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Updated on September 22, 2011

Get the facts to be correct.

Mitt Romney is making a name for himself for being the only person running a real political campaign in the Republican presidential race. The others are mostly engaged in mud slinging.

He is tackling issues as a candidate is supposed to do; such as how Social Security can be corrected and preserved for future generations.

He is throwing the gauntlet to his competitors, instead of splashing mud all around to confuse voters. That is not what they (voters) want, and that is not what they deserve.

They want the candidates to be factual; thus, less rhetoric, and more facts to come from politicians so that they can finally be trusted.

On the issue of Social Security, Perry has described it as a Ponzi Scheme, to the detriment of many of the program's recipients; while Romney has been saying that its shortfall can be repaired for it (SS) to be financially sound again.

The two circumstances have become a bone of contention between the two sides; and to even things up, the Perry side is accusing Romney of making a similar remark in his book, "No Apology".

"Mitt Romney’s own book compared Social Security to a criminal enterprise,”; is part of a statement by the Perry camp.

However, Romney has not made such a comment, either verbally or anywhere in his book.

In his book, he narrates a simple story of two grand-parents establishing separate trust funds for their grand-children, for their future education; but the bankers have used the monies for other purposes. So, when the time comes for the grand-children to go to college, the accounts are empty.

"The bankers must go to jail.": Romney has said in his book.

A trust fund; that is what Social Security is meant to be; but previous U.S. administrations have diverted its funds into other projects, and that has made it as dysfunctional as what it is today. It is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

The crust of the matter is that, as the 2012 presidential campaigns continue, individual candidates and their strategists will likely distort facts; but the American public is prepared to decipher them from the fiction that they are.

Americans will like to learn the truth, to make them liable to trust their politicians for a change. In other words, they will research speeches and statements to be sure of the facts before they make up their minds about anything or anybody.

That is a promise; one that politicians and their helpers can take to the bank.

The 2012 general election is so important for anything to be taken for granted. The country's future depends not only on who wins; but also what he or she says now must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth.


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    • wiseoldaccountant profile image

      wiseoldaccountant 6 years ago from Buffalo and Orchard Park NY

      Good article!

      I agree, the older generation paid for the younger generation’s public education and other things. Also, the baby boomers paid Social Security taxes that helped pay for prior generations benefits. The younger generation should help support the older generation, but, the rate of tax should be frozen.

      Please read my blog: