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Updated on September 30, 2012
It is not easy to understand how things has gone from bad to worst in our blessed and rich country Nigeria. Believe me we are 52 today but every meaningful Nigerian will proudly say the truth and the truth is that it was better twenty years ago than now.

Nigeria a country of diverse economy, multicultural ethnic groups, the most populous nation in Africa has been on a pulse since 1960, although the problem with our nation can be traced back to days before the arrival of the colonial master.However, judging our failure from after the independence is morally and politically justified.

With the bad image we pose as a nation worldwide, all caused by poor governance and now in the list of terrorist countries, i would boldly lash our failures to our leaders although not all of them but all the presidents of Nigeria has this cup of blame on their heads.

Let me quickly touch on Boko Haram, this thing about Boko Haram shows that the mafias who has been circling Nigeria affairs are mightier than we can imagine, believe me, there are person(s) who sponsor every illicit act in Nigeria, although i would not want to begin to call names but take it from me, Late Gaddaffi is one of the entities who sponsors negativity in Nigeria, that was why he once said that Nigeria will break up like the USSR.

Boko Haram bombed UN office, what for? Someone sponsored it as an act of vengeance if you really do understand what i mean then take it from me that the next president of Nigeria in the next 15 years should be between the age of 35-40 right now therefore,as we mark this glorious 52 anniversary,the young and future leaders should know that it is never too late.

Nigeria oh! Mother land
We wish you well
We thy children wish you well
If there is no Nigeria-there is no home
Patriots, let us make our nation a home
Oh! Mother land
We wish you well
Home sweet home
Nigeria is 52.


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