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Updated on January 11, 2012

Give America a break.

The Republican Party's race for the nomination of a candidate to oppose President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election is in full swing; and most Americans were not jealous of the hoopla that was going on with the wins in Iowa and New Hampshire for the front runner in the Republican field, Mitt Romney.

Yesterday was for him to grab all the media attention he needed to back him up in his uphill battle against his fellow Republicans in that race; but that was where it stopped, as the Democratic Party has not started its own campaign to discourage him, because nobody was sure whether he would be the one to be Obama's challenger.

The Republicans have themselves not had their minds crystallized as who that person should be.

People who were watching were happy to see Democracy at work, and that America was, and would never be a one party state.

However, the notion that any of the Republican Party candidates could beat Obama at this year's general election was not in evidence yesterday in the "victory speeches" that all of them gave.

To be honest, they had nothing against the president, except to say that they should be his replacement. WHAT?

The American people could not be spared any accusations that would warrant the Republicans to say that he was doing a bad job as president. Why not? Because there was none.

The issues that were prevalent nowadays were the economy and the high unemployment rate; both of which were under control as the candidates spoke. They did not dare to make any derogatory remarks about his foreign policy, because through a strong and vibrant Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States was making friends all around the globe during Obama's first term as President of the U.S.

He is the only president in American history that has fought a war without a single U.S. casualty in Libya. He has broken the back of Al Qaeda, a notorious terrorist group, to whom the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. have been assigned.

Look, the Republicans could say and do what they wished, Obama's record was unbeatable, even by a Wall Street tycoon, who could address only one issue, and that would be the economy; Period.

The country needed a versatile person like Obama, to take care of the myriad problems that would face the U.S. and for that matter the world, in the coming year, if not years.

He has not started his own campaign as yet; and when that should happen, the noise that his opponents were making would die down.

Come to think of it, the NH primary vote win yesterday was for starters. The sure struggle for Romney was to rail against Obama in any way, shape or form.


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