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Myths About Rape

Updated on March 17, 2013

Most of our attitudes about rape are based on myths rather facts. Many steer us away from masculine violence and similar to oppression and racism, you know, the natural order of things. People such define their fate and minimize the seriousness of rape. The crime ties to social values of masculinity, femininity and sexuality.

One myth is men rape women because that is men's nature and biological role. They cannot control themselves because of biological needs to make the species survive. However, there are many societies where men never rape a woman.

Another rape is only certain types of women get raped. You know, if you dress that way, guys will look at you and some will want to go further and you must want the attention, otherwise, why wear so provocative clothes? The reality is, any woman can be raped. Although, most rapes are on 25 yr. old and younger, all woman could be a victim. Women are raped because of misogynist men who use rape to vent out aggression.

Another myth is rape occurs because the man is sexually aroused or has been deprived of sex. men rape women to exert control and confirm their power over them. Studies show that many rapists have normal sexual relations and the man views women with contempt. A woman is an object. The woman is not a human being to respect.


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