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Natural Gas Catastrophe, T Boone Pickens Drops $ Support for Bill in Congress

Updated on February 9, 2017

Pickens Drops Natural Gas

Congressional support for T Boone Pickens' natural gas subsidy bill has been defeated by the lobbying of the Koch brothers, Koch Industries. This is a giant disaster for the future of clean energy for trucks and eventual auto use, and is near the end of hope for a future elimination of the brown clouds in American cities, and hope for the end of Middle East wars over oil.

T Boone has spent millions of dollars and years of tv appearances and meetings with the President, attempting to show a way for the US to phase out the black gold and use the 200 year supply of natural gas that is ours, here in the American soil. He asked Congress to pass a bill that would subsidize the manufacture of trucks that use natural gas instead of diesel. Natural gas is a clean fuel and it is very cheap and clean to use as fuel for 8 million trucks that consist of 23% of the total transportation fuel on the US roads. He asked Congress to subsidize one billion per year for the manufacture of 150,000 trucks that would use natural gas instead of diesel. This would cut the imports from OPEC in half. HIs plan as presented to the President was to use natural gas as an interim fuel between black oil, and future clean energy alternatives. Other methods for clean cars and trucks will require years of technology and financial feasability studies, and could be 20 to 50 years away. This would have meant over time, the complete elimination of OPEC oil imports that cost Americans trillions per year. Pickens spent 80 million dollars to promote the bill. President Obama spoke for the bill this year as a good idea.

Pickens calls the Congressmen and the Koch brothers who are opposing the Pickens Bill, pollutocrats. Koch Industries is the second largest private company in the US. They have spent $5 million per year, lobbying against the bill in Congress, and have swayed 15 Republicans to turn against it. They also were high dollar campaign contributors to those opposed to the subsidy of energy companies. To build a large truck that uses natural gas the cost is $190,000 per truck. The normal diesel trucks cost $100,000 to build.

Pickens had vowed to get the bill passed, and take on the OPEC cartels once and for all. Four presidents have talked about this for decades, but not one did anything about the massive problem. Several wars have been fought over the access to Middle East oil. T Boone has had it, and has dropped his huge dollar contribution to the battle. Dirty carbon fuel will be with us for a long, long time.

There still exists the problem of OPEC dictating the price of gas at the pump. The only hope now is for Harold Hamm to be successful in his drilling in the Bakken formation and the Texas Eagle Ford formation, to go miles deep in the earth, miles below the water aquifers, and with new technology pull oil from between shale fractures. The internal combustion engine autos and trucks in existence will still use the product from Hamm's black oil, and it will still put dirty pollutants into the air in all cities. If this new kind of drilling doesn't increase at a fast enough rate, OPEC will get trillions from US consumers for years to come.

God help us all. Thanks for the try Mr. Pickens. It is too bad not enough wize men in Congress could understand your plan. They copped out to Big Money, and low natural gas prices for the Koch fertilizer and chemical plants.


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    • profile image

      Judas Duck 5 years ago from Glendale Colorado

      H Schneider, I agree with you, thanks for the feedback. I hope someone else of Pickens reputation and funds will take up the cause in the future. We need natural gas trucks, and autos to solve the pollution and OPEC dependency problem. Judas Duck

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great article, Judas Duck. This is just another example of the corporate bullying the Koch Brothers do to maximize their profits. They are funding legislation and lobbying around the country simply to further their own economic interests. They are a plaque on our country. Pickens natural gas proposals deserved a true hearing on Capitol hill and they blocked it. The Kochs are the greatest polluter on the planet and they are proud of it.