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Updated on June 15, 2011

A distraction

Two people that are being spoken about or are in the news lately are 1. Anthony Weiner and 2. Gov. Chris Christie; although, not at the same time or as belonging to the same subject of discussion. They are connected to two different issues; one good, one bad.

Weiner has become the "sheep" that went to the slaughter by himself, and he would forever regret it. He would blame himself for being so naive, if not stupid, to have started strange relationships with women on social Internet networks. His actions have been so weird and childish, in such a way that only a few people would elect to defend him. For he was quite young and had the privilege of being a Congressman,

As such, he must model himself to fit into a mode of behavior befitting his position. A position which placed him far above normal mischievousness of an average person. He failed to measure up to the high standards that were required of him; and wittingly believing that he could get away with anything and everything, because of his societal elevated status.

He also had a beautiful wife with a child on the way; and she, on her own merits, having a lofty career as an executive aide in the U.S. State Department. Therefore, for the husband to fall in a perversion of the kind he found himself should be considered as extremely unusual.

Besides, he was liked by his colleagues, who had hopes of a bright future for him. He was smart and ebullient; and they knew him to be a person who would do anything to safeguard his fabulous lifestyle that could only come from being a member of high society. Nevertheless, he was concealing something inappropriate; another lifestyle, which was rather ominous. He knew that his wife would be affected by it when it became public.

Now, the scandalous nature of his situation has compelled the Democratic leadership to ask him to resign from Congress. They include President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and others. Even John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, and a Republican, has told Weiner "to get out!".

His refusal to resign has infuriated many of his constituents, some of whom thought he was making another grave mistake. He has become a distraction for his Party and to the nation, they said.

Hardly could he himself imagine that the American elitism for being a Congressman was about to leave him; but his wife, somehow out of pity, was urging him to stay on. What was he thinking?

Gov. Chris Christie, on the other hand, has had it so good to be governor of the Garden State only a short while ago (Jan. 19th, 2010), and now he was being invited almost everywhere; but particularly, to Iowa, a stronghold of the Republican Party, whose combined caucuses played a very important role in the choice of the party's presidential candidates.

"For decades, the state has served as the official kickoff for the campaign, providing the first real test for candidates hoping to win their way to the White House." (The Causes, The Politics and Government Blog of The Times).

He would travel there "to participate in an education summit,"; however, in reality, and notwithstanding the New Hampshire Presidential debate, where Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Santorum, Bachmann and Pawlenty were participating for the nomination of the GOP, Christie was being declared a worthy opponent against Obama, more than they, by some Republican Party leaders behind the scenes; although, he was not there with the other seven contenders. Awkward in a way, wasn't it?

Presently, he also was being serenaded by the media, and pushing him to "clinch the accolade", so to speak.

He would meet with top Republican campaign contributors who would desperately want him to run for president in 2012; "over a dinner of chicken, rib-eye and sweet corn,", which naturally raised the "speculation about his grander ambitions." and his taste buds as well; yet, so far, he has refused the offer. What is he thinking?

Those two stories showed how life's opportunities and mishaps would always ran parallel to each other. "Never the twain shall meet."


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