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NWO shadow government and alien agenda

Updated on July 2, 2015

The Federal Reserve, Jesus and the Moneychangers

Since this topic becomes so controversial and bizarre, I thought that we might start with a little more common sense aspect of the issue, from this 12 yr. old Canadian girl. It's quite amazing that Victoria Grant recognizes the conspiratorial scam of bankers and governments to defraud and enslave the people of Canada, just like they've done to America. Jesus did throw out the money changers! Although that was also about turning his Father's house into a den of thieves.

Considering the fact of all the debt that America owes because of this system is bad enough by itself. When you next think that the American taxpayers were forced to bail out these same banks to the tune of 16 trillion, it's enough to make most folks angry. Of course these schemes are not illegal, because of the conspiracybetween the Federal Reserve and Congress. So these world power brokers got their money out before the crash that is still coming and left the citizens of America holding the bag.

Barry Goldwater in his book, "No Apologies Made," pointed out that the Trilateral Commission was set up specifically to consolidate commercial and banking interests in order to take control of American government. Now it seems that the Council on Foreign Relations sets U.S. and world policy to effectively bring about a one world police state to do their bidding.

Out of the mouths of babes!

Shadow government's push for New World Order

Just as criminal organizations meet behind closed doors to form their policies and decide what actions to take to protect their empires, so too, the global elitists and their puppets in government met secretly to form the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) over the last two and a half years. In this article "New World Order Blueprint Leaked" by Rudy Avizius, he takes a hard look at how this treaty is part of a move by corporate global elitists towards a fascist NWO with Corporate and banking CEOs dictating policies for world dictators.

'This legislation makes the global elitists; the world bankers and transnational corporations, the power brokers behind all governments as it moves towards one world government. TPP makes taxpayers liable for all costs of regulations that the corporations might endure for doing business in one country that they might not have in another country. Governments would essentially set-up to serve and protect corporate and banking interests.

After the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court in January of 2010, where our justices decided to allow unlimited contributions to political candidates. As if there wasn't enough special interests money and influence to sway our politicians to favor corporate interests. Now there can be no doubt that these public officials are bought and paid for by corporations and global elitists.

With banks and corporations deciding national or global security issues on the basis of how their corporate interests may be affected, how could cash strapped nations object to corporate demands. NDAA might also be used to indefinitely detain citizens who are deemed commercial terrorists merely for standing in the way of global corporation's profits and thereby being a national security threat.

Considering how the mainstream media is already used to shape our beliefs and dispense government propaganda is enough to bring paranoia to even the most balanced individual. Mass media is owned by these same bankers and global elitists, so the population is spoon fed propaganda in order to sway public opinion. Efforts to establish more control over the Internet has been met with much public resistance, but more legislation for government control is always at hand.

I am thankful that I live in a democratic republic, and am glad that we have a capitalistic society, but am very concerned about this taking away of our rights and giving power to the corporations to dictate our governments actions. Whether corporations control the government, or like in China, the government controls corporations, either is dangerous for the people being run by a few global elitists interested only in protecting their bottom line profits.

The United Nations publishing arm known now as Lucis Trust, was formerly called Lucifer Trust. They publish materials used to educate and indoctrinate our children on New Age religion, sustainable development, the need to reduce the world's population down to 500 million people, the need to view ourselves as world citizens, and other things that indicate questionable methods and agendas.

David Spangler, the Director of Planetary Initiative at the United Nations is infamous for his statement that, "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Lucireian Initiation."

This connection to dark entities such as Lucifer are well known and no longer hidden in the shadows. Since the U.N., CFR, the Trilateral Commission, The World Bank, the IMF are all front groups for the global elitists to push their NWO agenda, it seems obvious that their motives are inspired by evil, demonic entities such as Lucifer.

Aliens and the NWO

Aliens among us?

What is the agenda of these aliens among us?
What is the agenda of these aliens among us? | Source

Shadow government serving an alien agenda?

For those of you that agree with being concerned about the push towards a New World Order, and the conspiracy theories involved with this subject, this is sure to raise some eyebrows. I'm not suggesting that anyone buy into all the contents of this video of a press conference by William Cooper or Phil Schneider. (I personally don't accept all these things either, but after all the cover-ups and closed door meetings, there is reason to be concerned and question motives.)

It's worth watching to consider these bizarre views about how the United States "shadow government" serves an alien agenda to keep secret that superior alien beings are abducting humans and influencing our government, (Grenada Treaty 1954?). An article at the Veterans Journal also mentions many of these concerns of alien reports, as well as, a possible Space War that we are having with evil ET's.

Most who have examined the issues of aliens, UFO's, alien abductions or livestock mutilations can hardly deny that these things are real and happening among us, in-spite of government attempts to cover up these events. Since the UFO crash at Roswell and the subsequent cover up, many people have become aware of actual existence of aliens and UFO's.

I'm not going to try to prove that aliens existence here, as I believe there is adequate evidence available for anyone to find to prove just that. The questions that need answering are: Are aliens abducting humans, performing tests on them, and administering implants to these abductees. Did these aliens acquire official sanctions from our government to do these things to our citizens, as William Cooper states? (Look at this link on alien implants and listen to Dr Leir's comments on removing alien implants and their findings.)

Dr. Leir discusses the many things that led to concluding that these implants are indeed of origin from outside of the earth, such as being made of iridium, meteoric iron, with nano-carbon tubes or fibers, the implants having magnetic fields, and producing radio frequencies. Even though these implants are made of metal, this metal produces an organic compound that causes the human body not to reject it.

Have we indeed signed a treaty with aliens allowing them to abduct and test our citizens in return for advanced technologies? How can these aliens be considered benevolent when they take people against their will, holding them hostage to perform invasive tests on them?

Are these aliens actually extraterrestials from another planet as they claim, or are they in fact demons or some human/demon hybrid with evil intentions for our human race? I find it quite revealing that they claim to have knowledge of Biblical scriptures, yet they strive to cast doubt on the God of the Bible.

Though these aliens act as if they have our best interests at heart, yet according to history they usually presented themselves as deities or gods to other ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, or Mayans.

Is that the ultimate goal of the alien agenda, to come ot earth presenting themselves as returning gods, to usurp the place of the true God of this earth? This is what William Cooper, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and L.A.Marzulli and many others believe are possibly about to take place.

According to William Cooper, who was in Navy Intel with a Q security clearance, he had firsthand knowledge of documents that verified this cover-up of aliens, abductions, and a 1954 U.S. treaty with the aliens allowing them to abduct humans for testing in return for advanced technologies. In the press conference video above, he names people and groups involved in this conspiracy, including the CIA and NSA.

William Cooper became nationally renowned in conspiracy circles for his 1991 book, "Behold a Pale Horse," which documents much of the government's conspiracy into the alien agenda cover-up. As stated previously, much of this information is hard to accept and much may be pure speculation. Obviously, we are not given the truth by our governments about aliens, the NWO shadow government, and many other things.

Just how does the alien agenda and the shadow government that push for a NWO work together for their common interests? Are there joint bases for aliens and U.S. military personal underground as William Cooper and Phil Schneider both contend? Could it be that this shadow government and aliens both have dark, evil agendas in common, whose interests coincide by being best served in the darkness? Or that they are ultimately both serving forces of evil; such as Satan?

Those who promote a one world government seem to be orchestrating a world-wide economic collapse, a confiscation of most civil rights, either martial law or civil war, and other catastrophic events to bring about the end of our current system of government in America.

Are these alien abductions and testing part of a program of genetic manipulation to change man's DNA? Or are they interbreeding themselves into the human race as a way to be accepted amongst us and gain control through their supernatural abilities? Looking back to Genesis 6:2 the sons of God saw the beautiful women of the human race and they took any they wanted as their wives. (NLT)

While many contend that this phrase "sons of God" isn't referring to fallen angels, I would respond that it most certainly is in Job 1:6 One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan the accuser came with them. (NLT) The same word translated angels is the same word translated as sons of God in the KJV. Notice that Satan; a fallen angel was with them.

Why then in Genesis 3:15 when God cursed the serpent did God say: From now on, you and the women will be enemies, and your offspring and her offspring will be enemies. Since this serpent is obviously referring to Satan, God is speaking of the offspring of Satan or fallen angels.

Is the return of the Nephilim just in the imagination of a few well-intentioned quacks, or is it part of establishing this end-time reign of the anti-christ? Consider for a moment that the gods of ancient civilizations are quite often part man and beast; such as the centaur. This legendary half-man half-bull required that women be given to it as offerings.

Consider that the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl was a flying snake god, that some say required blood-letting and human sacrifice. It's quite revealing that Baal, Molech, and other ancients gods all required blood-letting or some sort of human sacrifice. Were these gods or just demons that sought human worship and sacrifice while masquerading as gods?

Are these UFO sightings and alien abductions preparing us for a return of these demonic entities masquerading as gods? The Bible even speaks of signs in the heavens and earth, lying wonders to deceive the elect, causing fire to come down from the heavens, and causing a statue to speak.

No, I don't have the answers to the many questions begging to be asked. It is impossible to ignore this issue as more and more UFO sightings and abductions are revealed as factual happenings. Is this part of the coming great delusion mentioned in 2 Timothy 2:11, that is to deceive our population into worshipping the anti-christ as a false god?

It seems obvious that these aliens are deceptive and not benevolent towards the human race! We should be aware of this subject and it's implications for the future of planet earth. If aliens and UFOs don't exist, what was the flaming chariot that flew in to pick up Elijah in the Bible. Since this is portrayed as good angels of God picking up God's servant Elijah, isn't it safe to assume that fallen angels also have this advanced technology?

Although not a Biblical book, the book of Jashur is referred to several times in both the books of Joshua 10:13, and II Samuel 1:18. See for yourself what it says in Jashur 4:18, where it speaks of fallen angels teaching men to cross-breed species of animals in order to provoke the Lord. This book of Jashur also corroborates that fallen angels took human wives to corrupt the DNA of man and to try to derail the coming of the Messiah.

This recent push by scientists and these alien entities towards gentic manipulations and the crossing of humans with aliens or animals may be a revisiting of what was originally of demonic inspiration back in Genesis 6. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will also be in the days before the coming again of the Son of man.

Research these things about aliens for yourself to find out what is going on in this world around us. ET may not be the friendly person depicted in the movie by that same name, become aware of the things coming so that you won't be deceived.

UN/ New Age Religion serves the NWO/ alien agenda

According to a video by Humanity Healing called Awakening the human angels: the holy grails, it makes these revealing statements. "All Starseed souls are responsible at this time to give new shape to old concepts that no longer serve humanity in this stage of transition, to give new meaning to the Eternal truth and to the ultimate reality of all human beings."

Just what are they saying here? Isn't Starseed souls a direct reference to the alien hybrid inbreeding program? It would seem so. Human angels in the title also appears to refer to the Nephilim or the offspring of fallen angels and humans. It states that these hybrid individuals have responsibilities for changing humanities views on concepts and Eternal truth.

From a Christian perspective the Eternal truth seems to be a direct reference to Jesus Christ. So they want to change the Biblical view of Jesus Christ into the "christ consciousness" referred to later in this promational video.

It also speaks of all these persons being activated by a frequency when they are supposed to fulfill their responsibilities. Could this be a reference to the alien implants that are known to contain a verifiable radio frequency? This video also refers to humans DNA, being changed to contain the DNA of angels. It all sounds great, doesn't it? You can have angel DNA included in your own DNA? Except that this is probably the DNA from the fallen angels masquerading as aliens!

As bizarre as these claims are of an alien abduction breeding program that manufactures an alien/human hybrid. This group is admitting just that and promoting it as the next step in human evolution to become divine.

Our government makes plans for the alien invasion, should you?

Two or Three Witnesses are enough to Convict a Murderer in Court.

These men are not lunatics, although these are the topics of sci-fi magazines and comic books, so was space travel not too many years ago. Al Bielek points out that Phil Schneider and many others quit working for the federal government, taking early retirement, when they viewed seven 7 ft. tall grey aliens dictating the policies for America before a United Nations meeting.

It's also quite interesting to note, that the Nazi's had a connection with the grey aliens before W.W. II, considering the Jewish holocaust at the time. Hopefully, I've given a few things for you to consider about the NWO shadow government agenda, aliens, alien abductions, and how our government works to cover up these events. Could these have an impact on the 80,000 missing children every year in this country?

Schneider's peer confirm NWO/alien agenda by 7 ft. greys dictating U.N. policy

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    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Greatcomment Jerry, I hope they're the friendly kind and not the do invasive surgery and take over the planet kind. Good luck with that.

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      Jerry 5 years ago

      There have been aliens living in my garage