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NAACP Petition - Disclaimer

Updated on July 18, 2011
National Association for the Advancement of Convicts and Pedophiles
National Association for the Advancement of Convicts and Pedophiles


DISCLAIMER: Readers may have strong feelings in response to one or more of our links. Please understand the purpose is not to offend, but rather enhance our understanding of how integral reputation is. Organizations such as the NAACP lack credibility within the global village for consistently failing to set and uphold standards within the Black community. Non-negotiable criteria for leadership include accountability and taking care of our own backyards. Standing behind an organization which has lost their way years ago can never advance the cause of minorities. Nor does it honor the memories of so many who paved the road of opportunity for us. Those who do not wish to see Black people as self-sufficient and upwardly mobile will use these inconsistencies as scapegoats for racism.

It was suggested our effect may be stronger if standard capitalization for Naacp was used. However, FB would not allow all caps.  We are comfortable with the lower case acronym of “Naacp” because it represents of the decline in respect, regard, esteem, and honor of that organization.  Until that organization begins to return to its true mission, their acronym will remain in lower case.

We are not here to make anyone feel comfortable. We desire all to know the truth about the ills within the Black community.  We want to know and share the truth and not hide behind racism, bigotry, and race-baiting.  If what was said in the article was a lie, we would have legitimate concerns. Our mission is to make those types of commentators out to be liars. Until the NAACP and other Black leadership change their course, there is more to come.

NAACP Petition

To the NAACP Leadership:

We, the Black women of the United States of America, NWNW®, Black Women Deserve Better™, and all other Black women throughout the world, petition the NAACP to speak out and stand up against the atrocities being committed against our women and children by Black men like lost who gang-raped the 11 year old child in Cleveland, Texas. This madness within the Black community must be addressed and the NAACP has an obligation to demand the Black community be accountable and responsible for its constituents.

There was a time when many of us Black women believed in the ideology of the NAACP. However, when we began to see the NAACP give “image” awards to the likes of R. Kelly (a known pedophile), Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Diddy Dirty Money, Kanye West and B.O.B., it makes many Blacks wonder if the NAACP truly means the National Association for the Advancement of Convicts and Pedophiles?

The NAACP rallies for collective bargaining rights for teachers unions where many school districts have failed our children. When will the NAACP rally for the safety of Black women and children? When will the NAACP rally for Black men to step up and protect their Black women and children? When will the NAACP rally itself to return to its core values and actions?

We, the Black women of the United States of America, NWNW®, Black Women Deserve Better™, and all other Black women throughout the world, implore the NAACP to return to is fundamental mission which is "to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.” This mission should not only be targeted to non-Blacks, but should be the MAIN mission within the Black community because when a gang of over 18 Black men rape an 11 year old child, they are committing racial hatred and racial discrimination against US!


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    • SOBF profile image


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      rissa62 Your blog has inspired me to write a response. Hope you enjoy it.

    • rissa62 profile imageAUTHOR

      Queen of the Pen 

      7 years ago

      @50 Caliber:

      I sincerely appreciate you sharing your story about your experiences with ethnic cultures as well as first hand accounts of the decimation of a Black community. Until the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons use their power to protest in the Black communities that are imploding, this madness will continue. The NAACP gives out image awards to ilk like R. Kelly (known pedophile), Li'l Wayne (convicted felon several times over), and Nikki Minaj (over-sexualized ethnic woman who isn't Black, but portrayed as Black). This is the most disgusting recognition I've seen. Therefore, the NAACP is no longer relevant and needs to be replaced with an organization that truly cares about the improvement and upkeep of the Black community.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Rissa, a real writing of substance, that I can speak to on a level of a human to human basis, I first off am not all that familiar with the ins, outs, ups or downs of the NAACP, past the feeling I have toward unions.

      Unions had a season of value that brought fare wages and working hours to the members and when the problem was corrected, they lost their value and ended up the anchor that was for an aircraft-carrier and put on a row boat. It sunk the boat and a lot of Americans don't want their anchor that drove benefits and wages for the select, that the average persons wage at the time of Iaccoca and Chrysler were in trouble, was under 8 dollars an hour and the union was getting 25 to 30 plus benefits of a proportion that effectively made them cost the company another 10 to 15 dollars an hour. Lee Iaccoca made the statement to America "How can we sell a product made by folks getting 35 dollars an hour to folks making 8 dollars an hour?"

      That statement was truth, and ignored. pres. Bill Clinton signed the free trade act, and American jobs flew out of this country to other countries where they could ship raw steel to another place, then ship the product back cheaper than just making it at home. My point is they have outlasted their worth or need and are crippling this country, yet still garner existence by paying off politicians and lobbyists, they have taken away the jobs. If it was as hard or harder for the black community to get a job in that era as it was for me, then right now it's gotta be next to impossible to rise above minimum wage, and we still can't afford to buy a new car and eat too.

      I chose to literally get a full shirt of tattoos, wear a long beard and hair and refused to alter my appearance to work for people who judged me by appearance rather than ability. I rode my motorcycle to a job interview in t shirts and jeans and applied for many jobs and was turned away on sight "we are no longer hiring" and I lived dirt poor because of refusing to clean my yard.

      In this case it was just cutting my hair, shaving and wearing long sleeved shirts, then my resume got read and my worthlessness was still there in their opinion but they didn't see it until I showed to work as a welder, mechanic among some of my jobs. My training in the Marine Corps from 65 to 75 was airframe and power plant mechanic and Light helicopter pilot. I was working as a scab which was crossing picket lines and working through strikes for any industrial company who needed a worker as a mechanic, welder, machinist, Pilot. During those times they forgot their prejudice against "my kind".

      It was in the midst of this I landed a job from Howard Hughes who owned Hughes Air West as a helicopter pilot that hopped the rich around southern California to Phoenix, Az and Las Vegas Often landing on the roof of places like Capital Records in Los Angeles to keep the famous from contact of regular folks. It turned out to be a full time job that paid excess wages that were way above my yearly wages in a month and a half. I used that opening to open 3 businesses, a tattoo shop, then a truck repair shop and lastly a custom Harley shop, picking people to operate them while I continued to fly. Making for 27 employees all told in a year and a half, working 16 to 20 hours a day. Phoenix was the #1 growth spot in the nation and I jumped on 200 ares of land, and was sure it would be found as ground that a developer would want, sadly the growth went away from the area and traveled west. It seemed to be a blunder but has ended up my home, after selling off my businesses in California, my girls out of high school, I was still flying and living in the same racial battle ground of Mexicans and blacks for the most part and a few old white couples who had paid for their places and couldn't move out of the area where gunfire erupted nightly, due to fixed incomes and lost property values. I finally caved and sold for what I could get then rented a very small trailer out of Santa Ana to Costa Mesa. I continued to fly pushing all I made to a "Trust Fund" pondering what now? Then just as the place in Santa Ana, the thing I call "White flight" but was explained to me as "block busting" where a black family would buy a house, trying to move up, and whites would run like it was a cancer, property values would plummet and all over again I was in a place where everything was spray painted and turned to a drug infested trash bin. After 5 friends were shot in separate incidences, three deaths by drive buy shootings I was in shock and sliding toward PTSD again, I felt I was being sucked into a war. I transferred to Phoenix, back to the sand I was born and I built on the 200 acres an underground bunker and left the world after managing to get the money needed in my trust fund, like all plans I went over budget and ended up with 750 a month, again living dirt poor in the dirt, but with God and my freedom. I was lucky, or blessed is a better word. I found ways to make ends meet and spam, beans, rice was a nightly meal before my indulging in wild game, getting money to drill a well. I am satisfied by a way of life few would admire and I don't care.

      I do care when some call me racist for refusing to walk on egg shells around different colored people than me, I'm tired of it and I'll not take it anymore, I am respectful to all humans regardless of past or color.

      I do speak out against whitey running because a black person finally got the money to buy a home in a better area, they were/are the root cause of those who saw light at the end of the tunnel getting stuck with a 30 year note on that house and realtors going door to door saying "move out now, your property value is going to collapse because a black moved in" and they sold and ran, sorry cowards is all I can say without fuming into a rant on my feelings toward those actions that I learned about from "feenix" a shock writer here on the pages, but worth a read another Roderick29, and a list of off pages Like ATLAH Ministries, Dr David Manning of a Harlem based church.

      I've only been computerized since 2008, I have no address, TV or telephone and my little brother after begging me to come back to the world, realizing I wasn't going to do that sent me this computer and dish set up all ready to run after mounting and aiming the dish. I've learned much since then, about computers and history.

      My point of all the writing above may seem to be unrelated to the NAACP, but I think it is. As a "whitey", "cracker" or what ever I'm called these days, I made myself unacceptable, like a 3 legged horse at the races, nobody wanted to put a bet on me regardless of my ability. I cleaned up my act and got presentable and tried and got jobs for too little pay or ones that I didn't like, but jobs nonetheless and worked hard to please the man who held the power to give me a raise or fire me. Opportunity came disguised as hard work. I kept on working while the Mexicans and blacks along with plenty of white folks destroyed my neighborhood, painting graffiti on my little junky VW bug, cutting my tires shooting my windows out and all sorts of gangster and drug dealing going on.

      I don't hear the NAACP, Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton denouncing the destructive behavior, and manner of dress they choose, the whitey has absentee fathers just like everyone else, but these people are supposed to be men of God, how does that equate to HATE speech the the two spread and the NAACP is not heard from on any issue about them cleaning up the streets, pulling their pants up and doing the have to stuff to get ahead, I'm ranting some here and I'm sorry if it upsets you, you can delete me. I think "RightBlack" has been on other hubs and I don't know him except his comments that were fair assessments of the topics.

      Black Women do in fact deserve better and are often the axis that tries the hardest to maintain a family and the ones I know with children will step into full on protection mode to keep her babies safe. Then as grown men they turn and diss Momma, why? I don't get the self destructive nature, it m

    • SOBF profile image


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      rissa62 - Thank you for such a warm welcome.

      While you have gallantly pointed out the failure of the NAACP to properly vent all of its award recipients in a effort to increase participation and achieve its ultimate goal of raising funds, you fail to give it credit for being the only award program that profiles the academic achiever with the exception of the Trumpet.

      Have they gone too far mainstream in their attempt to garner revenue needed for all the task I mentioned earlier? Yes, on this I would agree but their isolated moments of bad judgement could probably be avoided if more of us financially supported them rather than criticize their every mistep.

      As far as the rape case is concerned the NAACP never supported the actions of the perpetrators of that disgusting crime. They did however work to insure that they received a fair and just trial. Why? Because blacks are still faced with unequality within the judicial system (men and women) and until blacks have achieved their constitutional right of being presumed innocent until proven guilty that fight must be waged. Their actions were not pointed at the victim but a unfair system. The NAACP had always taken the position that if found guilty the young men should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This does not equal the abandonment of black women.

      Thanks for allowing me your space for a platform.

    • rissa62 profile imageAUTHOR

      Queen of the Pen 

      8 years ago


      "Right Black you knew I would eventually find rissa62, I hope you warned her...LOL."

      It's always an awesome experience for me to meet challenges head on. So, your searching for me is quite an honor. It was time for you to meet someone like me. I am not shy.


    • rissa62 profile imageAUTHOR

      Queen of the Pen 

      8 years ago


      I appreciate your comments; however, I sometimes wonder if you and others who respond as you have, actually took the time to actually read my blog post. As for the ADL and why they did not address the Jewish boy's murdering of the Hispanic boy, that is for the Jews and the Hispanics to address. This is about the Black community and its downward spiral toward extension.

      As for the URLs pertaining to scholarships, voter drivers, etc. that's fine and dandy. The NAACP awarding criminals and pedophiles image awards is the premise of my blog. So, before you feel tempted to send me those URLs, search for URLs that prove the NAACP has stepped away from supporting criminals and pedophiles.

      By the way, here is an awesome opportunity for the NAACP to get back on track: Here is a young Black man who is educated and not afraid to strut his nerdiness. Then, you have some schmuck like Jim Schwartz dissing him. Nonetheless, this young man has my "REAL BLACK MAN OF THE MONTH" vote. As a mother of a Black man, I would come to his defense in a hot second.

      So, do not misunderstand my motivation. The aforementioned young Black man is who our Black youth should aspire to instead of the likes of R. Kelly and Li'l Wayne.

    • SOBF profile image


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      rissa62 - While you make a good argument for what the NAACP should do, you claim that they are not viable simply because they don't meet your desired objectives? Let me ask this question is the ADL no longer a viable organization when a jewish boy kills and mutilates a 16 year old hispanic boy and then flees to Israel to avoid prosecution while the ADL remained silent? Maybe you should spend a few moments on the NAACP's site and read about what they are actually doing outside of the media blast before labeling them as "No longer viable". I would be happy to provide you with a list of scholarships, voter drives, and legislative lobbying that directly benefits and encourages independence and self-sufficiency in the black community.

      Right Black you knew I would eventually find rissa62, I hope you warned her...LOL.

    • rissa62 profile imageAUTHOR

      Queen of the Pen 

      8 years ago

      Right Black: I am with you 100% on taking care of home. I have had serious dialogue with some Blacks who cannot understand my passion for holding the Black community accountable and responsible for its ills. Nonetheless, my mission will continue. One word heard is worth all the pain and suffering.

    • Right Black profile image

      Right Black 

      8 years ago from Huntington Beach, California

      rissa62, how well said. The black community should spend more time cleaning its own house then worry about the rest of society. Personally, I think if we take care of home the rest would follow anyway. Most people in America don't care about your race, they care about who you are. Character matters.


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