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NON-GENDERED – Fighting for Legal Recognition

Updated on January 4, 2012

Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure

My opening post on this site is a (very) brief introduction –

My core identity is NON-GENDERED – I am neither male nor female – and I am socially invisible within a gendered societal structure.

I am based in the United Kingdom where I have campaigned to change the laws that uphold and maintain the gendered societal structure to the exclusion of those who cannot conform within it.

I have lived openly as non-gendered for twenty years and have fought to raise awareness of this fundamental human rights issue. I have engaged the support of politicians and academics in the course of my campaign work and I have achieved notable successes in persuading organisations to recognise the non-gendered identity as a legitimate issue.

In forthcoming posts I will update on progress, having managed to get non-gendered transpeople included in measures to be undertaken by the United Kingdom government in their recently launched action plan ‘Advancing transgender equality: A plan for action’.

I will update further as I attempt to persuade those in authority to recognise non-gendered human beings as equal – and equally deserving of fundamental rights accorded and taken for granted by the privileged gendered majority within society.

The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.

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