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N.W.O., C.I.A., Aliens and MJ-12

Updated on October 24, 2012

Dulce, New Mexico

Secret Alien Home?
Secret Alien Home? | Source

Project Blue Book

Most people, by now would have heard of the United States Government’s “Project Blue Book”. This was an organization set up to investigate the UFO phenomena and was closed in 1969. During its existence and ever since, the Government claims that this project found nothing within the alleged UFO sightings that was not normal, if unusual, but certainly nothing that suggested extra terrestrial.

Since the projects closure, documents have come to light, that some suggest, show that the Blue Book Project was just a Government scam on the people. It is suggested that the sole purpose of the project was to give people the impression that the Government was acting on this fast spreading phenomena, whilst in reality the real investigations were being done by an ultra secret group known as MJ-12 (Majestic Twelve). The theory is that if people believed that the phenomena were really being investigated by the Blue Book Project, then they would also believe any findings that they made. This in turn would mean that the results of the real investigations, by MJ-12, could remain secret.

There have been several documents that have appeared in the 1980’s that purportedly make reference to MJ-12; however the validity of the documents being genuine has been put to question.

One document, of which the validity has not been questioned, is one that came from the Canadian national archives in 1978. In this document it makes reference to a highly secret group within the Pentagon that was specifically set up to investigate UFO’s. This document, although would affirm the existence of a group such as MJ-12, did not mention it by name.

Some people have proposed a possible link of the number 12 to a verifiable group set up by Eisenhower in 1954, NSC 5412/2. Although this was a deeply secretive special group, it was not set up to investigate UFO’s only.


Now it would not be hard to hazard a guess that this group came under the general auspices of the CIA but where would the funding come from?

As a supposed result of these groups’ findings, underground cities have been being built in the US since the 1940’s and currently there are 167 of them. All this has been done through the finances of a Black Budget. This so called black budget is not ratified by Congress. The budget is reported to be in the region of US$1.25 trillion a year and represents ¼ of all US expenditures.

This group also supposedly oversees a co-operation with Aliens that live underground and it was with their assistance that these cities were built and have interconnecting electro magnetic railways that reach speeds of 2 mach.

One of these cities, Dulce in New Mexico is the scene of a “Fire Fight” with the aliens who were supposedly violating their agreement and the special forces of MJ-12.

New World Order

It is said that over the years the people running MJ-12 have changed from being scientists and politicians to industrialists, mainly American but including others.

This group now maintains the secrecy of everything in order to capitalize on the technology of the aliens.

It is said that since the connection with the aliens, our technology has increased by about a speed of 44.5 years annually compared to what it would have.

These elite industrialists, sometimes referred to as the New World Order, apart from getting wealthier from the secret technology, are building the cities for the protection of their chosen ones in the event of a forthcoming disaster. A disaster that has perhaps been fore warned to them by the aliens.

Although all this may seem too incredible and how could it be kept secret, we must realize that although hundreds, perhaps even thousands may have worked on these cities and railways, only a handful needed to know the exact purpose of their work. Even companies, thinking they are on Government contract, may not even know the correct purpose for which their work was being done and certainly would have been told that as it was Government work, it was subject to the “official secrets”.

As stated in the link above, some of the few that did know the real purpose have mysteriously died. This alone should perhaps awaken at least a curiosity amongst us.


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