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NATO Summit and Evil Pokémons

Updated on July 18, 2016

The events that transpired in the past two weeks have been our hints to the free fall of Western Civilization as we know it. Let me start by sending my prayers and condolences to the families of those who were killed or injured from the vengeance and terrorist acts across the US, France and Turkey. This world became much more dangerous than ever before, and here’s why: NATO Summit was held in Poland, while the American people and the whole world was watching the horror killings of white policemen in Dallas in a misguided attempt by one African-American (who happened to have served the U.S. Army in Afghanistan) to avenge the wrongful deaths of two black men who somehow scared the hell out of two white policemen… I personally believe our media is at fault for spinning the stories of “white on black” police killings out of proportion and causing unrest in the country, but I also think that our police should not be armed with fatal arms and military gear while “serving and protecting” our neighborhoods.

Guess where was our leader when our nation was mourning those five fallen policemen who got shot by revengeful sniper? You guessed it: at the NATO Summit, masterminding NATO’s future attacks on Russian Federation, which is, as we’re told, supposedly our biggest enemy of all. Not the Muslim terrorists, not black vengeance killers, but civil, peaceful post-Soviet Russia should now be our enemy? I don’t buy it, and neither should you. I don’t want to comment on the little dance that our former President George W. Bush did at the memorial service for the fallen policemen, but I am sorry that our laws don’t require to lock insane people away from the rest of us. Also, somewhere buried among the news was a fact that Bernie Sanders, our last hope of picking a “non-royal” President, have endorsed Hillary Clinton for the President, thus disappointing his supporters, but that’s another topic for discussion. Let's go back to NATO Summit, shall we?

After NATO decided to increase its troop presence in Eastern Europe with a bogus explanation that they will be defending Europe from threat of Russian intervention, and then announced an unprecedented military exercise in the Black Sea called the “Sea Breeze 2016”, it became obvious that NATO is preparing for war with Russia (most likely over Crimea that got away from Obama’s greedy fingers). As one article stated, these exercises may actually blow up the Black Sea region and start a confrontation that may turn nuclear. I highly doubt that Europeans don’t think that far, but yet, they continue to play NATO’s game of whom to hate next. Looks like NATO and U.S. Military Industrial Complex are scaring the hell out of European countries in order to profit from selling more weapons to NATO countries and glue all countries of the European Union together by its NATO “umbrella”, while using the Baltic states to station its “first-response NATO forces” near the Russian border. It doesn’t matter to them that people from many NATO-occupied and targeted countries have gathered in Warsaw and all over the world to protest against NATO policies and expansion.

Things may be accelerating, however, if we connect the terrorist attacks done by Tunisian man in Nice and an attempt of military coup that failed in Turkey and entertain the idea of what may have happened at the NATO summit just a week before these attacks. What I noticed where a few preceding facts: 1) Turkey asked Russia for forgiveness right before the summit, and Erdogan talked with Putin and made some agreements on military cooperation, including allowance to use Turkey’s air base for Russian military planes together with NATO planes, and the return of Russian tourists to Turkey’s beaches to boost Turkey’s ailing economy; 2) France has been hinting on the need to lift anti-Russian sanctions, while Nice have agreed with Crimea being under Russian jurisdiction.

And all of a sudden, we now have a horrible holiday massacre in Nice and a military coup attempt done by the Turkish military that was trying to “restore a democratic constitutional order” in Turkey? Every time I hear the word “democratic”, I just know the U.S. must somehow be involved! And the fact that some of the Turkish troops going rogue were found and apprehended at the Turkish air base used by the U.S. and NATO is firming my belief that I might just be right in my reasoning. In this case, the coup attempt has backfired big time when thousands of Turkish men came out on the streets to protect their country from the military gone wild, and that showed all of us that no matter what “big guns” do, nobody can take the power of the people away from the people! Of course, there was some bloodshed, but look at how bad things are after US succeeded in staging a coup in Ukraine: the country is still at war with its two regions with hundreds of thousands people killed in the past two years…

Even if the coup in Turkey had succeeded, the credibility of NATO as the guarantor for peace and security of its member countries would be forever ruined, which makes me question the sanity and reasoning of our leaders. With the coup not succeeding, all hopes for a democratic society in Turkey are all gone as well, with Erdogan vowing to persecute the guilty and maybe even return the death penalty and stringer laws to combat any future attempts. It’s hard to predict how Erdogan’s speech about U.S. being implicated in staging a military coup in Turkey will effect the US-Turkey relationships, but they will most likely strengthen the Russian-Turkey ones, considering that the Turkish pilot that shot down Russian military plane had also participated in this military takeover attempt and was a follower of an organization of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen who is hiding from Erdogan in the United States.

There is also report on US, EU and Israel involvement in this coup that I personally find very plausible, but I recommend you to examine all the evidence and make up your own mind on this theory. In addition to the reasons stated, one more hint on the European involvement would be the fact that Angela Merkel refused to accept fleeing Erdogan in Germany on the night of Turkish coup d'etat.

However, the connection of Turkish pilot to Gulen's organization and the fact stated by the article mentioned above that "Gulen does enjoy the full protection of American secret services and law enforcement" makes me wonder if there was any American involvement in the downing of that Russian military plane? After Ankara’s Mayor hinted in his interview that Gulen’s organization had spoiled the Russian-Turkish relationships by ordering to shoot down a Russian plane, I think we should start looking for the worst kinds of Pokémons somewhere in the White House and, of course, the Pentagon, and show them the true power of peace-loving, goodhearted American people!



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