it takes so many things to establish the RELATIONSHIP with our Creator such that being rich or poor will be no longer significant in this Life because you STOP working to become rich if you are poor and to be richer if you are already rich. When you decide to search for the Purpose of Your Existence what you will get out of it is the True Happiness and Satisfaction therefore do not worry if you are a victim of poverty since it is the problems of this materialistic society.

I say this materialistic society is Hell! Right at this very moment we are in Hell! And it is not the Omnipotent Being who created it because mankind destroyed himself the same as striking your own head with hammer that is a crazy I have to say more? Now, if you search for the purpose of your existence that means you have a relationship with the Omnipotent Being it should not difficult but the problems will be you are in a materialistic existence while God is not and it will be like you are entering or getting into a place which is NEW and Strange to you therefore it shall take extra Effort in your side and you have one whole l Lifetime to do it....if ever you do while so many including your wife or husband, brothers or sisters, etc.won't I say you may become a weirdo and I say it is management just keep your mouth shut and do it silently because they are not interested cannot force them whatsoecer. How to escape from Hell! I say live or kill for others it is between the two sacrifice for others and it will be heaven, do something and getting nothing in return, simply and act of selflessness or the direct opposite of selfishness and it hard to understand?? Maybe only at first but you must be able to attain such perceptions and if ever you did, then God is just there waiting for you.

If you want to be rich and wealthy by all means it is your Rights then go ahead but if you want to be happy and satisfied in Life IF you can GET IT! I mean it is easier to become rich and wealthy than being truly happy and satisfied in Life. In this case you have to make a choice! Because being happy and satisfied in Life riches and wealthy should be another thing. I say, never use Poverty as an alibi that you will do anything bad or good to get out from it because poverty or being poor is only one of the Situations of Life. I say, I prefer wisdom and understanding and at the same time a poor man, therefore Life must be different depending on your "perceptions" START that way and and you must be able to liberate Your Self from ownership and possession......hope you understand what I am discussing about.

We are in a materialistic society it will be a kind of situations which will always pertains to ownership and possession or specifically having a job and earning money, then owning a house and lot, cars or a business of your own so on and so forth THIS is what Life is all about but I say, that kind of perceptions lead us to Hell! Right now we are in hell and it is all because of this materialistic I have to say more?......our Creator is not the One who Created money, it is mankind. We were Created with this BODY, the SELF, the YOU and the Problem, you do not know that and it is not ignorance but your Rejection. We were Created for a Purpose instead we created the world of money, it is your choice! Hopefully I might be able to open your mind that the greatest you owned and possessed is Your Self and if You Do Not know that, or not being Aware of it therefore I may conclude Man has been Crazy but unfortunately he is not aware of it! That knowledge is another door towards Heaven.....yes there are so many doors to go through before you reach Heaven. Read this discussions several times,sorry to say, you will not understand this or if you don't like my ideas it will be up to you. Once again the SELF is the only GIFT of the Omnipotent Being He did not Created us to be miserable and desperate do not fear poverty or hunger being moneyless but rich in wisdom and understanding to establish a certain relationship with God or O.B. again sorry to say, our educational system hasnothing to do with this therefore acquiring wisdom and understanding or what I am discussing about now must be something BUILT IN within us.....instead of wealth and money take wisdom and understanding and God will never leave us alone he is the Omnipotent Being who Creates,destroy or kills, and Re Create.

Who else in this world or existence that owns and possess nothing?? Poverty, then will it mean losing your dignity, worth as a human being? What else, Worthless in this materialistic society, I suggest You Look up to the heavens or the skies those up there were Created by our Creator for all of us and nobody owns or possessed them. This materialistic society has so many victims but Humility will absolutely saves you from poverty for if you only desire Ownership and Possession then you will be Forever in Poverty both physically and mentally in that case you may either Blame or Kill Your Self.

In this Life it is not what you Want but what Our Creator Wants but we have a religion which is acknowledging a Creator I say, Religion has become Useless and even Used a tool to fool, mislead, or deceive people who allowed themselves to be used because of poverty and they are in such situations where they cannot go against and do what they really want it is I may say forced to submission and such acts become right though those acts are against humanity and peace. By doing what Our Creator Wants it should be a Personal Crusade you must be able to Discover that ALONE it is like Returning to the One Who Created you and everything else so that ownership and possession has nothing to do with it or anything earthly is not of God have the Inner peace in You first though you are in a Poverty situations it is not God Who Created it because God or the Omnipotent Being has a Purpose which man DISOBEYED.

In a materialistic society we dreamed/wish of owning or possessing for both poor and rich people that is What I Want to Change, I say, it is a Wrong or Crazy perception and if you will ask me Where is Hell? "Then look around you" the Problem here you do not even know that you are desperate and miserable not until Old Age comes you will have a bet of Realization and is feeling the angst and pains of Hell! Instead seek to have a definite Relationship with our Creator or Omnipotent Being having a Relationship with Him Takes Wisdom and Understanding which is never found in our Schools or Religion and I say, it must be your personal responsibility....just Think Who Created us/you never ever forget that! You will Find Him if you are Humble enough, if you will say you did not then be Humble ever more.

Perhaps in poverty situations it could be an opportunity to experience with less in ownership and possession such a Life you might be able to have some REALIZATIONS as to the purpose of existence you may consider other people as your treasure most of them are strangers since relatives who are in rich or wealth situations will most likely ignore you. Therefore with ownership and possession will make you FAR from the Purpose of Our Existence when it should be above everything else and live according to What Our Creator Wants. Again I will say Never Use Poverty as an excuse to be miserable and desperate and Allow other People to use or manipulate your Person......prefer to die and perished rather than losing your Self Respect. Majority of the people in the whole world are in Poverty situations but if they are existing with HONOR then it will make a difference. How come you will die and perished when all of us are a Creations of the Omnipotent Being with a Purpose as long as you have attained a certain Relationship with Him because absolutely He will Never Leave Us Alone! And if ever Accept Your fate with honor and dignity.

Ownership and possession equals materialistic society and mankind manipulated it therefore it is not what Our Creator Wants but anyway He allowed it due to it so many has died and suffered, so on and so forth if you are going to ask me WHY He allowed it, I say, for mankind to be able to Learn and Hopefully Understand his misdeeds WHEN!! Even God do not Know but hope against hope some must have already reach such levels of understanding yet not enough to CHANGE the whole mankind. In Poverty situations you may have the opportunity to live in dignity though with all the pains and sacrifice you have to endure yet that is something you have to prove in one whole Lifetime.

When your Life is nothing but on Ownership and Possession which is a materialistic society is all about therefore you will be in the mind set of greed and selfishness Unfortunately almost of the people in the whole world has not REALIZED such situations no matter how Bright or brains you got as long as you are not able to see the TWO sides of the meaning of our Existence then that brains you got cannot Reach a certain level of Realization I suggest, you start by being Humble. First and take a look at your Attitudes because Realization should be about ATTITUDES! You are not able to perceive if to CHANGE is a big problem for you.

What else other than what you can Own and Possess,I say those are Nothing! Except Your Self so Love and respect it since it will be the only One you got. If you got the wealth honor and dignity will never have monetary equivalence. You did not came in this world For Nothing hence your mother is only the instrument of our Creator this materialistic society trained and taught us to be A SLAVE of MONEY therefore if you want to Have a Good Relationship with the Omnipotent Being Find and Search the Purpose of Your Existence that is nobody will give nor offer it to you therefore If ever You Find or Discover it will become Your TREASURE and Live and die for it! I say, start by being Humble if ever you might be interested to TEACH Your Self.

Though mankind has a kind of a religion and comparing it with the materialistic society I say, it is in direct conflict because talking about God and mankind I say, made Money as his God instead! Therefore mankind has never acted on what God wants but according to his Wants, it is like recognizing the Existence of God but the inability to have a Relationship with Him mankind is a SLAVE of his Own makings yet he do not know that he is so, it is like I am intelligent in My Own Ways only! But TRUST and Honesty becomes a garbage because man's intelligent is Crazy that is without knowing he is as if like committing suicide. The Omnipotent Being Created a Perfect World for us but He allowed mankind to destroy it and maybe somehow man will come to the REALIZATIONS that he is crazy.....just be honest and you could at least be able to perceive what is really going on.

In this Life what is everything other than what you owned and possessed? Trust must be a very elusive....WHAT!! There is no such thing....I can Trust you, Absolutely, specially when it has to do with properties or cash. Therefore there is no such thing as Trust in this materialistic society. You cannot just accept favors or cash from anybody without worrying that he will have then a rope in your neck. A kind of situations being in Poverty seems better than dead, that is the WORTH of a Human Being becomes a BILL. I say Never ever use Poverty as a reason to be The Bad Guy in society, money is man made while Life comes from Our Creator. I taught my son....Trust God, then Your Self and Learn from others. The Omnipotent Being will never Leave you while money has no worth at all. Self respect, self worth, and Trust are one of those which shall be everything in our existence. Never be afraid if you lose your money instead you will be good as dead if you don't Trust Your Self anymore.

Materialistic society and ownership and possession are all of the same SITUATIONS thereby resulting to a rich and poor or the in between or middle class generally a certain kind of measurement. But the common mistakes are those cannot or never be able to achieve or obtain Happiness and satisfaction in Life. Being rich you may have lots of friends but are they really True to you? In poverty there might be a big possibility of having true friends. It is so simple therefore, I say, use your Lifetime to Study, Search..perhaps just wonder in awe or take some considerations to SET Your Mind FREE from the Slavement of is not Everything! But the Purpose of Our Existence must be everything Who Created You, Us anyway! Poverty is not the Problem therefore but YOUR MIND!

Being deprived of such luxuries and certain comforts in life you will then say that you are poor, I think it has something to do with vices and wants, therefore a kind of Attitudes problems...perhaps you Change your attitudes so as your perceptions in Life then things will be different. With Ownership and possession a certain standard or criteria took over of which I say is Wrong. Life should be a matter of Perceptions and Attitudes and do some Changes or adjustments every time you Learn something from the Purpose of your Existence which should be everything not ownership and possession.

Are you in financial distress right now? The fears of losing Love ones because of it! I say I'd rather lost everything and everybody than Losing stand up and say, I am POOR, SO WHAT!!I I got the Greatest Treasure! MYSELF and the Omnipotent Being will Never Leave me Alone. I warn you never use religion with it just be Your Natural Self Humble and with Simple Needs in Life and avoid as much as possible having Wants. So easy to say but Extremely hard to Understand...that is why it is a TREASURE.

There are two possibilities in this Life you Live and strive for wealth or knowing and understanding the exact opposite that is the only wealth You Will Consider is Your Self or Your (very) Person however we are right now in hell which is as I discussed all about is this materialistic society, you may take both ways but Mainly Your Life will take as Priority to Study the Truth! Because money is absolutely not is absolutely nothing. Having that wisdom and understanding will make you a different person and as you age or grow older you must accumulate wisdom and understanding and not wealth. I am talking about personal knowledge and religion has nothing to do with these. But you can never SEE Your Self if you are not Humble. you should be able to perceive the badness and goodness in you these two things will be the YOU in your 1 whole Lifetime.

I am discussing these concepts not as the Good Guy whatsoever since you might be even a lot better than me. But the truth all of us is the same in a way which we are packaged with Both Bad and Good therefore it will never! be possible that a person is All Bad nor all Good there can be an all Good Person and as far as I am concerned it is Jesus and nobody else because He Lived and Died for others. Right at this very moment we are in the REALIZATIONS and Existence of Badness and neglecting Goodness yet it will be there INSIDE us because that is What we have been Created for by a Creator so that You Could Never Re Create Your Self something Man must be able to Accept and hopefully reached a certain level of Realizations better if Understanding is attained. Stop thinking of Money will you! Both rich and poor are too busy with it and I say try to STUDY who Created everything and WHY!

SLAVE?? Are you! I say, how well do you KNOW Freedom. If you want to earn money then you must work for it....that is DO What the Man wants you to do. And there can be 2 things it be legal or not. That is just for money! Therefore, logic says all of us must survive with IT. How about if You Do It WITHOUT Money......doing it because you Love it, and it must be Good;doing it without getting something in return and vice versa. This materialistic society will say, you are Crazy but I will say which one is crazy since right now we are killing each other because of money. I must say money is Wrong! Can we be liberated from it? All it takes is REALIZATION. Let's all be crazy and we Live and Die for others without getting something in return but the TRUE Happiness. The way it looks, I am discussing something extremely difficult to understand but I don't care!

There are very big differences between a materialistic person and NOT and both rich and poor could have the same WANTS. Therefore people who are materialisitic I could say, is Blind and the person who takes more on NEEDS could see More; it is between who could never be Satisfied in Life, and on the other hand that is, the ability or Realization which are your needs and you simply stop looking for more. If you are going to observe How I am manipulating words just to placed or emphasized what I am trying to discuss is NOT EASY that is because we are in the materialistic word so that when discussing about the Opposite must be somewhat uncomfortable or out of this world! Because a materialistic person will never be satisfied so as not ever to Stop for more either rich or poor both ways are the same and the one who stops becauseal that is all his Needs only. Therefore it will be extremely difficult to Reach a Compromise to person or people who will never be Satisfied thereby Peace and harmony must be Impossible. The problem here as long as we are on ownership and possession even that Peace of Mind is unreachable we have to STOP Wanting and Desiring. This is about Knowing and Understanding What You Exactly Needs in Life and Stop what you Want or desire because you will Never Understand what is it all about because it will make you a SLAVE due to, you cannot control Your Self anymore which made you BLIND. I say, generally one of the guidelines of our Existence is "to live and die for others" however if you are blinded by ownership and possession and won't STOP and be a Slave of it in, these discussions I say, you will never be able to understand me! I just wish somehow even one person will reach a certain level of Realizations.....

Ownership and Possession means a materialistic world or existence and it is measured by how much money you got the thinking will be, the more of it the better and having none of it will be HELL but my answer is NO! Because we are simply in a kind of situations of which mankind Has not Settled yet with his attitudes of selfishness and greediness, that is what is mine is mine and to hell I care with others, we were conditioned to see others suffer from hunger and because of it resulting to survival of the fittest. As what we were made to believe, you have to work hard.....and if not it means you should be lazy, unschooled or has no skills, etc. and the worst of it all is poverty, these people are equated to be BAD, as thieves, etc or generally a threat to the moneyed...they are even considered as killers or I have to say more? As far as my concepts are concerned both the moneyed and poor are all just the Same, A SLAVE. Unfortunately Deceived that you have no way to get out from it....we were not created to kill each other, what is the use of religion! I say, STOP working for money CHANGE your perception....your Thinking. You may be able to Change the World by doing it First to Your Self. It is Our Our Mind, release the Truth unlock that cage explore a much better thinking. You see, right now, we are in Hell I may see if you are a woman you'd rather not marry and that could be enough to keep away your child from Hell! You always have to assume that ALL PEOPLE AROUND YOU are insane a painful assumption to SAVE Your Self from being or becoming a possible victim. And the only way is YOU to become a better person do the CHANGE Silently Life is a Learning process we are going to Write our Own books. wisdom and understanding is a God Given skill each of us has been provided. Teach Your Self and you when become an old man you will be at least a much better person with a lot to Share.

I don't care if you dislike nor don't understand what I am discussing about but I have to emphasized ALL OF US Came into this World and Exist without Spending a single cent because a woman could give birth naturally and without any attending doctors and nurses therefore I say, coming out of this Life is Absolutely FREE ( it is not impossible!) My argument WHY everything has a Monetary equivalence or price WHEN these Things or everythings(no available english word for this) were not Created by Man but by Our Creator and again no money was involved whatsoever therefore Man Started it all and was ALLOWED by our Creator or Omniponttent Being and as far as my concepts are concerned to Learn or REALIZED that he is Stupid or wrong or Arrogant that is what I call as Wisdom and Understanding. All of us got perceptions (no exact english word available) or the way of looking at or realizing but the only thing is one must be Humble to be able to realize the True One!

We have to live no matter what, bad or in good situations, in this materialistic society you be rich, famous, a politician with influence, sickly, in poverty must go on. Are you a good friend or do you have one? In this materialistic society I say, friendship is impossible! That is, as long as everything has an equivalent you have to pay BACK whatever FAVOR you may obtain or gain, etc. though if it is worth a few cents then that must be a never mind. In this existence we all need friends, people and pets, I say that must be something common to the rich nor poor but TRUST and SINCERITY is Priceless it has no monetary equivalence whatsoever. If ever you may find one it should be considered a treasure but again in this materialistic society HONESTY, those can be Trusted or Sincere people seemed to be the VICTIMS I say, because they tend to threat others the same thing as they are (honest...). Hence I shall say, Honesty, sincere, and can be Trusted is not good enough, what is the use of your Brains, wisdom and understanding must pertain about Life it has nothing to do with the educational attainment or profession. Is there a better way to make our existence a lot better? I say, you start it in Your a good friend to Your Self and keep on Studying Life! The older you become the wiser. If that is the case then even those unknown and strangers you could have friendship with and a few seconds to minutes of sincere talks must be Fulfilling or wonderful ( I hope you maybe able to GET my points). That is never restrict your attitudes, be open to others and to everybody poor or a beggar they are all human beings with a worth even a criminal....I will surely be able to learn something from him.....I say no money is involved just communicate with anybody since it is a sincere friendship....respect is there! Between fellow human beings.....

Discussing these concepts I am very much aware to be boring but considering these as how I view our Life and Existence now I may try to make these relevant to our current problems in our society such as terrorism and wars. I say, Man is not really absolutely materialistic, that is he has some reservations to Otherwise however no matter what man cannot solve or be able to determine the causes of terrorism and wars all over the world because we made Our Selves a SLAVE of this materialistic society, thinking, perceptions, etc. though KNOWING there can be other kind of existence but not necessarily a society (not possible) but being a Slave we do not know how to Liberate Our Selves from it. Therefore, to solve terrorism and wars then a person or each of us must have the Wisdom and Understanding to manage or handle our Hatred and Anger. Since, wars cannot happen or come into a situations.....all by Your Self, it shall involve Groups or People it will never be a Singular Matter whatsoever. Terrorism is only one of the possible Methods to Fight their Wars. If you kill its leader, somebody will take his place, so on and so will not stop from kill is the only means to neutralize.....I say, it is an act of no choice....the rights to self preservation! Though, it is one of the resolved perceptions, to kill the killers, that is a fight between killers...that is War, just a matter of what methods to employ will be the only differences.Therefore nobody knows the SOLUTIONS....just twist your fingers as to where it will lead us. Materialistic society a life with Fear and Apprehensions. How about investigating Your Self since I could perceive that each of us as an individual has Anger and Hatred WITHIN US that is one of the solutions to be cannot Blame God without Blaming Your Self cannot Understand God not unless you have the Wisdom and Understanding to Understand Your Self first. Unfortunately you have to do that Alone! Liberating Your Self from Ownership and Possession is a one whole Lifetime Activities.

Yes, this is a crazy idea....when you owned and possessed nothing, absurd and absolutely impossible in this materialistic society. Same thing as a beggar is no longer a human being....losing the respect he deserves supposedly from other people....maybe he might have the chance to REALIZE the Self....Him Self, the Greatest Property one solely Owned....that is IF He, You, is in TOTAL CONTROL of. We are in a materialistic society yet Lost the Control of the Self! The inability to Realized that we are a SLAVE of our whims, caprices, desire, stupidity.....a Monster and a Beast then justifying it as Human Nature...shall they say so! We were given all the Freedom either to be good or bad, unfortunately it will be extremely difficult not to be good but how to Understand it! Since you cannot be a good and kind person without Wisdom and this materialistic society good people are deceived, manipulated, etc.because they tend not to think Ill of others....generally assuming that all people around them are good like them therefore goodness is the same thing as stupidity...wisdom and understanding, it is what one Learns about should have some degree of control of one's self and have learned already so as having the ability to distiguish friend from enemy or bad guys....of course you simply avoid them! At this point there are already people who has Reached the REALIZATIONS how to deal with the bad guys and Hit them accurately and, the bad shall Fear the Good guys. I say, it is extremely difficult to be a good guy, Knowing the Purpose of Your Existence matters, with it Death has been accepted any time....fear is replaced by perceptions and sense of purpose. Having this materialistic society is Wrong! Because it is man who Refused to CHANGE and Know the Self....accepting his mistakes must be too much, that is from being arrogant to change into being Humble is Impossible! Have you wondered, Adam and Eve the first couple....their life in a tall buildings nor concrete roads, Our Creator placed them in a FOREST...a PARADISE!!! But crazy for us now. The ability to Understand our Creator will only happen in which degree you are in control of the Self or knowledge of it.

Do you really Want to Know Your Self? Doing it in front of a mirror is not enough. All the physical needs shall I say is just like feeding your pet dog, for sure you must have some reservations of those which are not enough or beyond your physical Needs and Wants. It is to say, something is MISSING but those will be Ignored when hunger and others will be the activities in your Life Situations. It is like I must take care of my day to day survival first and foremost so that....Knowing the Self becomes a crazy idea, it will not solve my hunger and others, therefore this materialistic society.....something is wrong, the most Important IDEAS are Ignored! Are you in Total Control of Your Self? Of course, you could don't even Know Your Self. I think if and only if we could see that something is wrong with our Attitudes, that is from being Offending or attacking to being polite if not the exact opposite of those much more if to be forgiving, etc. CHANGE is impossible (again) if you are not in Control of Your Self. Unfortunately we were not educated with those, religion says, to be forgiving and compassionate but UNTIL now those are (again) impossible! I say, religion must be something Personal and has nothing to do with money whatsoever and then to manipulate and even deceive believers or fanatics. Life is not SIMPLE, it is not for money's sake and to HELL (we are here right now) with others. If you want to go to Heaven then be sure to Know what is it all about. How are you going to do it when you don't even understand the Omnipotent Being simply because you don't(again) understand Your Self! We are even Blaming Him and I am sure He will just Ignore you! Know Your Self so you could Control it not only that, the abilities to Relax and get the best Sleep everynight and many more of which one whole LifeTime is not enough.

Life is a Big Decision, it is like what I am going to do? These are questions of which only you will be responsible to answer them. That is, if you want to be rich BUT you are not alone.....there will never be any guarantee that you will be able to get what exactly you want.....then do it either the good or bad I have to say more? So that when old age comes the conclusion will be Life is not fair and it will Never be, I say, it is so in this materialistic society. Now, in whatever circumstances,situations, maybe right now as long as you are alive you have that BRAINS whether you liked it or not. It is not just a simple organ but as far as I am concerned it is a direct transmitter to Our Creator and what is it all about? I, you/we, mankind ignored/neglected them. Life should not be about money and it is clear enough Mankind is Wrong....he made the Wrong Decision! So that, "we have to answer Our Questions".....God refused to answer them, you know Why? You will never Truly Learn because you/we has to experience our wrongness and should ACCEPT them that means CHANGE from arrogance to Humility. God will never talk nor argue you only have to Feel and Realized the Beauty of all His Creations.... Unfortunately are being ruined or destroyed. Religion has nothing to do with these all it takes are personal decision and Brains to search for the Truth. Never fear poverty or misfortunes....never blame your self....whoever and whatever you are physically....sickly or dying for death is the Easiest Question to answer, simply Accept it, never Resist since the"most"extremely difficult questions is the Search for Meaning that and which will Change Your Person.....I say, it takes a lot of Changes such that if you could say now, I am a much better person than before....there are still other questions you need to answer and Share them to others, so that, at the same time you will also learn from others. Money is not everything because it is absolutely nothing since it destroys Life and its meaning.

Self respect, honor, and dignity....having these qualities as a person must be your responsibility because You Your Self could determine it, which mean other people may not Agree that you have those because it depends on How You Are in Total Control of Your Self. I say, since a person with influence or wealth can be automaticaly presumed to have self respect, honor and dignity. You may or I my Self can proclaim having more than those however silently and need to brag about could see it in my eyes, body movements or generally the self in totality.....those are Earned through the Years of Existing as a Person such that, I am not the same 20 yrs have to CHANGE and must have BRAINS as you go older. Unfortunately others may get worst instead and ended up a miserable old man, so on and so forth and I swear I will wear my white hair....though just starting, proudly. Not all people around you may so agree, I say that is just normal in this materialistic society....there is no money out of it, that is why. You will benefit Inner Strength and peace of is Priceless and you can have it throughout your Life when you are able to apprecite the values of Wisdom and Understanding. It is supposedly your Responsibility but a Decision to CHANGE must be will be all up to you. It is like "mind over matter" but mankind is in whims and caprices so that the Mind goes somewhere else yet the worst situations, you don't really Knew where is it and lost which seems we don't really knew what are going on when all we have to do is to go back to the SELF and Discover....then knowing it....and Control...up to more than that. I say so, the Self is the only Greatest Creations of the Omnipotent Being, yet He is Humble and will never be arrogant of which mankind is supposedly do the same, He is like superman yet nobody will Know how many Lives He Helped and Saved and Killed or destroyed and others...silently and quietly Controlling the Whole Universe.

How I wish that mankind will be liberated from ownership and possession" I say so, because there are so much beyond money but unfortunately it is a big impossibility, however something which one must not is destroying a person silently.. a poison that kills. We are all Created for a Purpose yet it will be like a soldier's impossible mission.....we seemed to be convinced that when we want to help people it may either in cash or in kind, that kind of mentality, I say is because we don't know anything else than money.....a kind of gesture, something with full honesty and sencerity and the exact words or wisdom that fits or hit Exactly to Light the Fire and let that Person stand up again to face Life! Don't you Realized that You need Help? In fact all of us....the Search not for money but wisdom and understanding ( to be continued)


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    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I will be away from my computer Oct. 23, 2012. But I will try to post my writings by renting back again Jan. 2013. Thanks


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