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My opinion on bad ET experiences

Updated on January 12, 2011

Thoughts on the human lens we look through

An association of exopolitical mediators.
An association of exopolitical mediators. | Source

A Good Question

 An associate recently asked me my opinion on bad extraterrestrial (ET) experiences.  The following is my response.

well, one of the first things I think (personal opinion speaking) is that we have to be careful when formulating opinions about any aspect of ET behavior.  We're speaking primarily of a whole range of species which do not originate here (ET) on this world.  Ok so the things which comprise a group or individual or culture is going to be by default entirely different because the environment of origin is starting off origin begins under different rules for each of them.  These cause different adaptations physically and behaviorally which can potentially include variations in :  standards, values, paradigms, histories, life experiences, and even thought processes let alone basic physical biology which also impacts how a specie would act/react/think/choose.  Imagine a specie whose perceptions being based on feel instead of sight, or chemical reception/perception/interactions instead of sound/hearing, or psychic perception instead of physical perception.  That's just the ET (physical) types.  Now when you add consideration of UT (ultra terrestrial or the non corporal types), probably even more complex with aspects which we might not be even equipped to imagine or empathize with at this juncture in our own development.
The reason I mention this is that when we start off referring to ET experiences grouping them into positive or negative we are beginning our perception of them from an anthropomorphic view right from the start.  We are formulating an opinion of them based on our human perception, standards, and idea of right & wrong, good & bad.  This may not be the same for ETs and is undoubtedly going to vary between types of ETs and groups within types.  This is what I think some researchers mean when they say capital A for alien.  We have to broaden our perceptions and the rules by how we examine, perceive, and formulate opinion about ETs.  We have to ask ourselves this question...if we wish ET to judge us by our standards of right and wrong, do we not need to do the reciprocal for the various types and groups of ETs?  This would mean working hard to discern how ETs percieve and formulate ideas, opinions, judgements, and actions/reactions about themselves and attempting to use their rules for them just as we would hope or expect them to use our rules for us.  So as you can see, our reaction to their interactions and treatment of us may be unjust or in need of some sort of modification or a proverbial: "well, but" modifier tagged on to our statements about them and what groups of them are doing here.
Another qualifier that we have to take into consideration before we can have a real discussion about bad ET experiences is ownership of Earth.  We tend to think we OWN or POSSESS Earth.  Do we?  Pause for a moment and consider just how much we have yet to discover about this world we live on.  Can we unequivically say we know absolutely everything about every square inch on this planet and in it?  Can we unequivically say that there would be no where an ET or UT could hide that we wouldn't know about it?  (Our ideas about physics, geology, and biology are still going through huge evolutions) 
What about a sentience which could be right under our noses under an alternative perception?....think about the cetaetions like dolphins, porpoises, and whales.  Just because a species does not have or utilize some form of manifest technology like electronics or element manipulation such as steel, silicon, or plastic products for its use, does not mean that there is no culture or civilization.  We may simply not have definitions which are capable of registering such things yet because we've spent many millenia judging the books of others by our own covers.  Judging others by their covers instead of ours is an entirely new skill for us as a planetary specie. 
Then there's the next jump of learning whatever set of rules or standards exist that encompass the whole or majority encompassed within the Greater Community beyond Earth.  We have publicly no idea what rules, laws, boundaries, operational exceptions or inclusions exist yet on the Greater Community level.  We have 'heard' rumors from various ET & UT groups what some of it may be with regards to humanity but that doesn't mean that we have the whole scope or accuracy needed to understand our own place, rights, or expectations as new members in this community.  We have a tremendous amount of things to learn in this venue.  Enough to occupy humanity of Earth for many many more millenia.  A new age of Expoloration awaits us, quite literally.
Ok, so lets get back to your original question.  My opinion about bad ET experiences.  Yes I am familiar with some.  There are both by human standards (qualifier) present in our planetary or conglomerated confluence of culture.  Here I think is where we first pause to ask ourselves by what methods we have formulated these perceptions.  And what standards we are using to judge them. 
Take your basic abductee.  We have an individual who lives in a inherently hostile culture based on competition and survival skills.  Even an office worker flipping paper for a living knows through their personal experiences at work what it means on an individual level when I use the terms hostile environment or survival skills.  Using this sort of individual for example lets define what this means.  In an office environment, hostile can mean having to meet certain standards of productivity to be perceived as a valued member of that office.  And survival skills means being able to perceive, operate, and achieve certain requirements in order to remain in that environment or be allowed certain freedoms or comforts while in that environment.  The definition of what is hostile or survival related is going to range in difference in our individualistic human standards from environment to environment, physical ability, social standing, societal contribution type, and level of intelligence or experiential skill.  That makes us a rather complex specie to interact with before you even add ET types, purposes or needs to the mix.
So this basic abductee is going to have an individual set of standards by which to perceive and judge any interaction.  And this set will vary between individuals.  Add to this....any non-ufological, or non-exopolitical, or non-contact control structure type individual is going to be so limited in experience or education on how to examine a contact experience that the perceptional results of any such experience is going to have a skewed outcome.  Would such an individual be able to detach their humanistic tendancy to anthropomorphize?  Not likely.  They don't know any better.  They've never been exposed to what categories of input to seek in such an experience.  No list of questions to fill.  Their reaction to it is going to be based on their personal deliniations of survival, hostility, or combativeness.  And in this, you could potentially perceive even the most innocuous of contact efforts as endangering, hostile, or possibly combative if you really want to.
Now here's another thought.  We automatically assume a non-terrestrial or ostensibly more advanced specie to be adept enough to be operating with some nebulous form of perfection.  We don't attribute fallibility to ETs.  We say, well if they can cross the great void between stars or between universes, etc. that they should automatically KNOW how to treat us which does not frighten, injure, or offend us in some way.  It's like we think such understanding is prewritten by the Universal Source into an obscure form of DNA somewhere.  Really?  Wow.  Instant wisdom....without the hard work of experience involved....I want one of those pills.  Where can I buy or trade for it?  Lol.  Seriously though.  Can we imagine ETs involved in some form of learning process to?  Certainly there will and probably should be arguments about what level of understanding they have achieved in the last sixty years and to which species and groups such understanding can or should be applied to.  But I personally think we should be cognizant that we are NOT the only specie in the universe who has to gain wisdom the old fashioned way of logic, trial, and error or that it can take TIME to accumulate it let alone come to an understanding of it.  We may not be the only specie in the universe with learning disabilities, handicaps, and stumbling blocks.  Grin.
Returning once more to our abductee.  This individual is going to be, by nature of our residing in an uniformed society, traumatized through the surprise involved with unexpected Contact.  Then traumatized again by repeated Contact which they are rebuffed on when they naturally attempt to seek out mutual support among their peers in regards to the experience they have participated in.  Why because again, we reside in an UNINFORMED SOCIETY.  And a inherently hostile culture based on competition and survival skills whereas we have through years of forced secrecy by our up management who operates under pretenses of group hysteria when something rocks their boat, formulated a ridicule and giggle factor as a lead weight to keep it subsurface and open those brave enought to express their experiences to forms of attack and perceived vulnerability making them debaseable.  It's a proverbial grist mill that each abductee or contactee must endure.  And most don't do so well in one who started off healthy could.  It was designed that way.
So our now thoroughly traumatized abductee (because what the ETs didn't deliberately or unintentially achieve in trauma, human society quite efficiently finished off) is expressing their experience through this lens.  And yeah, it looks gruesome in some cases.  And in some cases it was when it began for innumerable possible reasons.  My personal opinion is that since the many forms of Contact are happening at immense quanitities and levels right now that it serves less purporse to dwell on the negative aspects at the moment than it does to clean up how we ourselves hand it and our experiencers.  If we can clean up this facet of Contact then we can at that point effectively go back and sort out what truly is negative and why it may or may not be negative.  My personal opinion is that we have entirely too much ignorance and mishandling muddying the water and individuals who thrive on conflict or negativity coming along and tossing out baby's, bathwater, and the whole bathtub too inadvertantly compounding our whole problem to the extent that addressing the details of individual situations becomes a running uphill and most often futile battle.  I look at it this way.  Which makes more sense....handing a person tasked with dismantling a brick wall, a toothbrush to use or a jack hammer?  I say to myself.  What do I want to see as the ultimate outcome of this whole planetary experience of Contact?  How can I get there? 

To be continued....

FiOs ~ "Vision, Memory, Dream" Berla Feini (old Irish), "Knowledge" Modern Irish.



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  • RighterOne profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    Hmmm... *scratches head and thinks a bit* I'm an ET, you know... Those pills - I think they have 'em at the local night-club down the street. If there isn't one in your town, then come to Chicago. ;-) Seriously - take one and there's ET and everything... Ha ha

    But on a more 'sober' note, I think you limit Human imagination way too much. We don't know what we don't know, you're right about that. But we also KNOW what we don't know. I wonder if that's circular reasoning...


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