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My Personal Reasons for Believing Darlie Routier Did Not Murder Her Children.

Updated on September 30, 2017

No place for innocence in Texas

I chose this picture of Darlie because it was my favorite. This picture proved to me how along this girl really was. She had no idea at the time how betrayed she had been by so many who were close to her.

Darlie has a handful of true close friends and for that I am extremely happy for her.

I have studied this case for many years. Through the years I have met many strangers who have spent hours. weeks, months, and years trying to find the truth.

I would like to share why I believe Darlie didn't and couldn't have murdered her children.

Darlie's case has always been a huge topic of discussion when it comes to murder mysteries. This was a crime that was almost unheard of in United States. Mother just didn't murder their children with such violence and fury and then turn the weapon on themselves.

At first I didn't know what to make of the case. There didn't appear to be a large amount of drugs or drinking involved. There wasn't any sign of poverty. It was just an average young couple living a midddle class lifestyle.

Darlie appeared to grow up in an average home in a lower middle class family. She came from a divorced family and has two half sisters.

There was some talk of abuse to Darlie and her sister's, but nothing that would have red flagged anyone that Darlie was a dangerous person.

This is a mother who had no criminal history. She has no history of mental abuse or child abuse against her children. I guess that is what caught my curiosity in the first place.

News flash "Mother of three convicted of Murder over a silly string tape.

I never imagined those words would ever ring true, but they were in every sense of the word.

The jury didn't seem to have any interest in the forensic part of the case at all. Its as though it was a foreign language to them.

They asked to see that famous silly string tape nine times before they convicted Darlie.

I watched that tape over and over through the years and didn't see one thing in that tape that drew my attention to Darlie. I saw a mother with her family and her 7 month old baby trying to give her seven year old son the birthday party he was robbed of having.

Darin's behavior was what drew my attention to that silly string video.

Darlie appeared to be a mixture of all sorts of emotions throughout the proceedings of the day, but Darin didn't. Darin was withdrawn and never seemed to take his eyes off of Darlie. It was cold and creepy.

They did an interview with the news because Darlie had invited them to the birthday party. She was open and spoke of her boys and why she was having the birthday party.

Throughout the interview she kept looking up as Darin as though she was asking for approval. Darin stood there stone faced with his hands in his pocket trying not to let the camera see his face. It didn't appear to be sadness on his face, Darin just came across as cold and withdrawn, almost annoyed that Darlie was getting any kind of attention.

Before Darlie was arrested Darin didn't make himself available to the media very often. He seemed to keep to himself and almost go into hiding.

This is a couple who had alleged an intruder came into the home and slaughtered their children, yet there was no public plea for help to try and find this person.

There was a vague description of the intruder given to the police. To surprise the description Darlie gave to the police about the intruder seemed to match Darin perfectly. How odd was that?

He had the same build, hair color, hair length and he was even wearing jeans just as Darin was wearing the day of the attack.

Darlie said she didn't see the intruders face, but what she was able to see just happen to match Darin perfectly.

The interviews

There was many strange interviews done by both Darlie and Darin, but one thing that stood out to me was Darins interviews describing the boys. Darin didn't seem to have his own words to describe Devon and Damon. In Darins interviews he kept repeating Darlies words to describe the boys. It seemed so strange to me. He had no memories of his own of the boys, they were all words Darlie has use to her describe her boys.

All Darins interviews seemed to be focused around himself. He lost everything, they comforted him, he suffered, he did certain with the boys. In Darins interviews he somehow managed to inject himself right in the center of the interview and conversation.

Besides there being no obvious reasons for Darlie to have killed her boys I began looking away from Darlie and considered the intruder theory.

I went through as much of the evidence as I could. How was it possible that the police had focused their search solely on a person in the home within 20 minutes of being on the crime scene.

The more I studied the evidence, the more I understood why they strayed away from the intruder theory.

No evidence of an intruder.

I searched the transcripts and interviews, police statements and investigation and found no evidence of an intruder.


Cocaine found in the home

There was a small amount of cocaine found upstairs in the home. I was shocked to how little weight the Rowlette police put on finding this drug in the home.

Darlie was tested a the hospital, but they never tested Darin for anything.

It was obvious that someone had used the last of the cocaine in the home.

I experimented with a few drugs when I was a kid, but cocaine was not one of them. I did on the other hand have personal knowledge of someone who was a frequent user of cocaine.

This drug alters the personality like no other I have ever seen. I saw the user go from laughing and dancing joking around to a turn of the head being completely and totally furious and violent for no apparent reason. It was like watching someone possessed. They were frantic, running around confused.

I never saw that behavior in Darlie that night, but I did see it in Darin.

To this day I am stunned that the police found cocaine in the home and they never immediately took Darin into custody to run random drug tests on him.

The doctors who did the autopsies said that the boys were attacked with absolute fury. The knife pounded right through the boys. This didn't appear to me that it was a crime a woman could have done, no matter how angry or how strong.

Realizing that Darlies tests came back negative for cocaine just seemed turn my focus more towards the other adult in the home, her husband Darin.

The Rowlette police department were not aware of the true details of what transpired between Darlie and her husband, but there was still enough evidence to warrant a search on Darin.

Darlie went into police hands immediately after they arrived on the scene, but that was not the case with Darin.

Darin fled the house right after the first responding officer arrived at the home. He was gone for almost a minute and when he returned he was asked to go over and help Damon. Damon was the younger son who was still alive when the officer arrived at the home.

Darin didn't go to the living son, he walked right past that boy and went to the son who was already dead. The officer stated he knew Devon was dead the second he saw him.

This officer watched Darin to see if he was going to do anything to help. When I listen to officer Waddell describe in detail how Darin took this boys dead body and performed cpr on it, blowing in his chest and mouth I got a cold chill through my body that I had never felt before in my life.

Had I not known about the first cpr Darin did on Devon then I would have said to myself what a hero. Look at this father trying to save his son.

That was not the case at all. I knew already Darin had done cpr on Devon long before this officer ever arrived. I knew Devon was still alive and breathing when Darin first got to him. Darlie stated that in her statement and in court. So what I was learning was Darin intentionally did cpr on his son Devon when he knew he was breathing on his own. Darin bragged about having 7 years cpr training. He knew without any doubt that he was drowning his son in his own blood by doing cpr on him when he was breathing on his own.

How was it even possible for the police to have over looked this obvious shocking detail?

I was convinced at this point that Darlie played no part in this crime. Darin not only went out of his way to make sure Darlie believed he was in his room, but he also made sure Darlie believed he was trying to save her son Devon. That is the complete opposite of what had happened in that home.

History of the contaminated nightshirt

The reason this nightshirt even became the main focus to this case was because Darin failed to tell the prosecution crucial details about Darlie helping him do cpr on Devon.

The blood spatter

There was blood from both boys are Darlie's night shirt, but the could easily be explained away. It was no secret that Darlie was with Damon. She put towels on his back and stayed close to him. Darlie also spent time with Darin and Devon trying to help.

During the first visit Darin had with Greg Davis he never mentioned anything about Darlie helping him do cpr or getting towels or anything. Greg Davis pointed out during testimony that Darin failed to say anything about Darlie being in direct contact of Devon and his blood spatter. I believe this was intentional are Darins part.

I believe Darin over heard the police when he was sneaking into the home to look over the evidence. I believe he heard the officers talking and they didn't believe the intruder theory.

Not only did Darlie have an explanation for the nightshirt, but this article of clothing didn't even get processed properly. The nightshirt was first cut from her body. Then it was thrown to the floor of the van wet. Then it was crumpled in a ball and put into a paper bag soaking wet. That item of clothing never should have been permitted into evidence. Doug Mulder did point out all these facts about the night gown but those details fell on deaf ears.

The broken wine glass

This is the biggest piece of joke science the prosecution brought in.

History of the glass

This glass has a story all of its own. The wine glass was hanging on the wine rack in the kitchen. The stem of the glass was placed in a slot and glass hung from the slot.

There was more than enough evidence to prove this glass was actually broken while it was hanging from the rack, but as many facts of evidence Doug Mulder failed to investigate into the details of the evidence.

There was a pile of glass sitting on top of the ice bucket on the rack. This proved that the glass shattered while it was still hanging off the wine rack.

Mulder did try to prove that it was possible for the police to have kicked the chunks of glass on top of Darlies bloody foot print. It was proven that four officers went through the kitchen all at the same time. They all walked on the side of the kitchen where the glass had been broken. It was very possible that one of those detectives or officers had kicked a piece of that glass.

The prosecutions theory that Darlie smashed the glass as part of the staging had no real proof behind it.

No proof Darlie was involved in the premeditation of the crime.

Darin has since come forward to admit he was trying to set up another insurance scam. There is no evidence though to prove Darlie ever or knew or was involved in that plan.

Hours before the murders Darin, his employee and her mother all claimed to see this black car at the home, but they all admitted that nobody mentioned anything to Darlie.

Barbara Jovell has come forward to admit about the black car but she never implicates Darlie.

It was Darin who called Dana and asked her to go to the house to give that false statement to the police.Darlie had no knowledge of this.

List of a few reasons why Darlie should get a new trial.

There was obviously a conflict of interest where Doug Mulder was concerned. Mulder denied that he had a conflict or ever made a deal with Darlie Kee and Darin, but the transcripts prove otherwise. Mulder had many chances to implicate Darin and show reasonable doubt but instead he chose to protect Darin.

The illegal taping at the graveyard. That tape never should have been admitted into evidence. Doug Mulder admitted to making a mistake by not fighting to have it thrown out.

Doug Mulder admitted he made an error by putting Darlie on the stand.

Doug Mulder did have a conflict of interest because he represented Darlie Kee and Darin in a gag order. Darin was the only other suspect in that home who had motive and opportunity to do this crime.

Police did not investigate the case properly. They made grave errors during the investigation. They allowed Darin back in home to view the evidence.

The police allowed Darin to wash up at the neighbors

The police contaminated the evidence.

The police failed to investigate Darins story. If they had they would have realized he lied in his police statement and changed his original story to something completely different.

The police failed to investigate Barbara Jovell and her mother.

The police failed to follow any other leads.

The police allowed the evidence to go missing and be moved at the crime scene.

The police failed to get the black cap on the first search. They went back 14 days later and broke the door down to retrieve the evidence.

Darin wasn't separated from Darlie and made to give a statement right after police arrived.

No charges were laid against the hospital staff for lying on the stand.

She should have gotten a mistrial after the court reporter made over 33,000 mistakes in the transripts then hid them in her garage.

There are still very serious errors in the transcripts that could change the opinion of the jury.

Doug Mulder failed to properly represent Darlie.

The first officer who interviewed Darin was a cousin to the man Darin went to the hospital with.

The failed to look for the other sock Darin was wearing that day.

They failed to check out Darins story.

Police officers took the 5th after they did an illegal taping at the funeral.

Doug Mulder only had the case for three months before he took Darlie on.

She went to trial only 7 months after the crime.

The forensic experts were not called in to testify for Darlie

The evidence against Darin was never shown to the jury.

Greg Davis deliberately allowed the jury to hear about the pot found in the living room with Darlie. Judge refused a mistrial.

They failed to do a drug test on Darin.

Greg Davis and officer Nabors have been doing interviews for 21 years defending their case.

Officer Waddell was caught lying on the stand

Darin lied on the stand

Barbara Jovell and her mother lied on the stand.


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