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My weekly Rant do we live like kings

Updated on October 16, 2011

Its not so bad afterall

 My weekly rant this week isn't actually a rant as such because when I'm looking for inspiration for the latest weekly rant i generally don't have to look too far to be honest. But this week its different i have taken a step back and looked at all the things going on in the world and have thought that a rant isn't appropriate because there are many people who have much more to rant about than i do.

The last couple of weeks in fact the last year or so has seen natural disasters of biblical proportions on the planet with floods, earthquakes and tsunamis around the world, so its time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves and take stock and appreciate the good things we do have.

So many people killed by the tsunami in Japan triggered by an earthquake under the ocean so powerful it sent waves taller than buildings heading towards Japan and America, its only by seeing these natural disasters can you comprehend the scale of them and of course afterwards the realisation of the lives lost and the destruction caused.

Along with the natural disasters we have the world once again poised for more military action with the Middle East and Libya as well as still fighting Afghanistan where does it all end?

Well all i know is the UK is not such a bad place to be yes we pay a premium to live here but live here you can if you work or don't work you will have a roof over your head and  have access to medical help all at the expense of the Country. We don't suffer natural disasters like other Countries do and when we do have floods its our own fault as we have built on flood plains.

So when we fill our tanks up with rediculous fuel prices spare thought for those that are less fortunate or those who had everything and have had it taken away because we are not so bad off after all and in fact we live like Kings, and lets not forget people starving in third world Countries with no clean water supplies just because the news and tabloids are filled with the disaster in Japan doesn't mean to say its not still happening because it is.

The brings me to my main point never does it cease to amaze me that even in these hard times we are going through that people still want to help those less fortunate than themselves take for example Red Nose day each year it raises millions and millions for good causes and everyone seems to stretch to the bottom of their pockets to put a little in the pot to help out.

This got me thinking when we have devastating events happen like as in Japan why not put an extra 10p on the price of a lottery ticket for that week and use it to help these people out as much as we can just a simple donation from the millions and millions of people buying lottery tickets for the purpose of bettering their own lifestyles what would it hurt.

Anyway that's this weeks rant over although it hasn't been a proper one but i hope it makes you think all the same of course i will no doubt get back to ranting in the near future because in the UK its what we are good at and its Human nature i am afraid the more we have the more we want which makes us feel hard done by when we don't have it or we have it taken away from us but in reality the most important things in life are your health and your family and friends and if you live your life with these things then you should be contented.


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