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My new weekly rant about why are petrol cost and fuel prices rising are we being ripped off

Updated on March 31, 2012

Ever increasing petrol prices

 This week my weekly rant is about the ever increasing petrol prices at the pumps in the UK. Now i can only speak for the UK but as i understand and I'm sure any readers will comment that this is a worldwide problem that is quite possibly pricing people off the roads.

It has been revealed today that a possible £2 a litre could be on the cards a whopping £10 a gallon now that is absolutely outrageous and at present we are paying £1.40 a litre which in itself is ridiculous but how long do we the British public put up with it.

Well the answer is that we just have to put up with it afterall we have had fuel demonstrations in the past which had no effect we just lay down and take a kick in the teeth.

We all rely on our vehicles so much to get us from A to B now granted some journeys could be saved with school runs pooling together and a short walk to the shops could be better than getting in the car and polluting the environment unnecessarily but we have become lazy and that's what we do as a nation and cars are extensions of our legs, so in a sense these increasing petrol prices may make us think twice about these avoidable journeys and could also make us a little healthier as well.

But remember these prices dont just affect us personally increased fuel prices affect business as well especially the haulage companies and what about our emergency sevices and other essential services how long is it before these services question the fuel prices in deciding if they should attend a call or not and how long is it before we the public are hit again with increased council tax prices to counteract these fuel increases on essential services.

We are being ripped off by the goverment with the fuel levy they place on the petrol and diesel we buy and with the latest unstability in the Middle east the price of oil just keeps going up and so does the tax so we just get hit twice everytime.

The the great news that we read is that the goverment is going to do us all a favour and take 5 pence duty off of a litre of pence fuel in April as part of the Budget well woop woop we all know it will probably rise by another 10 pence before then so pack it in and stop trying to make out your doing us a favour are we really supposed to be grateful for this.!!!

The facts are we have little choice when it comes to purchasing petrol for our vehicles we have to get to work and the public transport either doesn't take us where we want to go or if it does the journey takes three times longer and still costs a fortune for the pleasure.Now a good public transport network if efficient and cost effective would have many advantages for the environment but do the government really want this of course they don't because of all the tax revenue they would lose out on if we wasn't in our cars.

So in summary none of us like it but i guess we just have to put up with the fuel prices because we need and rely on our vehicles so much but where will these prices end and what are the viable alternatives. Well there are dual fuel cars and of course electric cars which are still a way off before becoming mainstream and of course will end up being subject to tax in future also. So unless we want to become marathon runners or contenders for the tour de france then its business as normal but i expect to see many people walking down the sides of the roads with fuel cans in their hands having tried to get away with squeezing every last drip of diesel out of the tank and running on vapours to try and save money and having to go through the awful pain of parting with the hard earned on disgusting fuel prices.

As usual please feel free to comment if you agree or disagree or better still you have any ideas to help save fuel i look foward to your comments

Filling up is a costly business


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    • profile image

      shazza13 7 years ago

      I'm currently not working, and considering getting rid of the car, thereby saving petrol, insurance, tax, maintenance. But would have to use public transport. What public transport. I don't have a bus service. The nearest rail station is three miles away. And the rail service can be cancelled at a moment's notice. Therefore, what should I do. Thought about an electric car! Too expensive. Downsize! can't do that, too much negative equity in my current car......Therefore, still up the creek without a paddle. Alternative, Sell the house!

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Bigdaddycash thanks for your comments. Unfortunatly a 200 mile round trip commute to work everyday means my car is essential for work and to provide for my family this is becoming more expensive by the day but public transport wouldnt get me to work on time and even if it did would treble my travelling costs as well.I dont however use my vehicle at weekends as i choose to walk or run or cycle to where i want to go

      Thanks again and pop by soon

    • bigdaddycash profile image

      bigdaddycash 7 years ago from Brighton, UK

      If you sold your car you wouldn't have to worry about fuel, insurance or road tax. You could walk about getting plenty of exercise and feel good about yourself for not adding to the pollution that's disrupting our climate with all that extra cash in your pocket.

      Your point about public transport is very nearly valid, if there were fewer cars on the road then they would be quicker than driving yourself, but that's the rub, everyone says "I'm not giving up my car until public transport improves" but it can't until you clear the streets.